What are the best God Eater 3 weapons?

If you're planning on hunting monsters, then you probably need to arm yourself with the best gears! Hacking and slashing with the wrong weapons can make your gameplay experience disappointing. Don't fret, we've listed down our top recommendations down below, feel free to drop yours!

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    Long Blade

    Long blade is a weapon for the action role-playing game God Eater 3. It has a well-balanced reach, speed, and power. It has a 110 Sunder damage. It has special actions like Zero Stance and Impulse Edge.

    • Tom JiaWritten on April 23, 2019
      "One of the top weapons other than the short blade. I love how I can use it short-range and from the Zero Stance, it is possible to improvise and fire off the Impulse Edge special attack after a slashing attack. Great weapon in God Eater 3"
    • Donald FernandezWritten on March 1, 2019
    • Ivaous GamingWritten on June 16, 2019
      "its just my favorite weapon overall. been using it on all the god eater games"
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    Short Blade

    Short Blade is a weapon for the action role-playing game God Eater 3. It is lightweight and has a total attack of 90 with 45 sunder and 45 pierce damage.

    • Brian SalazarWritten on April 23, 2019
      "Too many things that can be done with this weapon. I love how a God eater can do Rising Edge, Aerial Step, Advanced Jump, and Advanced Step etc.. My favorite god eater 3 weapon overall"
    • Zachary DuncanWritten on March 1, 2019
      "Really versatile weapon, best weapon to inflict a status ailment."
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    Heavy Moon

    Heavy Moon is a weapon for the action role-player game God Eater 3. It is a two-handed that deals both slashing and crushing damage producing 102 total attack. It has special actions like Moon Storm, Moon Slash, and Raging Moon.

    • Jessica JiangWritten on April 23, 2019
      "No doubt if you wanna attack quick and slash style, this is the best weapon for you to have. A versatile weapon too with multiple forms. This has took me quite far in the game"
    • Christina HanWritten on March 1, 2019
      "Probably my most favorite weapon!! It has three form, unlike other weapon and all are quick and slash attacks."


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    Biting Edge

    Biting Edge is a weapon for the action role-player game, God Eater 3. It deals both slashing and piercing damage producing 82 total attack damage. It has specials actions like Mow Down and Aerial Bolt.

    • Chen CuiWritten on April 23, 2019
      "Great damage weapon as I've been producing lots of combos with this. Also easy to use weapon"
    • Huang DongWritten on March 1, 2019
      "The thing that I like the most about this weapon is that you can perform infinite combo but you can't recover stamina though."
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    Charge Spear

    Charge Spear is a weapon for the action role-player game God Eater 3. It specializes in dealing piercing, giving 110 damage. It has special actions like Charge Glide and Backflip.

    • Shreya ChauhanWritten on April 23, 2019
      "The best god eater 3 spear. A lot of moves can be done with this. My favorite is the Charge Glide but I just don't like it consumes too much of your stamina. Still great weapon though"
    • Ed TangWritten on March 1, 2019
      "This weapon is quick to initiate to utilize in battle. Use Charge Glide for damage boost."
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    Buster Blade

    Buster Blade is a weapon for the action role-player game, God Eater 3. It deals both sunder and crushing attack giving a total of 146 damage. It has special actions like Charge Crush, Parrying Upper, and Advanced Guard.

    • Han HanWritten on April 23, 2019
      "My fave weapon in God Eater 3. It may be slow for attacking most of the time but it offsets with the reach and power. Great slashing damage too. Great with the Charge Crush"
    • Ann ZhaoWritten on March 1, 2019
      "Really good weapon for defense. And the swings of this is really no joke."
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    Variant Scythe

    Variant Scythe is a weapon for the action role-player game God Eater 3. It is a slashing physical attribute that can deal 106 damage. It has special actions like Round Fang, Vertical Fang, and Cleave Fang.

    • Megan WelchWritten on April 23, 2019
      "Just by looking at this weapon, I was blown away. Using it, the Extend Bite form is epic as it crushes down enemies with multiple blades. Definitely top weapon in the game"
    • Gregorio GarduñoWritten on March 1, 2019
      "The only thing that I don't like is your stamina drains will using this weapon's attacks."
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    Boost Hammer

    Boost Hammer is a weapon for the action role-player game, God Eater 3. It is a hammer with crushing as physical attribute that deal 123 damage. It has special actions like Boost Impact, Boost Drive, Boost Rush, Advanced Step, and Advanced Jump.

    • Ángel SantosWritten on April 23, 2019
      "My favorite move in all of God Eater 3 is the advanced jump and you need the Boost Hammer or the Short Blade to do it that's why i love this weapon. Also the best Hammer in all of God Eater 3"
    • Diana JamesWritten on March 1, 2019
      "I like the damage it deals but it sad that its only for short range."


Best What are the best God Eater 3 weapons
1Long BladeGame Elements 19 Free
2Short BladeGame Elements 14 Free
3Heavy MoonGame Elements 3 Free
4 Biting EdgeGame Elements 3 Free
5Charge SpearGame Elements 2 Free
6Buster BladeGame Elements 2 Free
7Variant ScytheGame Elements 2 Free
8Boost HammerGame Elements 1 Free

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