What are the best Hunter x Hunter episodes?

They say that print is already dead, but did you know that most of the films and series that we are now enjoying originally came from prints? What used to be stories in print are also now dominating the motion pictures. One of those is the Hunter x Hunter, a Japanese manga series by Yoshihiro Togashi. It started as a series in Weekly Shōnen Jump while its written manga was in hiatus starting in 2006. The plot is mainly about a young lad named Gon Freecss who was later on known as Hunter for being trained to combat society’s evils such as lawless pursuits of individuals. If you’re a fan of stories that deal with haunting lawless individuals, but too lazy to read, good thing that Hunter x Hunter is now adopted into series. Check out some of the best Hunter x Hunter episodes that will surely let you watch for more!

  1. 1Zero X And X Rose


    If there are power couples in relationships, Meruem and Netero would be the power duo in the Hunter x Hunter anime. These two are considered as the strongest characters that defied almost every good battle in each episode. Their brilliance started to unfold during the King’s birth when they had to combat to put an end to his unlawful ways in ruling his people. Netero stuck his two fingers in the King’s chest and used his Miniature Rose move that showed us the beauty of sacrifice in battling evils.

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  1. 2Anger X And X Light


    Anger x And x Light has been one of the most poignant episodes in the anime series. It showed how Gon was totally affected by Kite’s death that even caused his physical transformation beyond what was expected. Such transformation to an Adult Gon has truly left every viewer in awe.

  2. 3This Person X And X This Moment


    From the episode title itself, This Person X And X This Moment showed the character development of some personalities in the series. The journey to Komugi’s location that allowed Palm to guide Museum has paved the way for the Chimera Ant King and Gungi to put a rollercoaster story in this episode.  

  1. 4Past X And X Future


    They say that the past is a lesson and the future is to be created. In this Past X And X Future episode, Gon and his father Ging have finally reunited. The father and son had a deep conversation with meaningful exchange of explanations, especially from Ging. This was the last episode of the anime for now, but it has given us a glimpse of the story as it unfolds. 

  2. 5Charge X And X Invade


    Charge X And X Invade is considered as one of the most visually appealing sequences. It showed back-to-back action of Zeno and Netero after they jump off to an enormous Nen dragon as they head towards their destination. The dragon was then split into pieces that made Pouf and Pitou enter the scene to attack Zeno and Netero. The battle alone made this episode even more exciting.


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