What are the best games to play without graphic card and low RAM memory?

asked by Puneeth Baradi
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    Hearthstone is a card game available for different platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. Players can collect cards, prepare your deck, and battle it out with other players. This card-based game is set in the Warcraft universe. 


    Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire

    Free- with in-app purchases

    Juan Carlos Varela
    Written on March 21, 2019
    "Not WoW, but its as close to WoW as it can get, albeit a card game. Characters and units are cards, and brings back all that WCIII nostalgia for me. It runs on an old graphics card as well, so theres that XD"
  2. 34

    #2FTL: Faster Than Light

    FTL: Faster Than Light

    FTL: Faster Than Light is a strategy and simulation game for Windows and Mac. This "spaceship simulation roguelike-like" allows you to take your ship on an adventure through a randomly generated galaxy. It was developed by Subset Games.


    Windows, Mac, iOS


    Ryan Wagner
    Written on March 27, 2018
    "This is a steam powered game that looks very fun to play. Since it is steam powered, I really doubt that it requires low RAM and no graphics card. Most steam games required lots of RAM and a decent graphics card."
  3. 32

    #3Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is an adventure game developed and published by LucasArts in 192. This point and click game have a new version in 2009 for the Wii. 


    Windows, Mac


    Divya Tata
    Written on April 5, 2018
    "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is a great game to play if you're looking for a high-action adventure with a great character! The game takes place in 1939, just before World War II, and Indiana Jones is trying to prevent Nazi agents from getting ahold of a dangerous weapon and unleashing the secret that sank Atlantis. Other pluses are that you don't need a graphic card for this game, and that it uses little RAM memory."


Yo low-budget gamers! Did you know that before video game graphics became as stunningly realistic as it is today, people marveled at a video game with just dots and lines on a screen? Thanks to modern technology, the graphics in games have evolved so much that details like sweat, dust, and shadow can be seen clearly and with purpose. In fact, there are some old games which are being recreated using the latest game creators and engines so old players can see them in a new light. But in the late 1950s and early 1960s, people went crazy when they learned that screens can be used for playing games. That’s right! These are the times when the public got excited to play games without graphic card requirements. Public access to these games was very limited, but it was an experience that many coveted in those years. In 1958, the American physicist William Higinbotham used an oscilloscope to invent Tennis For Two, a virtual tennis game where players controlled the lines on the screen’s opposite edges and play with a shuttlecock represented by a line that bounces between the players’ lines. Around four years later, a group of programmers invented Spacewar for a new computer in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The game was about space ships trying to fight for resources in stars. In itself, Spacewar was not much of a game but it is considered as the basis for some of the most popular video games in history, including the Galaxy Game and Asteroids.

We all know the struggle of finding games to play without graphics card and low ram memory, but if you can stomach (well, more like, look at… LOL) the classics, it is easy to find the best games for your low budget PC. Games like the first Sims, Age of Empires, and Warcraft can be enjoyed on your PC without graphics card, while modern games like Dota 2 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can be enjoyed with integrated graphics but at very low settings.

  1. 31



    Broforce is a run-and-gun platform video game released on 15 October 2015 with up to four players cooperatively playing against enemies. It is developed by Free Lives and published by Devolver Digital.


    Windows, PlayStation 4, Mac


    Ruth Patel
    Written on April 3, 2018
    "This is a decent game. Ive spent many hours playing it. I like that its multiplayer too , so I can play with my friends, even the ones that dont have great PC's"
  2. 30

    #5Planescape: Torment

    Planescape: Torment

    Planescape: Torment is a role-playing game developed by Blackdog and Black Isle Studios in 1999. This single-player game had an enhanced edition in 2017. 


    Windows, Mac


    Daniel Morales
    Written on March 26, 2018
    "This game is a blast from the past for some. And a reminder that story matters so much that even a golden-oldie can still be one of the best games to play today, and perhaps one of the few you can relly enjoy if you don't have a graphcis card and also don't have much RAM. "
  3. 29



    Terraria is a 2D action-adventure sandbox game with the objective of digging, exploring, fighting, and building. Developed and published by Re-Logic, this game is available to play on Windows, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS.


