What are the best fossil Pokemons?

Every succeeding generation, Pokemon is adding a bunch of Fossil Pokemon in the series. While we are waiting for Gen 8 release, ever wondered which are the best fossils that are currently available? Join us in exploring them and you can drop some insights too so we'll know your thoughts!

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    Tyrantrum is a fossil-type Pokémon that lived like a king before its extinction 100 million years ago. It is revived from a Jaw Fossil and its jaws are capable of shredding thick metal plates.

    • Zhang FangWritten on July 3, 2019
      "I got Tyrantrum on my team on Pokemon X and I absolutely love him BUT the attacks that are really interesting to me are only Crunch, dragon claw/tail and earthquake. But still, I agree that this is like one of the best fossil pokemons ever made"
    • Albert KelleyWritten on May 13, 2019
      "After many years of waiting, atlast a T-Rex form of Fossil Pokemon is now available! And it doesn't disappoint. Tyrantrum possessed the power of the dragons which is by far one of the rarest type in the game and in all fossil Pokemon in the series!"
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    Aerodactyl is a quick reptilian revived from an old amber Fossil and can mega evolve into Mega Aerodactyl using the Aerodactylite. It is also one of the oldest Fossil Pokémons introduced.

    • Jean JacobsWritten on July 3, 2019
      "Having known about the history of Aerodactyl, I ham impressed with how competitive it is with 135 attack, base 150 speed and the ability to evolve into Mega Aerodactyl, it is a force to be reckoned with as a fossil type Pokemon and one of my favorites"
    • Sun SuWritten on May 13, 2019
      "One of the 3 original fossil pokemon in Pokemon history. I remember back then when I'm playing Red version in my GameBoy, I used to get the Old Amber fossil from Pewter City Museum and get it to the Pokemon Lab for cloning. Them feels.. *Nostalgic*"
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    Rampardos is one of the best fossil Pokémons and was introduced in Generation IV. It was revived from a Skull Fossil and its strength lies within its fierce head-butting attacks.

    • Song ZhouWritten on July 3, 2019
      "Love this one since it was intoduced in Generation IV. No other fossil Pokemon fares as much damage and toughness as Rampardos actually. Been obssessed with Fossil types and I really can't get enough of Rampardos"
    • Rachel MorrisonWritten on May 13, 2019
      "When I first got Cranidos, I felt that I don't want to evolve it because its so cute. But when I learned that the evolved version is so powerful, I trained it harder and evolved right away! "


A 'fossil' is a naturally preserved remains or traces of animals or plants that lived in the past. It has two kinds. Body fossils are remains of organisms that once lived. Trace fossils are the signs that organisms were present (i.e. footprints, tracks, and trails)


Did you know that the oldest fossils in the world were discovered in 2017? They are called Hematite Tubes. Discovered by scientists in the ocean near Quebec, Canada, these are tubelike microscopic bacteria. Though some are skeptical about the claims, scientists who found the fossils say they are at least 3.7 billion years old. This new discovery is expected to shed more light about early life on Earth. If proven, this has a big implication to the study of life on our planet. These fossils would support the claim that life began quickly after the Earth's oceans were formed. This would mean that these species came earlier than the more famous 'dinosaurs'.

We are in the age of new discoveries. Each week, there are new species of dinosaurs found. A big part of the reason is that many places around the world have opened up over the last few decades. Countries like China and Argentina are filled with vast deserts and mountains. These places are where scientists usually find rocks bursting with dinosaur fossils. With more and more knowledge about pre-historic life exposed, it is much easier for people to imagine how these extinct creatures looked like. These discoveries show that once on the Earth's surface, large monsters roamed around. The real facade of dinosaurs can be seen more than what is showed in Pokémon games. True enough, these games depict early monsters in a fun and creative way with hybrid characteristics. Whether dinosaurs in real life did look and act like these Pokémon characters cannot be answered as of this time. One thing for sure though is that tomorrow, there will be more fossils found in places never explored.

