What are the best hood movies?

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As they say, "what happens in the hood stays in the hood". Well, before, that was possible. But nowadays, a lot more people and media have paid attention to the living conditions and the struggles found in these 'lesser neighborhoods'. Things like violence and poverty are just some of the prevalent themes you will see in movies that dwell on these places. However, life out there isn't all crime, ghetto music, and sadness. As you will see, films that depict life in these places are often true-to-life, realistic, and very compelling. Well, don't be fooled. As gritty as these flicks are, they are still very entertaining. And we're pretty sure you'd pick up a life lesson or two after watching a few titles. So, scroll down as we welcome you to 'the hood' by way of these cool movies.

  1. 1Boyz n the Hood


    Boyz n the Hood is a 1991 drama movie which is considered by many as the originator of 'hood films' in Hollywood. Director John Singleton's big screen debut straight-up depicts the social problems of inner-city Los Angeles in this Oscar-nominated drama flick. So, if you're looking to watch some certified movies from the ghetto, you might want to make this your first choice.

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  1. 2City of God


    Take a virtual trip to the hood by way of 2002's City of God. The critically-acclaimed Brazilian film will show you what happens inside the dangerous hoods of Rio de Janeiro. What's more interesting? Well, the movie has utilized non-professional actors to show how organized crime prospers in the suburbs of Brazil while being brutal, violent, and realistic all at once. 

  2. 3Do the Right Thing


    Do the Right Thing is a movie that can serve as an eye-opener for you to see the living conditions in America's hoods. In one of the most socially relevant movies of the 90's, Director Spike Lee shows how an ordinary pizza delivery boy encounters racism in the streets of New York City. 

  1. 4Juice


    Well, 1992's Juice has the great Tupac Shakur as a lead actor! But there's actually a lot more to see in this film than its cast. The film realistically depicts the everyday struggle of young people living in America's troubled communities. 

  2. 5Straight Outta Compton


    Straight Outta Compton is one of 2015's most talked-about movies. It is a biographical drama that depicts how life inside a tough neighborhood has influenced people to succeed in life through music. We swear, you'd love this film if you're a hip-hop fan since it shows the rise and fall of the gangsta rap group N.W.A.  

  3. 6Set It Off


    Violence and poverty in the hood knows no age or gender. This is the shocking reality that 'Set it Off' will show you. It follows the lives of Stony, Cleo, Frankie, and Tisean, four young women who are forced to live by the law of the streets.

  4. 7American Gangster


    American Gangster is a classic crime drama movie that will take you back to 1970's New York. It is about the story of drug kingpin Frank Lucas and how he has managed to surpass notorious Mafia families living around his hood.

  5. 88 Mile


    8 Mile is a movie that features Eminem's realistic portrayal of an inner city guy's life inside one of America's most violent neighborhoods. Watch the movie and be surprised to see how Eminem's rapping skills would effectively convey the film's message to you. 

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1991's 'Boyz n The Hood' was lauded by movie fans for its brutally honest depiction of life in South Central Los Angeles' neighborhoods. But, did you know that the movie was filmed entirely in that actual area? The movie's cast and crew even reportedly experienced threats and altercations while on set. Director John Singleton even admitted that they almost experienced gun violence at the hands of local gang members. Well, this just explains that the film wasn't written that way just to make a super violent movie. Instead, 'Boyz n The Hood' just wanted to be as real as it gets!

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