    Windows, PlayStation 4, iOS, Xbox One, Mac, Android, Kindle Fire


    Omar Velázquez
    Written on March 28, 2018
    "Want a game that remind you of the good old days? Give Terraria a try. Fun gameplay, explore, and enjoy."
  4. 29

    #7Torment: Tides of Numenera

    Torment: Tides of Numenera

    Torment: Tides of Numenera is an RPG with plenty of philosophical choices, which is the spiritual successor of the 1999 Planescape: Torment. This game is developed by inXile Entertainment and published by Techland Publishing. 


    Windows, Mac


    Jeremy Carlson
    Written on April 2, 2018
    "This sucks. It wont help what he is looking for."
  5. 28

    #8Stealth Bastard Deluxe

    Stealth Bastard Deluxe
    Armed with only your wits and a pair of Stealthing Goggles, it's your job to sneak your way through a deadly facility that's determined to extinguish your fragile little life.

    Windows, Mac


    Kathy Mason
    Written on April 6, 2018
  6. 28

    #97 Days to Die

    7 Days to Die

    7 Days to Die is an open-world survival zombie horror first-person shooter video game developed and published by The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC. This also features a cross-platform multiplayer game mode.


    Windows, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, GameStop


    Phillip Foster
    Written on April 7, 2018
    "A fun open world game. It's survival horror but it incorporates zombies and is pretty addictive. The game play is smooth and easy and I've had a lot of fun exploring all the areas and testing my skills. "
  7. 26


    Undertale, one of the 2015 GOTY, is an RPG game where, if you want, you don't have to kill any of the enemies. The game changes a lot according to your philosophy and values. Oh, and prepare to cry a lot.

    Windows, PlayStation 4, Mac


    Raquel Blanco
    Written on April 7, 2018
    "I love the different unique monsters in the game. This a great game that you can personalize to your values. "
  8. 24

    #11Titan Quest

    Titan Quest
    Titan Quest is an action RPG with a mythological background wherein a player will explore ancient civilizations like Greece, Egypt, Babylon, and China, fight against legendary creatures and get special items to complete your quest.

    Windows, Android


    Rachel Owens
    Written on April 2, 2018
    "Was looking to play an action game that didn't require a graphic card. Titan Quest fit the bill, didn't eat up memory and had a great story, music, and allowed me to get lost in mythology."
  9. 21


    Awesomenauts is a multiplayer online battle arena shrunk into the form of an accessible 3-on-3 action platformer game. Users can play this game together with their friends as an online party or in a local split screen.

    PlayStation 3, Windows, Mac


    Tyler Willis
    Written on April 8, 2018
    "Poor commentary. Robot war game. Can be a multiplayer game that can be played online from friends. Should inform buyers that it is an update of a very animated series from the 80's."
  10. 21

    #13Pillars of Eternity

    Pillars of Eternity

    Pillars of Eternity is an RPG game that's filled with exploration and adventure. Lead your band of allies and discover the mysteries of this fantasy realm to shape your destiny. The game was first released on March 26, 2015.


    Windows, Mac


    Víctor Balderas
    Written on March 31, 2018
    "Although Pillars of Eternity is a fun game to play, you will need a graphics card and a decent amount of RAM for the game to work on your computer. This is a poor solution to the problem."
  11. 19

    #14Master Spy

    Master Spy
    Master Spy is a stealth-based precision platformer with old school cutscenes. You are Master Spy. In a world of corruption and decay, you're not just good at what you do... you're the best.

    Mac, Windows


    Christopher Burton
    Written on April 7, 2018
    "Master Spy has provided countless hours of entertainment to me and my cousin who really enjoy playing it. The game play is really engaging and really challenges a persons gaming skills. I really enjoy being a spy!"
  12. 18



    Limbo is an adventure and indie game developed and published by Playdead. It was released on Aug 3, 2011, and is available with different platforms including Android, iOS, and more. It centers around the adventures of a boy who entered limbo.


    Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Linux


    Amy Wong
    Written on March 27, 2018
    "I like playing LIMBO because it doesn't use much ram on my phone. It doesn't make the phone run slower or freeze like some other games."
  13. 15

    #16Portal 2

    Portal 2
    Portal 2 is a first-person puzzle video game developed by Valve that features a humorous story. In the game, the "Perpetual Testing Initiative" has been expanded to allow you to design co-op puzzles for you and your friends.

