What are the best Father's Day movies?

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Remember when your old man took you out for your first cinema visit? Yeah, that must have been ages ago. But, now might actually be the perfect time to return the favor as Father's Day is just right around the corner! Why not treat dear dad to some good old popcorn, beer, and a great movie? Well, it only takes a great selection of titles to light up that father and child bond and we're here to help you. Dive into our list of the best Father's Day movies which you might want to check out. Well, we're pretty sure dad wouldn't mind watching any flick. But isn't it better to bond over some movies that totally fit the occasion? Enjoy!

  1. 1The Pursuit of Happyness


    Will Smith is the perfect guy to star in a dad movie! That's why both you and your old man will surely love The Pursuit of Happyness. This Father's Day-tailored film features a gripping tale of a dad who tries his best to provide for his child despite life's struggles. Well, we're pretty sure you'll feel more appreciation for father dear after watching this classic flick!

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Keep Binging

  1. 2Father of the Bride


    Attention, all daddy's girls! Father of The Bride is the perfect movie for every father-daughter duo out there. This comedy film from way back '91 will show you how a father deals with his daughter's impending marriage in the most hilarious way possible. Most importantly, the flick highlights the importance of family and of course, how silly our fathers can be sometimes. 

  2. 3Mrs. Doubtfire


    Ready to have a good time with your dad? Well, Mrs. Doubtfire will give you that much-needed combination of drama and comic relief, all in the spirit of Father's Day. In the film, you'll see Robin Williams set a good example on how to be a good father, even if that means transforming to an old nanny! 

  1. 4Big Daddy


    Big Daddy is a comedy film that is the perfect watch for dad's big day! Watch how Adam Sandler turns from an irresponsible middle-aged slacker into a full-grown, loving father to his adopted kid. Well, check out this film and you'll surely crack up while picking up a thing or two about fatherhood. 

  2. 5The Godfather


    Dad will surely be down for some downtime with the classic crime film The Godfather playing in the background. Follow the story of a mafia kingpin who deals with the troubles of his illegal family business. Well, you've got to thank your dad for all his hard work and this is the perfect movie to make him all hyped and happy this Father's Day!

  3. 6Back to the Future


    Well, aside from it being super iconic, Back to the Future is a film that your dad must have really loved when he was a bit younger. Why not go back in time through the DeLorean this Father's Day and enjoy this Michael J. Fox classic? We're pretty sure your dad has lots of things to say about this movie as well!

  4. 7Mamma Mia!


    Treat your old man to some disco hits and a whole lot of fun with this goofy musical movie! Actually, Mamma Mia is a film that both you and your dad will enjoy as it dwells on the premise of looking for your biological father, all with ABBA songs in the background. Father's Day will surely be a lot more special when you watch this film. And of course, why not tag mom along as well? 


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