What are the best historical Korean dramas?

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Isn't it amazing to learn history by simply watching Korean television series inspired by historical events? Well, the entirety of Korea's history would be impossible to cover in just one swoop. Needless to say, its long and rich history has inspired many literary works throughout the years. It has been used in literature, poetry, and even in some fictional works. Modern Korean society, specifically South Korea, is known to produce some great dramas in entertainment. Interestingly, some of these dramas are based on historical facts and personalities. As fans of Korean drama ourselves, we wanted to take a look at some of the best historical Korean dramas so we made a little list of our own. You can check it out below.

  1. 1Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo


    One of the best historical Korean dramas you can watch today is Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. This is a Korean adaptation of a Chinese television series called the Scarlet Heart, which is based on a Chinese novel Bu Bu Jing Xin, also known as Startling by Each Step by Tong Hua. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo takes place during the Later Three Kingdoms period.

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  1. 2Moon Embracing The Sun


    Another best historical Kdrama you can stream right now is the Moon Embracing The Sun. This television series is based on a novel written by Jung Eun-gwol. It is set in the Joseon Dynasty era, and it follows the forbidden love story between a Joseon Dynasty king and a female shaman.

  2. 3Love in the Moonlight


    If you are into another top historical Korean drama, you may want to try watching Love in the Moonlight. It is one of the most popular Kdramas which is set during the 19th century Joseon Dynasty. This drama recounts the love story between a female counsel who disguises herself as a man and a Crown Prince named Hyomyeong,

  1. 4Dae Jang Geum


    Set during the time of Chosun Dynasty, Dae Jang Geum is just another great historical drama television series which was aired on MBC in 2003. This Korean drama series is also known as the Jewel in the Palace. If you want to witness how an orphaned female kitchen cook becomes a king's physician, you may want to try watching this South Korean TV show.

  2. 5Jumong


    Another popular and best historical South Korean drama you can try streaming today is Jumong. It is also known as The Book of the Three Hans. Due to its popularity, this Kdrama has ended with 81 episodes instead of only 60. It recounts the life of Jumong as the founder of the Goguryeo kingdom.


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2Moon Embracing The SunTV Shows 13 Paid
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4Dae Jang GeumTV Shows 2 Paid
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