What are the best followers in Skyrim?

The vast world of Skyrim is best played along with a like-minded companion who'll support you in combat, interactions, and provide interesting dialogue in your journey. There are many potential Skyrim followers, let this list narrow it down for you.

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    Cicero is a jester assassin from the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He is the Keeper of the Night Mother's coffin and belongs to the Dark Brotherhood faction. Cicero is known to have a high pitched voice and a dark sense of humor.

    • Peter WardWritten on July 5, 2019
      "Cicero is not for everyone with his crazy personality hahaha but he is one of my favorite Skyrim companions, he's so much fun to be around with because I never know what he's really up to (until you read his journals) and his combat skills are pretty solid!"
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    J’Zargo is a Khajiit apprentice mage at the College of Winterhold. J’Zargo is part of the Sorcerer class in the action RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He knows a total of thirteen spells but can only cast nine as a follower on Skyrim.

    • Craig MillerWritten on July 5, 2019
      "Yes, J’Zargo is arrogant asf but he is the best Skyrim followers to choose from. He can level up indefinitely and his spells are pretty handy for close combat. I also like that he resembles King from Tekken LOL "
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    Aela The Huntress

    Aela The Huntress is a Nord werewolf who is one of the five members of The Circle in the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. She is also a member of The Companions and is classified as a thief with an expert ranking.

    • Hannah PearsonWritten on July 5, 2019
      "Aela is definitely the best followers in Skyrim simply because she's so well-rounded and good with long distance attacks which makes her awesome for stealthy people in the game. Sneaky attacks are her forte and I like that."


Did you know that Skyrim was almost about to become a Game Of Thrones tie-in game? Back in the day, Bethesda Softworks was so close to creating a game based on the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Before Game of Thrones aired on HBO, there were already talks of Bethesda making a game for the series. When the game was in the works, the developers already knew and liked A Game of Thrones. Way before the time Game of Thrones became a cultural phenomenon that it is at present. The developers were even tasked to turn the A Song of Ice and Fire books into games. Yet in the end, Bethesda ended up creating a fantasy world of their own thus turning down the opportunity. At present, Skyrim has established itself as a popular open-world RPG. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim now has much room for imaginative gameplay. This means that Skyrim is a game with an expansive map, characters, elements, and storyline.

Since Skyrim is an RPG with many characters, you have an option to travel with Skyrim companions. Adventuring the game on your own can become dull but with a follower, you can find support all throughout. Although not all Skyrim followers are equal, you can find the best followers in Skyrim for you. There are many potential followers in Skyrim who can help you survive the game better. Aside from the skill set of your travel buddy, you also have to know if their dialogue will keep you entertained. After all, having a follower with you is like having a sidekick or friend in your journey. It's also interesting that your follower in Skyrim can also be your spouse later on! The vast open-world of Skyrim gives players many options that way.

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    Serana is a Nord pureblood vampire from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim who can serve as a follower. She can serve as a powerful necromancer in combat and is one of the few known pureblood vampires to live.

    • Henry YoungWritten on July 5, 2019
      "If ya have dawnguard dlc, i recommend using Serana as a follower in skyrim. She is very powerful and she can easily attack with her advanced necromancer abilities."
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    Jenassa is a Dunmer mercenary from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim who is skilled in the block, archery, sneak, light armor, and one-handed weapons. Jenassa is classified as a ranger and can serve as a potential companion in Skyrim.

    • Raymond FranklinWritten on July 5, 2019
      "Tbh Jenassa was not my choice at first because i really didn't see any advantages with letting her be my follower but she's an assassin for hire with awesome combat skills. Not the type you would marry though haha!"
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    Mjoll The Lioness

    Mjoll The Lioness is a Nord warrior and vigilante in the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim who belongs to The Rift faction. Mjoll's default weapon is a hunting bow and battle ax which she uses for combat.

    • Kelly JonesWritten on July 5, 2019
      "Mjoll has a weird companion that follows her around lmao so you'll be followed by two ppl basically but she's a highly skilled follower so if you don't mind that then go ahead and use Mjoll."
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    Frea is a shaman from Skyrim who wields two weapons which are the Stalhrim and Nordic War Axe. She can serve as a potential follower in the action role-playing game and she is considered a Skaal Village citizen.

    • Lawrence BlackWritten on July 5, 2019
      "frea can't be KILLED, literally. she's one of those essential followers in the game that have more pros for me than cons and i love her as a companion."
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    Teldryn Sero

    Teldryn Sero is a mercenary and spellsword you can find at The Retching Netch in the Solstheim town of Raven Rock. The Dunmer can be hired for 500 coins and he has high destruction and one-handed skills.

    • Ryan HamiltonWritten on July 5, 2019
      "Teldryn Sero's fit in this game is the best, if that alone doesn't let you consider him as your follower in Skyrim he also has a really high skill level with destruction and one-handed and he's so useful."

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