Who are the best Mario Party 10 characters?

Mario and friends return in another installment of Mario Party! Don't be fooled by the premise, each character actually has some unique abilities that can make or break the party game. So who are the best Mario Party 10 characters? No need to roll the dice, just scroll down to find out!

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    Bowser, also known as King Koopa, is the main antagonist of the Mario franchise. He is the king of the turtle-like race known as the Koopas, and is distinguishable by his spiked shell, accessories, claws, and horns on his head.

    • Margaret JensenWritten on July 18, 2019
      "Mario Party 10 is all about Bowser. There's no surprise that when I have played Super Mario Party that Bowser became a playable character. Now while I'm playing Mario Party 10, I am quite disappointed that Bowser is an S-tier character when I have defeated him easily. 😂"
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    Daisy’s first playable appearance was in the original Mario Tennis. She has a tomboyish manner and disregard for traditions and decorum befitting of royalty. She has a general interest in sports and she's pretty good at tennis. 

    • Douglas BishopWritten on July 18, 2019
      "Daisy is super cute y'all know? Tbh I have thought that she was a lesbian at first but I was wrong. She was one of the Mario Party 10 characters who are actually pretty cool and strong you know?"
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    An original antagonist of Mario, Wario first appeared in the Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins game in 1992 where the character played as the final boss. Wario is an anti-hero whose name means "bad" in Japanese.

    • Rose FernandezWritten on July 18, 2019
      "Using Wario in Mario Party 10's Coin Challenge makes the game mode pretty much easier. Have you guys ever tried using Wario in it? I was able to beat the MASTER difficulty of CPU there. :D"
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    Princess Peach

    Mario Tennis Aces take place after the events of Super Mario Odyssey, where Peach ditched both Bowser and Mario in favor of a life on the road. Since then, Peach has taken up a life of playing tennis professionally. 

    • Jennifer PhillipsWritten on July 18, 2019
      "Being an amateur tennis player myself, I have related myself to Princess Peach very deep. I've followed her every step since Super Mario Odyssey. But I haven't used her in this game yet. Do you have some insights guys?"
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    Donkey Kong

    Donkey Kong is a recurring character in the Super Mario franchise. He is a brown ape who wears a red necktie bearing his initials in yellow and was originally the antagonist and titular character in the game where Mario first appears.

    • Douglas LopezWritten on July 18, 2019
      "It's been a long time Donkey Kong! Finally, I get to use you on a new game. I am also slowly getting tired of playing old Mario games just to use you. "
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    Pom Pom

    Pom Pom, a fictional character from the Super Mario franchise, is a female counterpart of the Boom Boom. This character first appeared in the Super Mario 3D Land as a female boss wielding a pink shuriken with a ribbon on one side.

    • Gloria HillWritten on July 18, 2019
      "Just got Mario Party 10 Switch version. Is it different than the Wii version in any other way? Also would like to use Pom Pom for the very first time, any tips?"
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    Dry Bones

    Dry Bones are undead and bony versions of Koopa Troopas in Super Mario franchise. This character is a skeletal Koopa that acts as enemies who first appeared in Super Mario Bros 3. Dry Bones often lurks in towers and castles.

    • George JohnstonWritten on July 18, 2019
      "Dry Bones as enemies are super annoying! They are just undead! I have a hard time defeating them. 😠"
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    Boos are recurring characters in the Mario franchise. They are ghosts who often appear as enemies but sometimes become playable in the spin-offs. Their Japanese name, Teresa, is derived from the verb "tereru", meaning shy.

    • Carolyn GrantWritten on July 18, 2019
      "If they're not the best, then I suppose Boos are the cutest Mario Party 10 characters in the game. AM I RIGHT?? YES I AM!! 😍"


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