Who are the best female anime characters?

Female empowerment is all the rage these days. We all love to see more substance, development, and edge when we watch characters on television. Well, these women won't disappoint you! Here are the best badass women in the anime world. See if your favorites made it to the list!

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    Mikasa Ackerman

    Mikasa Ackerman is a female character in the anime series Attack on Titan. The adoptive daughter of Grisha and Carla Yeager and Eren's adoptive sister, Mikasa is an able-bodied fighter in the Survey Corps.

    • Christina StephensWritten on May 24, 2019
      "Mikasa is one of those popular anime female characters that aren't really sexualized and that is what i like the best about her!"
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    Erza Scarlet

    Erza Scarlet is a female anime character from Fairy Tail and is a valuable member of the Fairy Tail Guild. A powerful S-class mage, she eventually succeeds Makarov as the guild master.

    • Iris DongWritten on May 24, 2019
      "OMG 😍Erza is my baby! She's like one of the best female anime characters ever! Every single time she selflessly offer her life for her guildmates, i cry A LOT! She always makes these speeches about love and friendship 😭 She's the strongest mage and she really deserves to be the new guild master. I don't like her with jellal though, i think they're too complicated as characters to be able to have a proper relationship."
    • Huan jrWritten on August 3, 2019
      "I prefer erza scarlet, she is so strong and very care to their friend in the same time."
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    Hinata Uzumaki

    Hinata Uzumaki is a character of the Naruto anime and is the wife of the titular protagonist. She was a shy and timid ninja before her character development and eventually assisted Naruto in plenty of battles.

    • Saúl GonzálezWritten on May 24, 2019
      "Female characters in anime are always portrayed as immediately strong, or sexy or whatever but i like hinata's character. her development is the most sensible. she is a weakling, sometimes i hate her for dragging down others for her lack of strength. but damn. she grew a lot as a character and is now a valuable member of the team."


Did you know that Mikasa Ackerman, despite not being a Titan, has a Titan form? While not being canon to the story, Hajime Isayama, author of Shingeki no Kyojin, portrayed several characters in their Titan transformations in one of the volume's side-arts. Despite not being a Titan, though, Mikasa still remains a formidable soldier in the Paradis Military, specifically in the Survey Corps branch. Her fame became widespread to the point that video games and even an episode of The Simpsons paid tribute to her, the former featuring an NPC based on Mikasa voiced by Yui Ishikawa, the same actor that voiced her in the anime adaptation.

Additionally, a noteworthy amount of work and planning went into Mikasa's creation. This includes her being named after a battleship of the Imperial Japanese Navy which served as the flagship during their war against the Russian Empire in 1904-1905 This is due to Isayama believing that female characters named after famous battleships will bring about the success of his series. That being said, Mikasa Ackerman is among the many female anime characters who can go toe-to-toe with their male counterparts, oftentimes even being better at them in a variety of activities and fields.

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    Asuna Yuuki

    Asuna Yuuki is one of the main protagonists in the anime series Sword Art Online. Known as the flash due to her skills in combat, she is one of the players that became trapped within the game.

    • Xiang FengWritten on May 24, 2019
      "Do you guys notice how female anime characters' names are weird and japanese-y? Especially hers. Asuna Yuuki is the most nippon name ever. It's a good thing because when her character is called, i really feel the anime. "
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    Sakura Haruno

    Sakura Haruno is the most known and prominent characters in the Naruto anime series. Known as a quick learner, Sakura stands out as one of the ninjas in the series with both intellect and fighting skills.

    • Paridhi SenWritten on May 24, 2019
      "Sakura fan since day 1! I don't want naruto to end!"
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    Haruhi Fujioka

    Haruhi Fujioka is the lead character in the anime series Ouran High School Host Club. She’s a 1st-year student who got into the school on scholarship. She’s a pretty girl who had long hair but cuts it due to a bubblegum incident. 

    • Lawrence RyanWritten on May 24, 2019
      "This anime is hilarious! Haruhi is a gem. as a bisexual, I am honestly attracted to her as both a man and a woman!"
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    Noelle Silva

    Noelle Silva is a seemingly arrogant noblewoman from the royal family called House Silva. She is fifteen years old and wields powerful water magic. She is a fictional character and the female lead from the anime series Black Clover.

    • Doris GuoWritten on May 24, 2019
      "I'm not a fan of noelle, i dont think she should be Asta's loveinterest. This is like lucyxnatsu all over again. She's a strong, lovable, and powerful character but i don't think she's worthy of asta's love. just saying."
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    Mirajane Strauss

    Surprising the viewers with her S-class skills, Fairy Tail's Mirajane is more than her looks. She is the eldest among the Strauss siblings. Mirajane is a mage with a double persona, one that is innocent and shy, and one that embodies a demon.

    • Tiffany OrtizWritten on May 24, 2019
      "Im surprised mira's ranking is not number 1 among the best anime female characters. I have been a mira stan ever since i found out her demonic counterpart. I thought her ordinary powers of shapeshifting was cool but her ultra powerful black magic is straight insane! I was really sad when she's grieving for lisanna but thank hiro mashima for bringing her back!"

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