What are the best movies about writers?

Riro - Contributor

Since the era of movies began, there have been all sorts of stories written for the big screen that got everyone's attention. Some of these narratives may have been written out of frustration or angst, while some may have sprung out thanks to a writer's outburst of joy. Without the brilliance of a writer's thoughts, who knows how many great screenplays we might have missed or how many award-winning movies never got to where it is. At the end of the day, writers are also heroes of cinema who are ought to be regarded highly just like our favorite actors and actresses. Without them, would we ever get to fully enjoy a movie's message or would we even get to watch a good movie at all?

It is not all the time that movies with writers as part of its story get to shine amongst the Hollywood limelight but there are some flicks that have bravely gone into the path of exploring such geniuses' minds. Some of these movies about writers have garnered critical-acclaim while some have just been slept on, just like the pages of a boring book. From true-to-life biopics to stories of uber-rich music journalists, all these movies give us a sneak peek inside the lives of our heroes who are bound by pen and paper. Not all writers can be Shakespeare but each one has a story waiting to be read. In honor of all those who have shed ounces of ink to create amazing stories, a toast to all of you! And for you who have been fascinated with any sort of written work, we give you this list of the best movies about writers ever made. 



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