What are the best Kingdom 2 fan theories?

Haven’t we seen all kinds of zombie stories that seem to recycle the plots and elements from previous shows? True enough, these creepy monsters have been overused in movies and TV series. Honestly, no one will blame you if you’re sick of them at this point. However, from the unusual combination of Netflix and South Korean entertainment comes an unusual undead story, Kingdom. Why unusual, you ask? In a nutshell, the Netflix Original Korean series Kingdom is what you get when you mix Game of Thrones and zombies. It’s historical, political, and full of cannibal corpses that will haunt you in your sleep. These elements are probably the main reason why Kingdom was well-received by the public, not mentioning, of course, the great direction, cinematic shots, and the powerhouse cast.

Only 6 episodes long, the first season of Kingdom has left fans with an extreme cliffhanger. All this time we thought that the zombies were weak against the light but it turns out that heat is their Kryptonite. Additionally, there are also many plot holes that need answering. How did the zombie disease spread out? Will Prince Chang be able to defeat Lord Cho and Queen Cho in their scheme to steal the kingship from him? We do have to wait patiently for the release of Kingdom 2 to have these answered. But patience is not a virtue most fans have so instead of waiting, many have come up with theories regarding the series. Do you want to know what some of them are? Keep reading, then. We’ve got the best Kingdom 2 fan theories here just for you. Do you agree with these? Let us know by leaving a comment. 

  1. 1The nature of the zombie disease


    We know that the King is a Type 1 zombie and the masses are a Type 2 zombie. Taking hints from the random worms on the zombies as well as Korea’s history, we can assume that the parasites in the commoners have helped spread the Type 2 zombie disease. Additionally, the resurrection plant has altered the worms in a way that instead of seeking heat, they detest it. That would explain why the zombies are weak against heat.

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  1. 2Lord Ahn Hyeon definitely has something to do with the zombies


    3 years prior, Lord Ahn Hyeon was able to defeat 30,000 Japanese soldiers and retires immediately. Physician Lee also retired around the same time as him. Young Shin who comes from the leper community hates Lord Ahn with all his guts. Lord Cho is confident that Lord Ahn will not oppose him. Putting the pieces together, we can assume that Lord Ahn made the leper community into zombies with the help of Physician Lee.

  2. 3There’s a snitch in the team


    Another popular fan theory is that there’s a mole in Prince Chang’s group. This would explain why Lord Cho knows his every move. Many fans are torn between Young Shin or Muyeong being the snitch. Some argue that Young Shin served the zombie meat to the people under Lord Cho’s orders and him being a shady character makes him already suspicious. Others believe the snitch is Muyeong because he’s been there since day one.

  1. 4The Crown Prince Guard’s son will be the future King


    As it turns out, Queen Cho is not actually pregnant and was just faking it all along. To cover up her lie, she’s determined to steal a baby boy from the group of pregnant women. Coincidentally, the wife of Muyeong, the Crown Prince Guard, gave birth to a healthy baby boy. If we add two and two together, it would be obvious that the evil Queen will kidnap the baby boy and present him as his son. That would make Muyeong’s baby the future King.

  2. 5The Horde will infiltrate the borders


    Now that winter has come, the zombies can freely move around for a much longer time. We could predict that more people locked outside the border will be infected. While everything is under control at the city of Sangju, eventually, it will become unmanageable. The Horde will be able to break their defenses and infiltrate the borders. They may even reach the capital city, Hanyang, where the royals live.


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