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    Archeops is a dual-type Flying/Rock Fossil Pokémon and was introduced in Generation V. It is a flying creature that is almost like a dinosaur. Archeops is extinct but can be revived via fossils.

    • Socorro RochaWritten on July 3, 2019
      "Actually one of the strongest stats you will in the game, with massive Attack, and very good Sp. Plus just how it looks made me stan this Pokemon"
    • Tom TanWritten on May 13, 2019
      "In looks, it has something in common with Ho-Oh! but I prefer legendary bird Ho-oh than this one. Though, Archeops has rock abilities to counter electric type moves, it still has no match for fire type monsters."
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    Aurorus is a Pokémon usually kind in nature but has the ability to create ice walls or encase enemies in ice. This Rock/Ice Fossil hybrid evolves from Amaura when leveled up at night.

    • Sun SuWritten on July 3, 2019
      "I think this creature is more of a threat to dragons then fairy type is...It's more of an Ice type Pokemon but can still qualify as a Fossil type Pokemon. Good character overall though"
    • Echo DuWritten on May 13, 2019
      "This Pokemon is very majestic it looks like a fairy or something magical. I'm just sad that its other ability is Ice and not fairy because it suits it best. "
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    Carracosta is a fossil Pokemon that evolved from Tirtouga, which revived from a Cover Fossil. It is a Rock and Water-type ancient Pokemon that was introduced in Generation V. It has a resemblance with a blue-colored sea turtle.

    • Ralph ReyesWritten on July 3, 2019
      "Looks cool even though a lot of Pokemon on earlier generations look kinda the same. I just have a thing for Fossil/ Rock pokemons since I have found the Helix Fossil"
    • Harold CooperWritten on May 13, 2019
      "At Gen 5, they should be adding much better extinct Pokemons than this one. There are already lots of turtles in game and most of them are starters like squirtle. Maybe add others like Raptors or Stegosaurus. That would be awesome."
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    Omastar is one of the first fossils that were introduced in Generation I. It resurrected from a Pokemon Helix Fossil and became Omanyte, then it evolved to Omastar. This ancient Pokemon has a similarity with an ammonite or an extinct marine mollusk. 

    • Christopher FernandezWritten on July 3, 2019
      "I remember watching this on TV way back. A real OG Fossil pokemon that not all know of. Very underrated"
    • Ernesto SalinasWritten on May 13, 2019
      "This is way better than Pokemon Dome fossil which is Kabuto. Omastar is water and rock so they cover both weaknesses in plant and fire types."
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    Bastiodon is a Rock and Steel-type fossil Pokemon that revived from an Armor Fossil. It is the evolved form of Shieldon and was introduced in Generation IV of Pokemon series. It looks like a Zuniceratops dinosaur with a head of a bulldozer.

    • Charlotte DingWritten on July 3, 2019
      "Well, Bastiodon is much better suited for defense than others. Considering its base 138 special defense is lower than its base 168 physical defense, it often has a nature that boosts its special defense."
    • Adam FisherWritten on May 13, 2019
      "If you'll ask me for a perfect featured Pokemon for Pokemon Shield and Sword, I'll definitely recommend Bastiodon. Is it not yet obvious? lol"
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    Kabutops is a Pokémon character first introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Kabuto starting at level 40 and is a dual-type Rock/Water Fossil type Pokémon. It has a flat, half-circular head with a point on each side and two small eyes on the front.

    • Benito EstradaWritten on July 3, 2019
      "Hated that Kabutops really suffered from lack of stats in Pokemon GO!! I still love it though. Should have been more powerful than Omastar"


Best What are the best fossil Pokemons
1TyrantrumOther 18 Paid
2AerodactylOther 13 Paid
3RampardosOther 9 Paid
4ArcheopsOther 3 Paid
5AurorusOther 3 Paid
6CarracostaOther 2 Paid
7OmastarOther 1 Paid
8BastiodonOther 1 Paid
9KabutopsOther 0 Paid

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