What are the best Marvel stories that deserve to be explored on Disney+?

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With Disney+ making its presence felt throughout the TV streaming world, we can't help but crave for more programs. As we all know, the Star Wars franchise has helped out the new media giant create a phenomenon out of The Mandalorian. If you've been wondering what's next to be shown on the ever-evolving Disney+ roster of content, we certainly can't tell as well. But if there was another franchise that can immediately impact its viewers, this would be the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Collaborations between The House of Mouse and a handful of established MCU characters can spell overall viewing pleasure for everyone. So if Disney+ wants to further attain success, then exploring content ranging from The X-Men to the most unheard-of Marvel villains is a no-brainer.

While we have already made up our minds about the best Marvel comic storylines to ever exist, there is much more to be explored. MCU movies have sure shown fans the most famous battles and character deaths on the big screen. Hardcore fans will also remember the best Marvel plots and story arcs. But how about putting more non-mainstream stories into the small screen? So far, we know that the future of Disney+ and Marvel's partnership is just starting to blossom. Fans are already awaiting 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' as well as WandaVision. However, for those who want to dig deeper into the most ambitious storylines, the Marvel Universe has no shortage of such things. In this list, we have some of the best Marvel stories that deserve to be explored on Disney+. It may be because these stories are packed with tons of superheroes or simply because of their simple coolness, these things will have fans on the edge of their seat. So enjoy and be the judge yourself!

  1. 1Nothing can stop the Juggernaut


    'Nothing can stop the Juggernaut' deserves to be more than a two-part comic book storyline, as it has been in Amazing Spider-Man #229-230. Marvel die-hards will surely spend a huge chunk of their time dissecting the backstory of Cain Marko himself in a more expounded medium. Aside from being Professor X's stepbrother, we surely want to explore more of his battles with the X-Men while on TV.

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Keep Binging

  1. 2The Marvel Illuminati


    If you have ever imagined Mister Fantastic, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Namor, Black Bolt, and Professor X being together in one group, then you aren't far off. These bigshot Marvel names have been in a secret group that appeared in 2005's New Avengers #7 comics. Of course, seeing these amazing heroes in one group via a crossover story is amazing. But what could be better than seeing them hit the small screen through Disney+? 

  2. 3The Coming of Galactus


    Seeing this event unfold through 2007's Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer wasn't enough to make sense of the actual magnitude of this storyline. Marvel can surely focus on 'The Coming of Galactus' much better if it were to be shown on a TV series. Seeing the Fantastic Four battle it out with this purple space giant in such a way would make Stan Lee proud for sure. 

  1. 4Cyclops going solo


    We all know what Scott Summers means to the whole of the X-Men storyline. However, his exposure in those Marvel movies hasn't been one to match his actual status as that amazing laser-shooting icon. Cyclops is more than a second fiddle to Wolverine and Jean Grey and true X-Men fans know this. If Disney+ somehow makes a story out of him to compensate for the lack of interesting things about him on the big screen, Marvel fans will surely be delighted. 

  2. 5Acts of Vengeance


    With its plot starting with a disguised Loki trying to convince some Marvel supervillains to destroy the Avengers, what else could be a better Marvel story than this crossover comic story? By supervillains here, we mean Doctor Doom, the Kingpin, Magneto, the Mandarin, the Red Skull, and the Wizard. How often would you get to see the Avengers and The Fantastic Four face off against opponents they know little about? Seeing this on Disney+ could mean a lot for Marvel fans all over the planet.


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    February 10, 2020
    "It's funny to think that Juggernaut's biggest Marvel Story appears on a Spiderman comics! Juggernaut is a really cool villain and deserves to have his spotlight. I vote for him to appear on a Disney+ show!"
    Refering to:
    Nothing can stop the Juggernaut
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    March 4, 2020
    "Nah... Cyclops is too lame to carry out a full story line (sorry, but its grue)"
    Refering to:
    Cyclops going solo
This list is about What are the best Marvel stories that deserve to be explored on Disney+
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