What are the best Metro Exodus weapons?

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    The Revolver (also known as the .44 Magnum Revolver) and its variants are the only handguns available in Metro 2033 video game. It is a slow, powerful, and heavily customizable gun. 

    • Justin HuWritten on February 21, 2019
      "One of the best weapons on the top of the list for Metro Last Light when it comes to accuracy and damage. I am impressed on how the revolver works especially for slow human targets. This weapon has got me hooked and took me far in Metro Exodus."
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    The A-Shot is a small, Metro-made shotgun-pistol that is introduced in Metro: Last Light and returns in Metro Exodus. It looks like a pistol, but it’s a bit like a low-powered shotgun. This weapon has properties of a shotgun, but can also perform like a pistol with the right upgrades. 

    • Willie BryantWritten on February 21, 2019
      "This hybrid gun has surprisingly performed well in both Metro Exodus games. I believe this is one of the best weapons in the game. Just need to find right upgrades when using it"
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    The Uboinik, (also known as the Shambler) is an automatic revolving shotgun that was created from scrap by the metro dwellers at some point after World War III. It has a six-chamber cylinder design similar to a revolver.

    • Joshua ChavezWritten on February 21, 2019
      "The Shambler is one heck of a gun but I still prefer the 2033 version because the alterations to this on Metro Last Night really didn't interest me. However, Still great weapon!"
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    The Kalash (also known as the AK-74M) is one of the starting weapons in Metro Exodus, and it’s a good one. Since it is a primary weapon, it can use both dirty and military-grade 5.45x39mm cartridge.

    • Martha EdwardsWritten on February 21, 2019
      "My favorite Metro Exodus weapon for sure. I have mastered this all along better than those other weak weapons"
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    The Bulldog is an assault rifle weapon in Metro Exodus. The Bulldog fires in three-shot bursts, which gives it an increased range and accuracy. Although its design is based on that of the Kalash, it significantly better in the amount of damage it deals.

    • Sandra LiraWritten on February 21, 2019
      "I still prefer the Kalash over this a lot but I think that it has developed well through the Metro Exodus games"
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    The Tikhar is a weapon in Metro Exodus that is presented as part of the main story progression. It is a hand-built air gun rather than a pre-war hand-me-down. It’s got low damage but is incredibly accurate and does not need a silencer.

    • Vihaan PatilWritten on February 21, 2019
      "This is really helpful when I get trapped in emergency situations. Could be poor for damage compared to other air-guns but compensates with its rapid firing. I'd take that all day"
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    The Bastard is a carbine weapon for Metro Exodus that was created from scrap by the Metro dwellers at some point after the Great War of 2013. It is the game's go-to SMG that has a high, impressive rate of fire.

    • Ken WuWritten on February 21, 2019
      "This is what I use for close combat since the rate of firing is really really impressive but I feel like other guns like the Kalash are all more accurate at different situations. But for close range, I would recommend this just because of the sheer amount of firing."
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    The Helsing is a weapon in Metro Exodus. It is a Pneumatic Speargun that is silent, powerful, and with ammunition that is near infinitely reusable. It is a deadly stealth weapon with an emphasis on marksmanship.

    • Michelle HowardWritten on February 21, 2019
      "The great thing that got me into this gun is that it fires arrows which is cool but it has poor ballistics, that's the only downside I guess."


Best What are the best Metro Exodus weapons
1RevolverGame Elements 18 Free
2A-ShotGame Elements 16 Free
3UboinikGame Elements 11 Free
4KalashGame Elements 3 Free
5BulldogGame Elements 3 Free
6TikharGame Elements 2 Free
7BastardGame Elements 2 Free
8HelsingGame Elements 1 Free

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