What are the best Iron Man suits?

Tony Stark has become a household name of the 21st century. Even those who are not that much of a Marvel fan knows him, especially after the buzz created by his heroic death in the Avengers: Endgame (Oops, sorry for spoiling!). Nevertheless, his legacy lives on with his horde of Iron Man suits. Let's take a look back at the products of Mr. Starks' great mind as we list the best suits that he invented!

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    Mark LXXXV

    Mark LXXXV is the final Iron Man suit that Tony Stark built and put on, as seen in Avengers: Endgame. Although named as 85th, it was actually the 51st suit that appeared in the MCU. Its appearance resembles Mark L, only bulkier and more metallic. But what makes this stronger than its predecessors was that Mark LXXXV was engineered to control and bear up against the power of the Infinity Stones, becoming the pinnacle of Tony Stark's engineering. Unfortunately, he died in this suit after using the Infinity Stones to turn Thanos and his troops into dust.

    • Cheng GuWritten on October 16, 2019
      "No doubt, The Iron Man Mark 85 is one of the best Iron Man suits in endgame, or probably all-time! I was also quite surprised that the suit has a built-in infinity nanotech gauntlet. If ever Tony was able to survive the snap with the infinity stones, this would go on to be one of iron man's strongest suits ever! 💪"
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    Mark I

    Built of out of scrap metals, Mark I was the ancestor of all the Iron Man armors that Tony Stark created. He, with the help of Ho Yinsen, built this while being held captive in a cave in Afghanistan. The suit resembles the old Iron Man armor from the comic books and was designed as a pacemaker to prevent shrapnel from reaching Stark's heart. It was equipped with a rocket launcher attached to the arm piece, and a flamethrower mounted in its right arm.

    • Keith NguyenWritten on October 16, 2019
      "I'm so glad that the scrappy Mark 1 made it in this list of iron man suits! And since all of Iron Mans suits are in red and gold colorway, it would be kinda nice if an iron man suit in the MCU would have a gray color so as to pay homage to the very first suit!"
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    Mark L

    Mark L was Tony Stark's 50th armor which takes a huge leap in technology compared to the suits that he made before. Similar to Black Panther's suit, the Mark L also uses nanites which can be spread out over Stark's body to seamlessly transform into Iron Man. This suit made its first appearance in the MCU in Avengers: Infinity War and has seen to inflict a wound to the Mad Titan Thanos.

    • Gilberto DomínguezWritten on October 16, 2019
      "Of all Avengers team, only Iron Man was able to inflict damage to Thanos. And that is all because of the Mark 50! I am a great fan of the evolution of iron man suits because of the technology that each succeeding armors have. Too bad they we're not able to kill Thanos in the Infinity War. 🤦‍♂️"
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    Mark XLIX

    Mark XLIX, or Hulkbuster 2.0, is a modified version of Mark XLIV. Unlike the first Hulkbuster, this armor was built not to fight the Hulk. Modified by Wakanda and Bruce Banner, this suit was worn by Banner in Infinity War since he's unable to transform as Hulk. With the new Hulkbuster, Banner was able to beat and eradicate Thanos' physically strongest minion, Cull Obsidian.

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    Mark XLIV

    The first Hulkbuster to be revealed on the big screen was Mark XLIV, which was engineered by Tony Stark to go toe-to-toe against the Hulk in Avengers: Age of Ultron. This suit was created so that Stark could fight 13 superhumans all at once. It has enough firepower to handle them all, along with the defensive specs to protect its bearer. With this armor, Stark fared well and handled the Hulk's most destructive moments... as shown in the photo.

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    Mark XLII

    Tony Stark built over 30 Iron Man armors in Iron Man 3 as a way to cope up with his anxiety. Included in what was known as "Iron Legion" was the Mark XLII. It is a prototype of a complete and fully capable Iron Man suit, yet compact. With the computer chips implanted into his arms, Stark can summon each part separately to locate him until he is fully clad. This was also one of the first fully operable suits without an actual user inside.

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    Mark V

    Mark V was the first-ever suit that became portable. As seen in the second Iron Man movie, Tony Stark became Iron Man with the help of a suitcase that contains his armor. In spite of the flashy portability that it features, it seems that it still has a lot to improve. Mark V didn't fare well against Whiplash in their fight earlier in the movie. Along with its portability, it seems to have lost some combat capabilities compared to others since it needs to be lightweight.

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    Mark III

    Mark III was the first complete and serviceable Iron Man armor which can fly and withstand high altitude. It also has a complete set of weapons capable of destroying a whole army. Mark III was also the first suit to don the signature red and gold trim which Tony used to his succeeding Iron Man suits.

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