What are the best Flat Earth memes?

Despite scientific evidence that says otherwise, Flat Earthers are still adamant in believing our little blue ball is a little blue disc. Thankfully, memes about Flat Earthers are just as adamant! Here are some Flat Earth memes that will have you rolling in laughter, just like a globe!

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    If God Isn't Real, Then Explain This

    Originally shared on Reddit by user Krommatix, the meme pokes fun at Flat Earthers by explaining how the dinosaurs went extinct. Twitter user @Lord_Mandalore got banned from a Flat Earth Discord server for sharing this image.

    • Susan PattersonWritten on June 25, 2019
      "you know a meme is funny when you wish it were the truth. i mean, sure, it would be truth to the earth is flat meme, but hey, wouldnt it be awesome AND hilarious to see dinosaur bones in space?"
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    The Flat Earth Society Wins a Free Trip to Space

    Prolific Pen Comics illustrates perfectly the phrase "Be Careful What You Wish For" in this four-panel comic. In an attempt to see the truth, the Flat Earthers are given a free trip to space. Mission Control never said it was a round trip.

    • Jaime VázquezWritten on June 25, 2019
      "this. is. a win-win situation. flat earthers learn the truth and we rid our planet of them. PERFECT!"
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    If the Earth Was Flat....

    Twitter user @TheWeirdWorld presents some interesting food for thought that pokes fun at both cats and Flat Earthers. Presenting a "What If" scenario, he depicts that Earth would be at the mercy of cats in a world where Flat Earthers were right.

    • Lisa GreenWritten on June 25, 2019
      "as a cat owner, i can confidently say this funny flat earth meme is EXACTLY what would happen. ALL HAIL OUR FELINE OVERLORDS!"
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    Say That Again, But Slowly

    Even Flat Earthers are not safe from semantics. In this meme captured on BoredPanda.com, The Flat Earth Society's Facebook page has a very interesting tagline, one that is brought up in a comment by Physics-Astronomy.com.

    • Gary DanielsWritten on June 25, 2019
      "i cannot believe people are this stupid. these flat earthers are seriously brain dead and this flat earth meme just proves it."
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    This Twitter UI Update is Great

    In a twist of fate, Twitter's UI update coincidentally threw user @FlatEarthReal under the bus, as captured and shared by Sir Spamalot on Instagram. The update uses a circular border on profile pictures, making @FlatEarthReal's picture look like a globe.

    • Pamela LeeWritten on June 25, 2019
      "it made me gigle a little. not super funny but plus points for the coincidental irony."
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    Crazy How Nature Does That

    Nature works in mysterious ways, and Tumblr user pavelow agrees. pavelow's image shows a comparison of planets in the solar system, with Earth being an odd "ball" out by being the only non-spherical formation.

    • Keith PetersonWritten on June 25, 2019
      "i swear, if this earth is flat meme does not show these flat earthers how dumb their theories are, nothing will."
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    This is Sexy, This is Not, Real Earth Has Curves

    This meme, shared by iFunny user TheThotBotPolice, teases Flat Earthers by imagining Earth as a voluptuous woman and running with the ideal standard that curves are better.

    • Diane SotoWritten on June 25, 2019
      "bit sexist but still funny. these flat earth memes are getting a bit creative"
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    Gotta Love This Solar Eclipse

    This meme, shared by iFunny user Too_EXTRA, pokes fun with a rendition of an eclipse if the Earth was flat. The image is actually for a lunar eclipse, not a solar eclipse.

    • Angela KellyWritten on June 25, 2019
      "giving this a 3.5 because while i get the idea and it does seem a bit funny, im still annoyed they used the wrong eclipse term AND the shadow is just barely visible."

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