What are the best Fortnite weapons?

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    One of the best weapons of the entire game along with the Super Shredder. It's a great weapon for using at long range and doesn't lose any effect at close range, which makes the Zapotron a must for the experienced players.

    • Diana GreenWritten on September 29, 2017
      "This weapon is the BEST! It's so powerful! I can use it no matter where I am standing, and it's really helped me to advance in this game. I consider myself a veteran player and this is a must-have for me. I just love, love, love my Zapotron!"
    • Daniel MonroyWritten on September 29, 2017
      "Call me crazy, but I like the Zapotron as one of the best weapons in Fortnite. Yeah, I know, but for the experienced player I like it's abilities such as both the long and short range effectiveness."
    • Ryan SimsWritten on September 29, 2017
      "A good handy look at one of the most advanced weapons in the game. I would recommend this site as it has other information that you may find useful as well."
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    Super Shredder

    The Super Shredder is a sniper rifle with fair accuracy at long and close range. It's one of the two best weapons of Fortnite, along with the Zapotron. Especially recommended for advanced players. 

    • Catherine MartinWritten on September 29, 2017
      "Here is a youtube review of the Super Shredder by Morax: Fortnite - Legendary Super Shredder Sniper Rifle Trial || Weapon & Gun Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIqPQh04bIs It looks like this gun can shoot through walls. It gives a blue blast when it hits its mark. The ammunition leaves comet trails when fired."
    • Danielle ChenWritten on September 29, 2017
      "The Super Shredder is my favorite of all the weapons of Fortnite. It's a little advanced, so newer players may want to wait a bit before jumping into this one, but it's quite accurate!"
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    One Shot

    The One Shot is a sniper rifle and, for that reason, one of the best weapon you can use through the entire game. The One Shot honors its name every single time. Great for long distance use and for those lovers of sniper games and movies. 

    • Silvia CorderoWritten on September 29, 2017
      "It does what the name says. It kills in a single shot and nothing more."
    • Heather MarshallWritten on September 29, 2017
      "This is a great weapon for the game. Accurate and easy to use."
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    Whirling Doom

    The Whirling Doom is one of the best melee weapons of Fortnite. It's specially designed for direct hand-to-hand combat and is great for combining with other weapons that act from a long distance, like the Super Shredder. 

    • Angela KellyWritten on September 29, 2017
      "If you are looking to excel in Fortnite there are many weapon options available to you. The most effective weapon is the Whirling Doom. It works well from a long distance but is also just as deadly in close quarters fighting."
    • May DengWritten on September 29, 2017
      "This is hands down my favorite 'Legendary" of the game. It's a killer spear that has high attack damage. You can find it in chests."
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    The Ranger is a double-shot assault rifle with medium bullets that is as lethal as it seems. It fires a two bullet burst that is able to cause some deep damage at long range. 

    • Jacqueline PetersonWritten on September 29, 2017
      "The Ranger is a powerful weapon. It can be used effectively at long ranges. I recommend this rifle for its power and its precision."
    • Rachel BurtonWritten on September 29, 2017
      "I'm not familiar with weapons. Ranger seems to be a powerful rifle because it fires a two bullet burst."


Best What are the best Fortnite weapons
1ZapotronGame Elements 7 Paid
2Super ShredderGame Elements 5 Paid
3One ShotGame Elements 4 Paid
4Whirling DoomGame Elements 2 Paid
5RangerGame Elements 1 Paid

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