What are the best Game of Thrones hairstyles?

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HBO's legendary and iconic series Game of Thrones might have ended for quite some time now. And yes, the plot, coupled with its esteemed cast actors, might have been the primary reason why GoT fans have been hooked. But you gotta admit the characters' hairstyles are as epic as their stories. And when it comes to hairstyles, I bet braids and curls swiftly come to your mind. And let me guess, again, Daenerys of the House Targaryen is also the first character that clearly appears in your vision. Well, the same is true for almost everyone looking for the best Game of Thrones hairstyles. So, we curated a list that features some of the iconic hairstyles from the fantasy-slash-drama series!

  1. 1Cersei Lannister's Soft Curls


    Certified GoT fans know that this is just one Cersei Lannister's impressionable hairstyles. The soft loose curls seem like that of Queen Daenerys, the Mother of Dragons. But sometimes, some things can get twisted. And talk about something twisted! With Cersei Lannister, you can sure enumerate all the twisted things about her but nothing is more savory when she sports her half-up, half-twisted hair. Overall, hers is arguably one of the best Game of Thrones hairstyles. Easy to follow if you are doing a GoT-inspired hair every day!

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  1. 2Daenerys Targaryen's Half-Up


    Of course, everyone knows Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen. She's not only The Mother of Dragons, but she's also The Queen of Half-Up Buns with soft loose curls. And Dany cannot be mistaken for anybody Game of Throne characters since her iconic long waves and platinum-blonde hair is just something so distinguishable. And if you can still remember, ever since the first season, braids became her staple. Well, sometimes, you can see her sport a woven low-pony hairstyle. Either way, hers is one of the best Game of Thrones hairstyles throughout the series.

  2. 3Cersei Lannister's Edgy Pixie Cut


    Well, Cersei Lannister's position on the Iron Throne came as a surprise and so did this fierce pixie cut hairstyle. Staying true to Game of Thrones' depiction of her as not-so-benevolent queen, this edgy cut with that tiara on it frames her face as one of the most badass queens fans will ever meet! Ladies, you know how hight maintenance short hair could be. All the blow-drying and volumizing mousse to maintain the body and thickness yet she makes it look like it's a piece of cake to pull off! A real queen, indeed. Fans do approve this as one of the best Game of Thrones hairstyles.

  1. 4Missandei's Curls


    Hey there curlies! Any curly head would totally take pride in seeing Missandrei's voluminous hair! Look at that hair, isn't it deserving to be part of the best Game of Throne hairstyles? It looks effortless! We are all wondering if she's following the Curly Girl Method (CGM) in taking care of her natural curls. Nevertheless, her hair's transformation from being wrapped in a golden string to going for a twist is something we can remember her for! 

  2. 5Margaery Tyrell's Half-Knot


    Isn't Margaery Tyrell simply alluring? This beaut was often seen in her romantic half-knot hairstyle. And if you try to look at the knot, it resembles a rose. Again, it seems like unending waves, braids, and twists are the main theme of the best Game of Throne hairstyles.


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