Who are the best Fire Emblem: Awakening characters?

The kingdom of Ylisse is in danger, and it's up to the Shepherds to keep her standing. But who among the Shepherd can you entrust your life and the kingdom to? Check out this list of the best Fire Emblem: Awakening characters and fight for the glory of Ylisse! WARNING: Beware spoilers below.

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    Lucina is one of the protagonists in Fire Emblem: Awakening. She first appears as a masked figure named "Marth", but later reveals she is Chrom's daughter from 10 years in the future. Her starting class is Lord.

    • Jose ObrienWritten on June 26, 2019
      "lucina is probably the best fire emblem awakening character in terms of depth and skill. seriously, leading a group of time traveling children to save their families in the future? she is also one of the strongest characters in the game! access to the pegasus knight class, a sword with infinite durability, AND she isn't a compulsory unit? YES PLEASE!"
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    Severa is a Mercenary from Fire Emblem: Awakening and is Cordelia's daughter from 10 years in the future. She loses her mother, Cordelia, in the future after arguing with her. She travels back in time with Lucina to change the future.

    • Frank DunnWritten on June 26, 2019
      "wow, talk about a tear jerking story. it really hit home when she confronted the younger cordelia. tsundere waifu is best waifu."
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    Gregor is a Mercenary from Fire Emblem: Awakening. Gregor slays his previous employers in his attempts to save a Manakete named Nowi. They then encounter the Shepherds during a struggle with the Grimleal, after which he asks to be hired by Chrom.

    • Alan MarshallWritten on June 26, 2019
      "yo, this dude's misunderstood. he is one of the best fire emblem awakening characters because he tried to protect my dragon waifu nowi, and even broke mercenary protocol to do so! now THAT'S a bro!"
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    Lon'qu is a Myrmidon from Fire Emblem: Awakening. After his friend Ke'ri dies at the hand of bandits, he flees to Regna Ferox to train and become stronger. He is offered to Chrom by Basilio to aid their efforts in the Ylisse-Plegia war.

    • Harini MehraWritten on June 26, 2019
      "ah yes, the weeby edgy boi present in every jrpg. but hey, this dude's strong, even if he is a bit cliche."
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    Owain is a Myrmidon from Fire Emblem: Awakening. He is Lucina's cousin and the son of Lissa. His father sacrifices himself to protect him and his mother died while healing the wounded, prompting him to join Lucina and return to the past.

    • Emma RiveraWritten on June 26, 2019
      "the only reason im giving this dude a 4.5 is because of how annoying he is. the japanese have a term for these kinds of people: chuuni, or delusional. that said...he's cute. and a dork. but he's my cute dork. love him "
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    Henry is a Dark Mage from Fire Emblem: Awakening. Born in Plegia, Henry is discarded by his parents and sent to an elite magic school, eventually becoming a powerful sorcerer. He later defects to the kingdom of Ylisse, aiding Chrom and the Shepherds.

    • Betty MorenoWritten on June 26, 2019
      "NOBODY TOUCH MY BOI, HE'S MINE! he's so cute with that psychotic smile and twisted sense of humor! sure he's a bit demented BUT I WILL FIGHT FOR THIS BOY."
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    Tharja is a Plegian Dark Mage in Fire Emblem: Awakening. She is initially among the forces that Chrom and the Shepherds fight, but defects due to her disdain for King Gangrel. Regardless of the player character's gender, she will fall for them.

    • Jerry ColeWritten on June 26, 2019
      "okay, let me be straight here: she's an okay character with the right amount of cute stalker. my issue with her though is she doesn't have much of a backstory (not as deep as the other plegian dark mage) and her outfit. obviously the fanservice character that every japanese game has to have."
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    Nowi is a Manakete from Fire Emblem: Awakening. Nowi was taken from her parents at birth and later sold into slavery, being forced to transform and perform tricks for her masters. She was saved by Gregor but mistakes it as him trying to kill her.

    • Benjamin StanleyWritten on June 26, 2019
      "dargon waifu is best waifu, even if falling for her will look like pedophilia. but hey, she's part of a race with longevity so it doesn't count...or does it?"


Best Who are the best Fire Emblem: Awakening characters
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2SeveraCharacters 14 Free
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