What are the best FIFA 18 players (against official FIFA 18 player ratings)?

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    Lionel Messi (FIFA 18)

    Lionel Messi is in a constant battle for best in the world (and of all-time), it’s hard to say anything about Messi without stretching into hyperbole. His 95 Dribbling is the highest, and very few defenders are able to even come close to stopping him when he’s playing his best. Combined with 89 Pace and 90 Shooting, Messi may usually start on the wing but he always finds a way to get in front of goal—where he rarely misses.

    • Benjamin HarperWritten on October 4, 2017
      "I have been playing FIFA 18 for awhile now and after playing with a bunch of the characters, I believe Lionel Messi is the best player. You can easily see by looking at these notes. You should give him a try and see what you think. "
    • Mary RiosWritten on October 4, 2017
      "This is a great solution to this question, Lionel Messi is a fan favorite."
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    Cristiano Ronaldo (FIFA 18)

    There are few things that Ronaldo cannot do on a pitch, and few attacking positions in which he won’t excel. His 93 Shooting is evidenced by the unreal number of goals he’s scored in the past few seasons, and Ronaldo’s 90 Pace and 90 Dribbling make him virtually untouchable when in top form. Sometimes deployed as a forward, Ronaldo can dance into the box and dispatch the ball into the net without skipping a beat. He is probably at his best on the left wing, where he can create chances for teammates, or as he does more often, cut inside and lash the ball past a helpless goalkeeper.

    • Mildred DiazWritten on October 4, 2017
      "In real life, Cristiano Ronaldo is an amazing player in both shooting and dribbling. In the FIFA 18 game, he is even better, able to play multiple positions and help the team win. "
    • Maria CampbellWritten on October 4, 2017
      "He is definitely one of the best players. If you want to see an all-star player hes one to watch out for"
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    Neymar (FIFA 18)

    Neymar is the most expensive player in the world, Neymar recently headed for Paris in a move that shocked the football world. While still slightly below Messi and Ronaldo, Neymar is in the upper echelons of the talent-packed history of Brazilian football. His 92 Pace makes him one of the fastest players out there, and his 94 Dribbling is reminiscent of Ronaldinho at his peak.

    • David GriffinWritten on October 4, 2017
      "FIFA 18's player ratings and in-game performance are very similar to real-world performance. Consequently, Neymar is a great player. Not quite the best but certainly in the upper echelon."
    • Ralph LynchWritten on September 22, 2017
      "Neymar is widely considered one of the best players in the world. In FIFA 18 he's rated a 92 overall and an even more impressive 94 in dribbling. "
    • Paul ColemanWritten on October 4, 2017
      "Clearly this is exactly what you would be looking for. He is the best and thus you get the best."
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    Luka Modric (FIFA 18)

    A mainstay in Real Madrid’s midfield since moving there from Tottenham Hotspur, Modrić is one of the more successful Croatian internationals in history. His 89 Dribbling and 86 Passing have put him among the top technical central midfielders in Europe. While not the best on defense, Modrić’s skill set is diverse enough for him to shift into deeper roles when necessary.

    • María de Lourdes GuzmánWritten on October 4, 2017
      "If you are interested in FIFA 18 then the Luka Modric site is very interesting. this site gives you all types of statistics and information about the player in great detail. You can compare him to other players in FIFA."
    • Keith RichardsWritten on October 4, 2017
      "Modric is one of Croatia's best players. He's known all over the world. He deserves respect even with his age getting up there."
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    Jan Oblak (FIFA 18)

    Frequently tasked with stopping shots from some of the best players in the world in La Liga and the UEFA Champions League, Oblak’s 90 Handling is beyond world-class and his 87 Positioning shows how experienced and intelligent he is as a goalkeeper.

    • Phillip WebbWritten on October 4, 2017
      "Jan Oblak is one of the best keepers in UEFA. In FIFA 18 Oblak is rated as an 87 and he is one of the better players in the game. "
    • Megan SpencerWritten on October 4, 2017
      "This is a great resource for Fifa. Has a ton of information to compare players and prep yourself for the game."
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    Luis Suárez (FIFA 18)

    As brilliant as he is controversial, Suárez can finish with the best of them thanks to his powerful, accurate 90 Shooting. But beyond his amazing ability in front of goal, it’s Suárez’s 86 Dribbling and 81 Physical that truly sets him apart. He works extremely hard both with and without the ball, and his unpredictable nature makes it impossible for defenders to truly prepare for what Suárez will do next.