    Windows, Mac, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360


    Ethan Shaw
    Written on April 16, 2018
    "My PC is a bit out dated, I struggle to run games that require a lot of GPU power or RAM so I was a bit worried about this game since it looks pretty good. So far it runs great though, you can tell they designed this game to run on just about anything. I get slightly lag in certain sections but it goes away quick once I move past it. "
  14. 14

    #17Unity of Command

    Unity of Command

    Unity of Command is a wargame that covers the entire 1942/43 Stalingrad Campaign on the Eastern Front. Playable from both Axis and Soviet side, it recreates enormous battles of maneuver in a turn-based strategy setting.


    Windows, Mac


    Ralph Collins
    Written on April 8, 2018
    "This is a decent game to play on a budget system. It has little graphical features, and it does not look like it would push any system all that much."
  15. 12

    #18Hitman: Blood Money

    Hitman: Blood Money

    Hitman: Blood Money is a stealth and action video game created by IO Interactive and published by Eidos Interactive. It was released in 2006 for most platforms. In the game, players control a rogue hitman now targeted by his employers.




    Sara Taylor
    Written on March 28, 2018
    "The game is great because it allows for intense, thrilling gameplay without putting a strain on your graphics hardware. The graphics are also beautiful, for not being so memory-hogging. It is really exciting to be immersed in Agent 47's world of stealth, revenge, and top-level skill. A very cool experience with little graphics requirements makes this game one you can't miss. "
  16. 10


    Spelunky is an open source platform video game independently created by Derek Yu and first released in 2008. It features randomized levels offering a challenging new experience for players. 

    Windows, Chrome, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360


    Mildred Bell
    Written on April 8, 2018
    "I think this is a great suggestion for someone that doesn't have a graphic card or wants games with low RAM memory this is a fun interactive game where you try to grab as much treasure from the cave as possible. Every time you play the cave's layout will be different. "
  17. 8

    #20The Binding of Isaac

    The Binding of Isaac

    The Binding of Isaac is an action-adventure and RPG game where you have to escape your deranged mother who wants to sacrifice you. It was developed and published by Edmund McMillen.


    Windows, Mac, PlayStation 4


    Daniel Gonzales
    Written on April 6, 2018
    "The Binding of Isaac is a good game that does not have a graphic card. "
  18. 7

    #21Clicker Heroes

    Clicker Heroes

    Clicker Heroes is a clicker game with RPG elements. Start out by clicking on the monster to kill them, and get their gold. Spend that gold on hiring new heroes and get more damage. The more damage you deal, the more gold you will get. 


    Web, Windows, Android, Xbox One, Mac


    Cheryl Morgan
    Written on March 28, 2018
    "If you have low RAM memory on your graphic card but still want a fun game to play, you HAVE to check out Clicker Heroes. It's totally addicting but weirdly fun at the same time. Plus, you can play it on pretty much any stone age hunk of tech."
  19. 7

    #22Dota 2

    Dota 2

    Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online strategic action battle arena game developed and published by Valve in 2013. It has a pool of more than a hundred heroes that all ten players of a match can pick for free.


    Web, Windows, Mac


    Puneeth Baradi
    Written on March 24, 2018
    "I think DOTA 2 need's 4gb RAM"
  20. 4


    Braid is a puzzle platformer game that uses time manipulation as a core mechanic. You can reverse time and get a do-over on previous mistakes, solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.

    Windows, Mac, Xbox One


    Laura Roberts
    Written on April 1, 2018
    "I have been playing this game on and off for a few months. It is entertaining and an interesting twist to be able to reverse your choices and change your path to see different outcomes. In this way it is unlike any game and keeps your interest!"
  21. 2


    This is an open source simulator based on the classic game Transport Tycoon Deluxe. It attempts to mimic the original game while extending it with new features.


    Windows, Android


    Juha Keränen
    Written on December 21, 2018
    "Transport Tycoon Deluxe is a fun tycoon game with a lot of depth especially against your friends."
  22. 2

    #25Mafia II

    Mafia II

    Mafia II is an action game developed and published by 2K Czech Feral Interactive in 2011. This sequel game follows the story of Vito Scaletta together with Joe in the mafia world. It is available on Windows and Mac. 


