What are the best gymnastics movies?

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If you love sports movies, you can't deny that gymnastics is an underrepresented sport in cinema. Despite being a fascinating sport, there aren't enough best gymnastics movies out there. Whereas sports such as boxing and basketball have a lot of representation in movies. This doesn't mean that there aren't any good gymnastics movies that you can start watching! Like any other sports drama, some gymnastics movies tell the true stories of athletes. You get to witness their setbacks and victories as a gymnast and human being. Whether it be their path to the Olympics or a tragic accident, these gymnasts all come out strong. If you are definitely fascinated by gymnastics, we have a selection of movies that you'll love! As a viewer, you will get to see many sides of gymnastics despite its underrepresentation. Take a look at this gymnastics movies list and find new favorites!

  1. 1Stick It


    Stick It is a gymnastics movie like no other. If you want to watch a rebellious yet talented gymnast get back on her feet after running away from the sport a few years back, this film is for you!

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  1. 2Peaceful Warrior


    Being a gymnast alone is already a life well-lived as an athlete but what if that all changes because of a stranger? Peaceful Warrior is a sports drama you must watch about a college gymnast.

  2. 3Nadia


    Be awestruck with this movie based on the life of gold medallist gymnast Nadia Comaneci. Even in her teenage years, she triumphs nearly every gymnastics competition she joins. You will totally be inspired after seeing this film!

  1. 4A 2nd Chance


    Every athlete has to go to a series of trials and make sacrifices to win. The young gymnasts in the film A 2nd Chance are no exception. You should watch this movie if you want to see gymnasts' hard work pay off.

  2. 5Full Out


    Full Out is based on a true story of a gymnast who got into a tragic accident. If you want to see how she survives and gets back on her feet, this movie is a must-watch. It will leave you inspired by what you can do in spite of the setbacks.

  3. 6Full Out 2: You Got This!


    What will a gymnastics team do to win if they lost their most valuable player? You can watch it all unfold in Full Out 2: You Got This! It will make you realize the value of a unified team in achieving victory.

  4. 7Raising the Bar


    After moving to a new country, can this talented gymnast still make a name for herself and win in a national competition? You can know how it goes in the gymnastics drama movie Raising the Bar.

  5. 8American Anthem


    In American Anthem, you see a talented gymnast who gives up his sport but eventually gets inspired by someone who frequents his old gym. This is a classic sports drama you should watch!

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Ever wonder who's the reigning queen of gymnastics? There are a lot of brilliant gymnasts out there but if you're an avid fan of the sport, you might already have an idea who we're talking about. The "Queen of Gymnastics" is no other than 5-time Olympic gold medallist Nadia Comaneci! Early on, she already dazzled judges and audiences with her excellent gymnastics. At the young age of 14, she became the first gymnast to receive a Perfect 10 from the judges in Olympic history. She got this perfect score during the 1976 Summer Olympics. If you're into athlete triumph stories like Nadia's, there are loads of movies about athletes that you can start watching!

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    February 4, 2020
    "Nadia is one of the most inspiring movies i have ever seen. It makes me want to make most out of my life. I've been obsessed with gymnastics lately so i've been looking up movies to watch. There isn't a lot so im glad i got to this list..."
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    February 4, 2020
    "Stick it has got to be one of the best gymnastics movies for kids, I watched it with my daughter and we had such an awesome time! If you like bring it on, you will definitely like this too! :)"
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    Stick It
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