What are the best movesets for Rhyperior?

Rhyperior is a very anticipated Pokemon that many believed to be one of the most balanced ground and rock dual-type Pokemon in the game. To help you figure out a few possible builds, here is a list of some of its popular movesets.

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    Smack Down and Stone Edge

    Smack Down combined with Stone Edge is a move set for Rhyperior that results to a high ranking Rock DPS. The move set is considered to be the best to use for Rhyperior. It also serves as an offense attack.

    • Gregory HartWritten on January 14, 2019
      "Smack Down and Stone Edge can be both use as attack and defense strategy. Once evolved, Rhyperior could be the best rock type attackers in the game. "
    • Christy Hutchinson-CridlebaughWritten on February 17, 2019
      "I am very pleased with min e, but I have a question. What would happen if I used one of my items to teach him a new move??"
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    Mud Slap and Earthquake

    Mud Slap and Earthquake is an offense and defense move set for Rhyperior. The ground-type moves have a base damage total of 135 and their damage is strong on poison, rock, steel, fire, and electric type Pokemon.

    • Chris TangWritten on January 14, 2019
      "Rhyperior with Mud Slap and Earthquake would be a great choice. Earthquake will do more damage... the problem is that he's not particulary good compared to others pokemons, but if you get a rhyperior with that moveset, with a good IV (like yours) and with a decent CP it can be quite useful. "
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    Smack Down and Earthquake

    To attack and defeat Pokémon in gyms, the best move set to use is Smack Down and Earthquake. The move combination for Rhyperior has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.

    • Judy AdamsWritten on January 14, 2019


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    Mud Slap and Stone Edge

    Mud Slap and Stone Edge is an offense and defense move set for Rhyperior. Mud Slap, a fast move, combined with a main move Stone Edge produces better performance due to Stone Edge's early damage window for defense.

    • Jasondepro YTWritten on June 5, 2019
      "They are both stone type and they do highly dps. Mud Slap attacks fast and stone edge do high damage."
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    Smack Down and Surf

    Smack Down is a move set for Rhyperion that combines both water and ground type moves which can serve as a strategic attack move on water. The move set has been an excellent addition to Rhyperior and Surf is Rhyperior's 2-bar move. 

    • Ai LongWritten on January 14, 2019
      "water against water? can't see any logic in this. this moveset is ruined. "
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    Mud Slap and Surf

    Mud Slap with Surf is as super effective as Mud Slap with Earthquake for Ground DPS but it's weak against Water and Grass Types.  Mud Slap coupled with Surf is a moveset that inflicts minimum damage

    • Amit TataWritten on January 14, 2019
      "Surf should only be good against other rock or dual ground type but if the charge attack is for water and grass types, it both resist surf. and flying types take more damage from surf than the earthquake. "


Best What are the best movesets for Rhyperior
1Smack Down and Stone EdgeGame Elements 26 Free
2Mud Slap and EarthquakeGame Elements 21 Free
3Smack Down and EarthquakeGame Elements 3 Free
4Mud Slap and Stone EdgeGame Elements 1 Free
5Smack Down and SurfGame Elements -1 Free
6Mud Slap and SurfGame Elements -3 Free

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