    Windows, Mac


    Catch'Dat Diamond!
    Written on February 10, 2019
    "Really cool history and gameplay, open world and runs SMOOTHLY on HIGH GRAPHICS on 4gb of ram."
  23. 1

    #26Sheltered Stasis

    Sheltered Stasis

    Sheltered Stasis is a survival game developed by Unicube and released by Team17. The players are required to survive different post-apocalyptic threats like starvation, dehydration, and zombies.


    Windows, Mac, Linux


    Anh Quan Nguyen
    Written on November 5, 2018
    "I tend to play this whenever I have to disable my graphic card. It's a really fun game if you like survival and strategy style."
  24. 1

    #27Risk of Rain

    Risk of Rain
    Risk of Rain is an action multiplayer video game with full of action and roguelike elements developed by Hopoo Games and published by Chucklefish. Through this game, players will be set on a mysterious planet. 

    PlayStation 4, Windows, Mac, Linux


    Kelly Brown
    Written on April 13, 2018
    "This game is one of my favourite action packed, easy to play, single player or multiplayer games around. I love that the levels fill me with a sense of nostalgia and bring me back to the beginning of online games from newsground to ebaums, to early playstation games. It's well worth the time I've put into the game. "
  25. 1

    #28Hitman: Absolution

    Hitman: Absolution

    Hitman: Absolution is a stealth game developed by IO Interactive and published by Square Enix. This single-player game was released in 2012 and the fifth installment of Hitman series. 


    Windows, Mac


    Catch'Dat Diamond!
    Written on February 10, 2019
    "It runs smoothly on 4GB of ram on medium quality and good at high quality."
  26. 0

    #29Castaway Paradise

    Castaway Paradise

    Castaway Paradise is a life simulation game developed by Dutch indie studio Stolen Couch Games wherein the player starts an adventure on a tropical island. This game is suggested for those who like Animal Crossing, and Harvest Moon.


    Windows, Mac, Android, iOS


    John Carter
    Written on April 11, 2018
    "If you're the kind of person that likes kid's game like Animal Crossing then you'll probably like this one. I tried it and lasted about 10 minutes before I was uninstalling it. It might be a decent game but it's not my style. This game is going to be good for children who have an older computer that can't handle demanding games. The system spec requirements for this game are low which will make it easy to run on just about any computer. "
  27. 0

    #30Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is an adventure game developed by Ubisoft. Amidst the scorched sands of ancient Persia, there is a legend spun in an ancient tongue. It speaks of a time borne by blood and ruled by deceit.


    Xbox One, Windows, PlayStation 2


    Arthur Jimenez
    Written on April 8, 2018
    "Prince of Persia has minimum operating requirements of 256 RAM, and so I don't know whether that really qualifies as a game suited for computers with "low RAM memory." BUT, this game is absolutely a classic, and still well worth playing. "
  28. -1

    #31Town of Salem

    Town of Salem

    Town of Salem is a multiplayer strategy mystery game developed and published by BlankMediaGames. Released in 2014, this game can be played on Windows PC and macOS computers.


    Windows, Online, Mac


    Carlos Áviles
    Written on March 21, 2019
    "One of the best games you can play on PC without a need for a strong graphic card. Its fun, the playerbase is active, and it can keep you occupied for hours! I can assure you of this."
  29. -4



    RuneScape is a fantasy MMORPG developed and published by Jagex in January 2001. RuneScape was originally a browser game built with the Java programming language, but was largely replaced by a standalone C++-coded client in 2016.




    Liu Du
    Written on March 21, 2019
    "this game was my childhood tbf. i remember spending so many hours in this makihng friends, levelling up, fighting enemies, and haggling other players for equipment. i absolutely loved playing this then and im sure ill get addicted to this once again"


Best What are the best games to play without graphic card and low RAM memory
1HearthstoneGames 37 Free
2FTL: Faster Than LightGames 34 Paid
3Indiana Jones and the Fate of AtlantisGames 32 Paid
4BroforceGames 31 Paid
5Planescape: TormentGames 30 Paid
6TerrariaGames 29 Paid
7Torment: Tides of NumeneraGames 29 Paid
8Stealth Bastard DeluxeGames 28 Paid
97 Days to DieGames 28 Paid
10UndertaleGames 26 Paid

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