What are the best fan theories about the Marvel Eternals movie?

Now that Marvel is moving on a new phase, we fans can’t just help but feel excited. Are you excited? I hope you are because I definitely am. Although Natasha Romanoff’s solo movie Black Widow will kick start phase 4, fans are more eager to watch the much-awaited Marvel’s Eternals movie. Don’t get me wrong, we all love Nat but her tragic ending still brings tears to my eyes and to others, maybe. However, the Eternals just makes my blood sizzle in excitement. Not only are they going to finally make their big-screen debut, but they also hold the most ambitious plot that would define the whole Marvel universe. Like come on, they won’t be called Eternals if they’re not eternal. Just imagine the endless possibilities that the course of 7,000 years could make. No kidding, that’s 7,000 years worth of story for the Eternals movie!

So far, we know that Marvel has hired Chloé Zhao to be the showrunner of the Eternals movie. We also know that big name, I repeat, big names, were already confirmed to be part of the cast. We’ve got Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, and Kit Harrington. Aside from that, the movie’s plot timeline will span in 7,000 years as I’ve previously mentioned. However, we’re still in the dark regarding the plot of the movie. Will we see Ego the Living Planet again? Will other Celestials make a cameo? Will the mutants of X-Men finally crossover to the Marvel-verse? The list just goes on and on. If you’re in the mood to join the madness, we’ll get you in the loop. We’ve got the best fan theories about the Marvel Eternals movie listed below.

  1. 1The Black Knight’s Ebony Blade will be created by the Eternals


    Dane Whitman—a.k.a. The third Black Knight—will be making his big-screen debut with the Marvel Eternals movie. We might just get to see how his Ebony Blade sword was created.

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Keep Binging

  1. 2The Asgardians’ link to the Eternals


    Hardcore fans will know that the Eternals are engineered species based on humans. Asgardians are also human-like but are more superior to humans. Therefore, there might be a possibility that the Asgardians are one of the Eternals’ tribe.

  2. 3Ego’s appearance


    Based on the comics, the Eternals were created by the Celestials for fun. There’s only been one Celestial character to ever grace the Marvel movies, Ego the Living Planet. Therefore, fans are positive he’ll make an appearance.

  1. 4The creation of the Mutants


    Fans are theorizing that this will be shown in the Marvel Eternals movie. Being around since the beginning of time, the Eternals have seen humanity’s journey. With this, they’ve also seen how the X-Men mutants came to be.

  2. 5Origin of the Marvel universe


    Since the Eternals have been around for pretty much like forever, they’ve witnessed pretty much everything. Starting from the dawn of the universe, the new Eternals movie may show how the Marvel universe came to be.


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