What are the best films to watch for cat lovers?

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No matter how mysterious and snooty cats are, a lot of us still love cats! This is probably due to the fact that they are cute in their own little ways, and they can be considered as low maintenance pets compared to dogs. For instance, you don't need to walk cats regularly just like what you do with dogs, and cats are less demanding. If you consider yourself as a felinophile or a lover of cats, there's a chance that you'll get entertained with books or films featuring cats. On this page, we've listed down some of the greatest movies to watch for cat lovers like you! Whether you're looking for a feel-good movie, a horror film, or perhaps an animated one, this page will surely give you what you're looking for! Grab a bowl of popcorn now and stream these amazing films today!

  1. 1Kedi


    If you're a cat lover who's interested in watching a documentary film, you may want to try streaming Kedi. It is a Turkish documentary film about thousands of street cats in Istanbul, Turkey. This also highlights how these tame and wild cats are loved by people, and how the cats have become an important part of the largest city in Turkey. 

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Cats & Dogs


    Want to witness a film where cats and dogs are ultimate rivals? If you think that both dogs and cats are adorable, this comedy film will give you a hard time deciding whether to side with dogs or cats. This movie follows the story of a cat army who is determined to destroy a newly-developed vaccine that would help eliminate people's allergies to dogs.

  2. 3Coraline


    If you're a cat lover who loves watching animated films, you can also check out Coraline, which is also perfect for a fun family movie night. It is a horror movie that features a cat character, and the story centers on Coraline as she gets to discover a parallel world which she thinks is better than the world she came from.

  1. 4Pet Sematary


    Pet Sematary is one of the best movies for cat lovers like you especially if you're also a fan of Stephen King novels. This is the second movie adaptation of the Pet Sematary novel. The first one was released in 1989, while this one was released in 2019. This horror movie centers on a family who moves into the countryside only to discover the darker side in the woods near their home.

  2. 5Alien


    In the 1979 Alien movie, you'll get to meet a spaceship cat who also plays a significant role in the film. Alien centers on the Nostromo spaceship and the three-member team who encounters an aggressive extraterrestrial being.


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