What are the best Locke and Key episodes?

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I know why you're here. You recently finished watching Locke and Key and you cannot accept the fact that your new favorite show is over. So, you browse through pages to know more. To satisfy that lingering feeling of getting so hooked to a Netflix show. To mend the longing of seeing the characters once more. I know because I feel the same! I can relate to Locke and Key fans on so many levels. The Netflix Original series make sure that they leave their viewers hanging. It is a good strategy to keep their audience clicking the "Next episode" button. So, before you proceed in reading this list, I hope you have already seen all the episodes. I won't promise you that there are no spoilers here so don't say I didn't warn you.

Locke and Key is a story of a magical house, a mother and her three children, and a demon with multiple transformations. Oh, not to mention that the house comes with a set of insanely powerful keys. There's a key that could take you anywhere. A key to your mind. A key to change your appearance. A key that brings an echo to life. We have seen the magnitude of what these keys can do in the 10-episode show. And yes, it is THAT short. Each episode only lasts for about 40 minutes so you can rewatch them all in a day. But, on this list, I only chose the top episodes. IMHO, these are the best Locke and Key episodes that truly strengthened the foundation of the show. Do you agree? Comment below your personal favorites!

  1. 1Dissection


    I don't know about you but this episode is the climax of the whole Locke and Key series. It kept viewers on the edge of their seat as Sam Lessner comes back to the Keyhouse. Who would not be scared of a murderer that you thought was already in jail? (Well, maybe our rocky road Kinsey is not afraid of her father's killer.) Anyway, we can treat Dissection as the turning point for an already messed up family.

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Ray of F**king Sunshine


    And, the second-best on my list is the "Ray of F**king Sunshine" episode. It marks the countdown to the final battle between the Locke siblings and Dodge aka Lucas aka Gabe. (Uhm, I hope you have already watched and finished this series because I'm spilling all the beans here.) This episode also shows the struggle of Nina against alcoholism. Now, there's a pro and con here. When she's drunk, she can see the magic around the Keyhouse. When she's sober, she loses that ability. What is up with that?

  2. 3Crown of Shadows


    So far, we have magical keys, a house filled with sorcery, and a black door that opens to another dimension. To top that, this episode presents to you the power of the Crown of Shadows. Dodge attacked the Keyhouse with a horde of shadows who follow anyone who wears the crown. We also saw how Kinsey and Tyler - along with their gang - throw Nina to the Omega Door. Yeah, I know. It felt weird to see how easily they have beaten up the bad guy. I mean, Kinsey was suspicious, too. But, well. We'll see the consequence of their actions in the next Locke and Key season.

  1. 4The Black Door


    This episode tied all the loose ends. We saw here The Black Door or the Omega Door that holds all the secrets. Kinsey found it on the sea caves after persuading the Savinis to shoot in the dangerous location for their low-budget film. As a result, Kinsey lost her friends and her boyfriend. But, it was also the start of her budding romance with Gabe. And, we all know that that did not go well, too.

  2. 5The Keeper of the Keys


    The Keeper of the Keys introduced the gang of Rendell Locke. Nina learned in this episode his terrible past - almost all of his friends are dead, another one is in an asylum, and the last sane and living one is Ellie. Oh, and Dodge or "Lady Echo" as Bode calls her (or him), appeared again to take away the Ghost Key from the kid. Poor Bode. But, he did realize that to get the key, the Lockes must willingly hand them to the villain. It is an important factor so take note of that!


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