What are the best gadgets of Batman?

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What makes Batman one of the most beloved comic book superheroes of all time? Is it because he is The World's Greatest Detective? Is it because of his exceptional athleticism and fighting prowess despite not having any superpowers? These are all valid points but what made him stand out early on was the various gadgets he had at his disposal. He has always effectively utilized technology to aid him in his fight against crime and evil. Ranging from the practical to the unique, and even the iconic, there is no shortage of Batman gadgets to ogle at. Check out some of the best gadgets of Batman below and feel free to tell us what you thought in the comments section as well.

  1. 1Batarang


    The Batarang is hands down the best gadget in Batman's arsenal. It's his most useful and easily recognizable weapon throughout the comics and beyond. It started out as a boomerang of sorts that he would throw and would circle back to him. Recently though, it has become more of a throwing star that can also be used to slice, stab, or knock out enemies. The Batarangs has become Batman's Swiss Army Knife that he uses for various situations. He has outfitted them to explode, electrify, release gases, and even be remote-controlled. What started out as a primitive weapon has evolved into an incredibly adaptable tool.

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Grappling Gun


    Batman's cape can be formed into shape and would essentially allow him to glide from high places. When it comes to getting around though, nothing has been as essential to him as the Grappling Gun. It has afforded him a greater range of traversing capability ranging from reaching high places, swinging across great distances, and can even be used to render an opponent immobile. We were glad that this particular gadget of Batman was fleshed out from his early days when he would just swing around a grappling hook with a rope attached to it. It was clunky and was so unlike Batman, to say the least.

  2. 3Kryptonite Ring


    Batman and Superman have been known to be quite the frenemies throughout their history of working together and being part of the same team. It's no secret that the two didn't always see eye-to-eye when it came to dealing with situations and enemies. Batman has never fully trusted anyone and that distrust extends to Superman as well. That is why he always had a piece of kryptonite with him or back in the Batcave, in case he needs to use it against the Man of Steel one day. We first see it in the form of a ring but other interpretations have seen it be used as a weapon.

  1. 4Rebreather


    Here is a Batman gadget that seems so "ordinary" but has been a mainstay in his utility belt for the longest time. One of the reasons why he is so popular is because he is as human as the rest of us. That means he is unable to breathe underwater and can be affected by poisonous gases. This is where the Rebreather comes in handy. It's a small breathing mask that he puts on that filters air so he can breathe underwater or enter an area filled with dangerous gas. Whether it's Scarecrow's Fear Toxin or Killer Croc's toxic sewer lair, the rebreather has saved Batman's life countless times.

  2. 5Smoke Bombs


    This is a gadget that takes cues from his time training under the League of Assassins and Ra's al Ghul. This training can easily be seen with how he utilizes the element of surprise as he fights. One important element that allows him to do this is his smoke bombs. These bombs, the size of pellets, are powerful enough to fill an area with smoke in a matter of seconds. With these, he is able to pull off the illusion of appearing and disappearing out of nowhere, all while dispatching of his enemies one by one. They are arguably primitive in nature but their effectiveness cannot be denied.

  3. 6Gauntlets


    Batman's gauntlets are great examples of form AND function rolled into one package. They are outfitted with fins/spikes that are visually quite menacing and compliment his overall look. At the same time, they are strong enough to be used to block or shield against attacks as well as be used as lethal weapons. The series of Christopher Nolan films popularized this idea by showing Batman striking and slashing enemies with his gauntlet fins as well as being able to fire them out as sharp projectiles. It's really cool to see how the Batsuit has evolved throughout the years and this is one of the better addition as a result of that evolution.


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