    • Ethan ShawWritten on October 4, 2017
      "I find this website easy to use. It extends the functionality of fifa and provides plenty of information on players."
    • Paul WatkinsWritten on October 4, 2017
      "Great game and very realistic for a video game. I enjoy playing this with my friends."
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    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (FIFA 18)

    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is one of the fastest players in the world, Aubameyang’s staggering 96 Pace leaves defenders in the dust on a regular basis. His 81 Dribbling helps him retain possession when getting into dangerous areas, and 84 Shooting means he reliably finishes the chances he gets.

    • Randy GarrettWritten on October 4, 2017
      "Aubameyang is a great player for a great team! He is one of the best in FIFA 18 without a doubt!!"
    • Harold CarrollWritten on October 4, 2017
      "This solution is good because it provides all the attributes of the player."
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    Christian Eriksen (FIFA 18)

    Christian Eriksen is an excellent crosser of the ball in both open play and from set pieces, Eriksen is the creative heart of Tottenham and the Denmark national team. He keeps possession well with his 84 Dribbling ability, and his 88 Passing makes him an assist machine for his teammates.

    • Stephanie AndersonWritten on October 4, 2017
      "Christian Eriksen is excellent with passing and dribbling. He is not so skilled in defense, so I do not think he is a good solution for FIFA 18."
    • Kathleen SchultzWritten on October 4, 2017
      "He is a good player. I'm not sure he's the best player though. I can think of others that are better."
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    Radja Nainggolan (Fifa 18)

    The textbook definition of a central midfielder, Nainggolan excels in just about every area required of his position. 80 Shooting and 82 Dribbling mean he can push towards goal, while 81 Defense and 83 Physical give him the tools to break up opposing attacks.

    • Dennis KellyWritten on October 4, 2017
      "Nainggolan's the man! He's one of the best B2B mids in the world, yeah I said it. If you need to keep your game up, look no further, people. His stats are jacked, his style is obvious, he's a madman on the field. How you not FIFA with this dude?"
    • Rose SimmonsWritten on October 4, 2017
      "I enjoyed the layout of this site and how the information was presented. It was interesting and grasps your attention. I would agree that this site is helpful!"
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    Paulo Dybala (FIFA 18)

    Paulo Dybala is a breakout star for the Turin club, Dybala’s combination of 91 Dribbling and 86 Pace constantly puts him in positions to wreak havoc in the opponent’s box. Whether starting in a deeper playmaking role or as any type of forward, Dybala’s 85 Shooting and 81 Passing mean that he’ll succeed just about anywhere.

    • Reyna VelascoWritten on November 13, 2017
      "Paulo Dybala seems like a good choice, but I can't really say he's among the very best because his defense rating is abysmal. All the other ratings won't be worth very much if he can't defend when it's necessary. However, if he could pull that score up then his other scores, which are phenomenal, would probably even things out and make him one of the very best FIFA 18 players."
    • Andrea DelgadoWritten on October 4, 2017
      "Pauloe Dybala some say his ratings are to high, but at 23 he is a break out player that is only getting better. Some think his 88 rating should be about a 86, but he is consistent. He has a 91 dribbling rating and with a shooting rating of 85, he will be a consistent competitor. "
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    Kylian Mbappé

    With 90 Pace and 84 Dribbling, Kylian Mbappé is one of the players with the greatest future potential. The young striker has an original overall rating with a potential to grow up to 94 overall.

    • Bobby LawrenceWritten on October 4, 2017
      "Kylian Mbappe is one of the most exciting players in world football – and he’s still a teenager. The Paris Saint-Germain youngster enjoyed a stunning breakthrough season for Monaco last year, before being signed for an eye-popping 166 million by the Ligue 1 giants this summer. Well, the stats have finally been revealed, and having been given a sneak peek of the full game, Mbappe has seen his rating increase to 83. Mbappe will be a must have for any Ultimate Team."
    • Jerry RossWritten on October 4, 2017
      "I am looking for the best players to fill out my roster quickly and cheaply. This solution helps me achieve my goal, though it would be useful to have comparison to similar top players to help show why he is the best."

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4Luka Modric (FIFA 18)People 11 Paid
5Jan Oblak (FIFA 18)People 9 Paid
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