What are the best moments in Minions: The Rise of Gru trailer?

Illumination Animation Studios are once again gifting us with another 3D comedy gem. This time, movie fans are set to experience the sequel to the much-adored 2015 Minions movie. Spinning off from the iconic Despicable Me film series, Minions: The Rise of Gru takes us to another chapter of the iconic bald supervillains' life. This time, we get to see how Gru has started to carve out his supervillain dreams and how he was able to rise to his despicable status. Of course, we can expect his cute yellow sidekicks to occupy a huge chunk of the story, as this new film is a 'Minions' sequel while being a prequel to the first film. Despicable Me fans have learned to love Gru as we have first seen him fall from grace, and then eventually turn into a loving parent to his three adopted kids.

Minions: The Rise of Gru is directed by Kyle Balda and is written by Brian Lynch. It also brings back the voices of Steve Carrell and Russell Brand, while adding Taraji P. Henson, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Lucy Lawless, Dolph Lundgren, Danny Trejo, and others to the fun. With its newly released trailer, we have seen a little sneak peek of what the movie could be. Of course, we can expect it to be full of fun and cool characters but with the plot still a blur, we have to contain our excitement. In this list, let's get hyped and look at some of the best moments and things you will see from the Minions: The Rise of Gru official trailer.

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    Mini Gru's audition

    With young Gru facing the Vicious 6, we already know that things are about to get messy as the aspiring supercriminal kid wants to prove his worth as an evildoer. We can't help but be mesmerized at how determined he is to prove his worth. We know that he was going to pull off something that would get the panel's attention, which he certainly did as he stole the group's precious stone after they were initially unimpressed by the youngster.

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    The Vicious 6

    Who isn't surprised by seeing a new supervillain group appear in the movie's trailer? The Vicious 6 seems to play a huge part in the movie based on what we have seen so far. Plus, the voices behind these evil group belong to stars like Taraji P. Henson (Belle Bottom), Jean-Claude Van Damme (Jean Clawed), Lucy Lawless (Nunchuck), Dolph Lundgren (Svengeance), and Danny Trejo (Stronghold), in addition to Oscar-winner Alan Arkin as their recently-ousted head, Wild Knuckles. Quite the cast, right?

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    The motorcycle chase

    At such a young age, Gru surely has the guts and the grit to be a supervillain in the making. After stealing a precious stone from the Vicious 6, the bigshot evildoers immediately get out to chase him and some of his minions, which of course leads to a narrow escape to safety for our favorite villain. It is so refreshing to see a motorcycle chase scene in a fun movie like this and we sure hope there are more not shown in the trailer.

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    The Minions, as usual

    Based on the movie, we can already expect to see a handful of minions by young Gru's side. Though they aren't as huge as their future number would be, it sure still looks that are more than enough minions to do damage. Also, Gru's hideout at this point isn't as fabulous as his lair that we are used to seeing. Still, seeing him convene with his minions at an early age is so cool to watch. 

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    "You traded my future for a pet rock?"

    We know that the minions could mess things up sometimes, despite their unbelievable cuteness. Unfortunately for Gru, the precious stone he stole from The Vicious 6 falls into the wrong hands when Otto trades it for a cute looking rock, hence, we hear young Gru utter the super adorable "You traded my future for a pet rock?".

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