What are the best Horizon Zero Dawn weapons?

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    Lodge War Bow

    Lodge War Bow is one of the variants of the upgraded long-ranged weapon War Bow. It is renowned as the most prestigious and powerful reward from the Weapons of the Lodge quest and is capable of shooting three arrows with different elements.

    • Douglas BishopWritten on March 20, 2019
      "Getting the Lodge War Bow from a difficult task makes it really special and worth it. I dont thiunk theres a better weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn than this one."
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    Stormslinger is a ranged weapon obtainable in The Frozen Wilds capable of firing charged bolts with increasing damage over time. While the upgraded Improved Stormslinger is capable of overcharging the weapon and induce shock damage to the target.

    • Jack YiWritten on March 20, 2019
      "Stormslinger, when upgraded to its Improved version, can deal much damage to machines. That alone makes this one the most powerful Horizon zero dawn weapon imho."
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    Icerail is a weapon with close-range that deals no damage to the target, but makes it frozen instead. The enhanced version of this weapon, which is Improved Icerail, can be acquired by fulfilling the quest Geared Up: Icerail.

    • Rakesh LoboWritten on March 20, 2019
      "Too bad i have a slow internet to download the download content of horizon zero dawn. I cant improve my icerail thats why."
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    Lodge Blast Sling

    Lodge Blast Sling is a ranged weapon derived from the Blast Sling which can be obtained as a reward after completing the Weapons of the Lodge quest. This weapon has almost the same stats and slot number, but with a higher base handling.

    • Humberto PachecoWritten on March 20, 2019
      "I was a good slingshooter back in my childhood. When I used my Blast Sling, the game became so easy for me. And I felt so powerful."
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    Shadow Rattler

    Shadow Rattler is considered one of the most distinct weapons in the game due to its rifle-like functions which can deal chunks of damage. It is a developed version of the ranged weapon Rattler capable of shooting five projectiles per shot.

    • Tomás HuertaWritten on March 20, 2019
      "Do I still need the DLC for this Horizon Zero Dawn weapon?"
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    Shadow Hunter Bow

    Shadow Hunter Bow is a long-ranged weapon that specializes in short to medium range action thanks to its fast firing and reloading time. It is a variation of an enhanced Hunter Bow and can use three various types of ammo.

    • Saanvi BoseWritten on March 20, 2019
      "Is this better than the Lodge War Bow???"
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    Shadow Sharpshot Bow

    Shadow Sharpshot Bow is a long-ranged weapon which is the enhanced version of the Sharpshot Bow. It is somewhat similar to the Banuk Powershot Bow, which is capable of shooting 3 different ammo of the Sharpshot Bow.

    • Jerry MedinaWritten on March 20, 2019
      "This was the last weapon that I have used in Horizon Zero Dawn, too bad I needed to go back to California where I don't have a console. :("
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    Tripcaster is a stealth weapon that creates tripwire traps with three ammo types which were shock, fire, and blast. It is mainly used to destroy large machines by tripping and inducing elemental damage.

    • Vicente VásquezWritten on March 20, 2019
      "Other players might seem to underestimate the power of this weapon, but this little weapon right here has really high damage potential. This is my favorite weapon in the game."

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1Lodge War BowGame Elements 18 Paid
2StormslingerGame Elements 12 Paid
3IcerailGame Elements 9 Paid
4Lodge Blast SlingGame Elements 1 Paid
5Shadow RattlerGame Elements 1 Paid
6Shadow Hunter BowGame Elements 0 Paid
7Shadow Sharpshot BowGame Elements 0 Paid
8TripcasterGame Elements 0 Paid

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