What are the best-looking shiny Pokémon?

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If you are a fan of Pokémon, either the anime or the games, you must've encountered at least one shiny pokémon. No? Oh, you're not sure? To help refresh your mind, my friends, allow us to define what exactly is a shiny Pokémon. It's basically a rare kind of a Pokémon, usually just your ordinary Pokémon but in another color trim. Rare, because it typically appears once per species, though there have been a few exceptions. In the meantime, you guys could check out our list below as we've compiled all the best-looking shiny Pokémon that have appeared so far. Be the judge by voting for the best one for you to help raise their position! Happy reading!

  1. 1Metagross


    Metagross is a Pokémon that already looks cool and intimidating at the same time. With that blue-colored robotic body and that silver "X" in its face, no one could argue with that! But it seems like the shiny version outdoes the normal one. Shiny Metagross's body is in silver and the "X' in its face has a gold color trim. That just looks cooler, right? No wonder why shiny Metagross is one of the fan-favorite shiny Pokémon! If you want to watch this version of Metagross on your screens, go ahead and check out the "Noodles! Roamin' Off" episode of the anime!

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  1. 2Rayquaza


    Most of the time, shiny legendary Pokémon looks worse rather than more stunning. But when the franchise released shiny Rayquaza, fans were quick to notice the fantastic design! While the regular Rayquaza is an enormous, green lizard with yellow rune marks and red edge finishes, the shiny Rayquaza has a dark green body. The color is so dark that it kinda looks black. But the changes in the color only made the details stand out more as the yellow and red markings are much more noticeable. Curious to see the shiny Pokémon? Go ahead and check out Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages as the shiny legendary made an appearance there together with Latios and Latias!

  2. 3Noctowl


    Of course, Noctowl makes an appearance on our list of the best-looking shiny Pokémon! We believe it's just right since Noctowl was the first shiny Pokémon to appear in the anime, in case you guys are wondering why. What's their design difference? Well, for one, shiny Noctowl has a more lively and vibrant body color in yellow rather than the dull brown for the regular ones. And while the regular Noctowl has a dark brown tail and outer feather, the shiny one has an orange color for both parts. 

  1. 4Psyduck


    We all know Psyduck as Misty's cute and rather "useless" Pokémon in the anime series. But what if we tell you that shiny Psyduck is a different deal? If you think the regular one is already adorable, wait 'til you see the shiny version of the Pokémon! In the episode "The Raid Battle at the Ruins," one Pokémon trainer named Karabari participated in a raid battle against Golurk. There, he unleashes shiny Psyduck. Like most of the fans, I was in awe when the cute Pokémon in cool blue color appeared on my screen! I just think that the new color suits the Pokémon very well. If you think Psyduck should be ranked higher on this list, show the cute monster some love and click the upvote button!

  2. 5Charizard


    Widely mistaken as a dragon-type Pokémon due to its appearance and strength, Charizard also earns a spot on this list. If you guys are all curious about what the shiny Charizard looks like, allow us to give a brief description. Basically speaking, like the others, the color is the only difference. Unlike the regular one with orange color trim and a normal fire color, shiny Charizard sports a charcoal black color and has a blue-colored flame. It makes Charizard more fiercely-looking and intimidating than the regular one.


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