What are the best movies and TV shows for software developers?

Sabrina Rain Samson - Contributor

Technology is fast-paced and evolves through time. If you're in the software and tech industry, you know it all too well. With these changes in technology also comes a different portrayal of its practices in popular media. You will find a couple of movies and TV shows that either mirror or exaggerate how modern technology has affected our lives. If you are one who is fascinated with how tech is seen on the silver screen, you came to the right place. You will find in this list movies and shows which five a limelight to the ever-evolving and great technology that can be under our noses. These media even dare to innovate the current tech landscape. Enjoy these films that delve deeper into the software and tech in our world.

  1. 1Black Mirror


    Black Mirror is an anthology series that shows the effect of technology in modern times. You will be in for a surprise with episodes that will have you shocked and entertained at the same time. If you like to be mind-blown by technology as a software developer, you can't miss out on this!

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Mr. Robot


    As a software developer, you might be tired of seeing the act of hacking poorly portrayed in Hollywood. Well, all that is about to change when you start watching the series Mr. Robot. This show starring Rami Malek portrays hacking in the most realistic light and you might even recognize terms as you keep watching.

  2. 3Ex Machina


    Ex Machina is a thriller you must watch if you're into technology. The film revolves around a programmer who won a chance to assess a robot and whether the robot can pass the Turing Test.

  1. 4Silicon Valley


    If you're familiar or interested in how startups work, Silicon Valley is an HBO series you should watch. You will see scenarios that engineers who began a start-up often face as they jumpstart their business.

  2. 5The IT Crowd


    IT Crowd is a British sitcom that follows three characters who work for the IT department and get into all sorts of random situations. If you're in your company's IT department, you might find this sitcom relatable on many levels.


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This list is about What are the best movies and TV shows for software developers
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