What are the best football movies?

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Whether it's Super Bowl season or not, there's always a way to keep some exciting football action within your sight. Only this time, you can enjoy the sport by way of amazing movies that show some compelling stories from behind the playing fields. And mind you, a lot of these films feature not only great actors, but unexpected life lessons as well. So, get your helmets ready for some football time which you can even enjoy with the whole family. NFL fan or not, you better dive into this list of the best football movies that would totally touchdown into your hearts! Enjoy!

  1. 1Any Given Sunday


    Every football fan deserves to see the brilliant on and off-field drama behind the fictional Miami Sharks team from 'Any Given Sunday'. That's enough reason for any sports fan to watch the movie. Aside from having a star-studded cast, the film is able to create a seamless story that tackles the live's of football personnel, all without lacking the action which everyone came for.

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  1. 2Rudy


    Football is a truly inspiring sport, and in 'Rudy', you won't get anything less of that. Watch the true-to-life story of Daniel Ruettiger aka Rudy, a 5 foot something lightweight football player who was able to change the outlook of everyone around him. 

  2. 3The Blind Side


    'The Blind Side' is a 2009 biopic movie that goes beyond football. It tells the story of a foster kid whose life changes for the better after being involved in the sport. Watch the flick and see why Sandra Bullock's role in the film landed her an Oscar Best Actress award.

  1. 4The Express


    Expand your knowledge on football's rich history with 'The Express'. This sports drama gives the ultimate biopic treatment to the life of Syracuse University football player Ernie Davis, the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy. There's more to the movie than body-banging and touchdowns because it also tackles issues of racism and discrimination in society and sports.

  2. 5Undefeated


    2011's 'Undefeated' has won an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature. And why not? It shows the story of the Manassas Tigers, a football team trying to win after seasons of losing. Watch the film and meet the Coach Carter of football, Bill Courtney, and see how he was able to anchor an epic high school football season.

  3. 6Remember the Titans


    In one of sports' best motivational films, you'll get to see Denzel Washington play Herman Boone, a high school football coach who is tasked with getting his players all on the same page, regardless of race. 'Remember the Titans' is just a really enjoyable football movie which you can enjoy with your whole family!

  4. 7Draft Day


    'Draft Day' is for all purposes, fictional, but is actually very realistic, just like how a football movie should be. The film centers around the draft night choices of pseudo-Cleveland Browns general manager Sonny Weaver Jr., played by Kevin Costner.

  5. 8Leatherheads


    With all the back and forth between football and drama, we might as well include a little bit of humor to the list! For that, 'Leatherheads' is surely a great option. Catch some 1920's football action brought to you by George Clooney's Duluth Bulldogs and some too-good-to-be-true college football hero.

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Despite being recognized as one of the best sports movies out there, did you know that 'Any Given Sunday' almost had an entirely different lead cast? Apparently, Director Oliver Stone didn't have Al Pacino and Jamie Foxx as his first option for the roles of football coach Tony D' Amato and quarterback Willie Beamen. In fact, Robert De Niro and Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs were the first ones to be considered for those, respectively. No one actually knew why the De Niro casting never pushed through. But apparently, P Diddy didn't land the role due to his inability to throw a football properly. Who would have thought, right?

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    December 20, 2019
    "Very inspiring for any football fan to watch. I think this is the best football movie in recent memory for a lot of people too"
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    Remember the Titans
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    December 20, 2019
    "All-star cast and one heck of a story! My favorite football movie of all-time!!!"
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    Any Given Sunday
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