What are the best Money Heist season 4 theories?

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After its Netflix premiere in late 2017, Spanish series La Casa de Papel has hit the streaming airwaves hard as it renames itself into Money Heist. After three successful and uber binge-watchable parts, our favorite team of shenanigans ain't done yet. As the end of its third installment has shown indications of a brutal Money Heist season 4, fans are eagerly waiting for the inevitable end. After successfully taking over the Royal Mint, will the Professor's gang be able to come out of the Bank of Spain alive? For now, tons of Money Heist fan theories have been on heavy circulation. And while some of these possibilities are worth pondering due to the show's brief hiatus, the series' plot movement is one of those hard-to-figure-out ones.

While some of the best members of the gang like Berlin and Moscow have perished along the way, new members such as Stockholm and Lisbon have filled the gap. It is only a matter of time before we get to see what happens next as Money Heist season 4 is set to arrive on Netflix come April 3, 2020. Will Tokyo and Rio's affection for one another meet its end? Will Nairobi really die? These questions have been populating the minds of the show's fans for quite some time now yet all we can do is speculate. In this list, we have some Money Heist season 4 theories that would make longing for the series even harder. Read on and be the judge as to whether or not these scenarios would actually come into play as the show moves forward.

  1. 1Nairobi could still be alive


    By the looks of it, the team's resident fraud expert Nairobi might be good as dead. However, despite all that blood loss and heavy breathing comes the chance that she might be alive and well come season 4's release. Yes, she was hit badly by a bullet but what if her son's teddy bear did, in fact, lessen the shot's impact? Well, it could all be wishful thinking, but why would the show's writers even bother to delay her impending death if it was too obvious, to begin with? There is something behind the scenes awaiting us for sure. 

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Alicia is hiding something


    Money Heist fans might already have heard about the fan theory suggesting that new crisis negotiator Alicia is indeed Berlin's ex, Tatiana. While that may be hard to believe because of certain irregularities, there might be something else lurking behind this lady. What if Alicia actually is connected to someone inside the team? Aside from her obvious love of candies, what do we know about her really? Plus, her pregnancy seems to be something that will turn the tables as the series progresses. For now, all we can do is wait and see. 

  2. 3Raquel will somehow manage to escape


    As we saw The Professor's love interest get captured at the end of season 3, we already sensed that the gang's head honcho will be doing something to get her out of police custody. Whether it be through negotiations or by use of extreme force, The Professor surely needs to make tough decisions which might even include choosing between the gang's safety and Lisbon's well-being. Whatever happens next will surely be one for the ages as we have seen the explicit declaration of war as we head towards season 4. 

  1. 4Tokyo will be the gang's sole survivor


    Will our favorite on-screen criminals actually face a bloody end? Will they actually overcome all the odds stacked against them? If we are to look into the future of Money Heist without having any clue, Tokyo's narration itself can lead us to speculate that she might be the only one to survive everything. Well, we wish it's not the case but with the events leading up to season 4, the actual demise of the gang can be imminent. 

  2. 5The gang creates a mass uprising and escapes


    Well, people around the online community made a lot of sense about the red jumpsuits and masks that the gang sports. As we know, the masses are leaning towards sympathizing with The Professor's plans in the long run. Just imagine what would happen if the people actually wore the same things the gang wore as they create chaos to let the team escape? That would surely create an epic scene even though we can never be certain for now. 


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