What are the best G.I. Joe full episodes to watch for free on Hasbro’s YouTube channel?

Hasbro is bringing the yo back to the Joe. That’s right! G.I. Joe, the well-loved animated series from the ‘80s, is making a comeback in the midst of the pandemic. With 15 full episodes that you can watch on Hasbro's official YouTube channel for free, self-isolation will be a little bearable. It's okay if you don’t have the time to watch them all, I’ll tell you which ones are worth your time. But if you're bored enough, I still suggest watching all of them. Anyway, just check the list below for the dopest free G.I. Joe episodes. Don’t worry, I made sure not to include spoilers.

  1. 1The Worms of Death


    The Worms of Death is arguably the best episode among the 15 that Hasbro has uploaded on their YouTube channel. Not only do we see how Snake Eyes bravely escaped the Cobras, but we also see how Timber, a wolf, became his pet. However, the Cobras still managed to worm their way into the Joes’ headquarters making the whole episode very exciting.

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Keep Binging

  1. 2TKnotting Cobra’s Coils


    As a finale for The Pyramid of Darkness mini-arc, the fifth part is absolutely exciting to watch. While the Joes try their best to take down the cubes that make the Pyramid of Darkness, they get creative with their methods. There’s yodeling involved as well as a bunch of help from their furry and feathery friends.

  2. 3Battle on the Roof of the World


    Aside from getting a sneak peek of another Cobra Arena of Sport game, the ‘who can catch the laser core’ game took the spotlight this time. In this episode, the Joes and the Cobras engage in a sort of hockey game using guns and the laser core. However, a third player catches the prize.

  1. 4The Cobra Strikes


    This episode starts with a bang. Like a literal bang of an explosion, setting the story’s mood on high. One thing that makes this episode worthy to watch is the amount of mask ripping that’s going on. Well, masks are the best disguises after all.

  2. 5The Vines of Evil


    Maybe Duke’s got a stroke of bad luck because for the second time around, he’s once again forced to battle in the Cobra Arena of Sport. However, this time, he’s fighting against another joe, Snake Eyes. How the duo manages to escape from the Cobras is for you to find out.

  3. 6Chaos in the Sea of Lost Souls


    G.I. Joe episodes are wild but the fourth part of The Pyramid of Darkness is wilder than usual. I’m not going to spoil this episode but expect lots of betrayals. Someone from Hollywood is also making a cameo, stealing the spotlight with his deadly moves.

  4. 7Slave of the Cobra Master


    Filled with bizarre things, the second part of The M.A.S.S. Device arc doesn’t fall short on creativity. In this episode, we see Duke fight for his life in a gladiator-style match with a technological twist. Duke and his opponent are actually controlled by Cobra like puppets.


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This list is about What are the best G.I. Joe full episodes to watch for free on Hasbro’s YouTube channel
1The Worms of DeathTV Shows 16 Free
2TKnotting Cobra’s CoilsTV Shows 13 Free
3Battle on the Roof of the WorldTV Shows 9 Free
4The Cobra StrikesTV Shows 3 Free
5The Vines of EvilTV Shows 2 Free
6Chaos in the Sea of Lost SoulsTV Shows 2 Free
7Slave of the Cobra MasterTV Shows 1 Free

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