What are the best movies and TV shows of the week?

So you've decided to stay in this week. Got nothing better else to do so you just want to kick back, relax, and enjoy some good old fashioned entertainment. The only problem is you don't know what you want to watch. With all the different movie titles and TV shows available for streaming, you're guaranteed to have a hard time trying to decide. There's a lot of things you have to take into account. Most of the time, the things that you want to watch heavily depends on the mood you're in. Lucky for you, we made a list of some of the best TV shows and movies that you can watch today. So whether you're in the mood or not, these titles will surely satisfy your thirst for entertainment. Check out this list and start binge-watching these amazing titles. 

  1. 1Joker


    Joker is an award-winning psychological thriller and crime movie directed by Todd Phillips. This DC comics movie was released on October 04, 2019. It stars Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, and Zazie Beetz.

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  1. 2Riverdale


    Riverdale is an American crime-drama series aired in the CW TV network. The show based on the Archie Comics is created by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and starred by K.J. Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, and Cole Sprouse.

  2. 3Dolittle


    Dolittle , also known as The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle, is an adventure-comedy film based on Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting. This 2020 family film is directed and written by Stephen Gaghan, and it stars Robert Downey Jr.

  1. 4Peaky Blinders


    Peaky Blinders is a British TV drama that tells the story of the Peaky Binders crime gang, set in Birmingham during the aftermath of the First World War. The show centers on the fight of this criminal gang against the police.

  2. 5Sonic the Hedgehog


    Sonic the Hedgehog is an action-adventure movie based on the video game in the same name by Sega. The 2020 film was released on February 14 in the USA. Some of its cast include Jim Carrey, James Marsden, and Ben Schwartz.

  3. 6Grey's Anatomy


    Grey's Anatomy is a romance drama television series created by Shonda Rhimes, and starred by Ellen Pompeo, Justin Chambers, and Chandra Wilson. Rated TV-14, this TV series started airing in 2005.

  4. 7Fantasy Island


    Fantasy Island is a 2020 supernatural-horror film co-written and directed by Jeff Wadlow. Starring actors the likes of Michael Peña, Maggie Q and Lucy Hale, it's an adaptation of the popular '70s TV show about a magical island resort.

  5. 8Vikings


    Vikings is a historical drama TV series by the History channel that tells the story of Ragnar Lothbrok. He's a legendary Viking and the first to emerge from Norse legend and onto the pages of history. 

  6. 9The Gentlemen


    The Gentlemen is an action-comedy movie about an American expat in London who is trying to sell his marijuana empire. This crime film was initially released in 2019, and it is written and directed by Guy Ritchie.

  7. 10Lucifer


    Meet Lucifer Morningstar, the original fallen angel – or the devil. Aside from being the main star in the supernatural police procedural show Lucifer, he is also hot as hell! And in case you wanna hear his story, or perhaps you wanna learn more about why he abandoned his throne as the Lord of Hell, then you may want to start streaming this enthralling TV show today! Witness how he becomes friends with a detective, and what happens now that he's been away from the underworld for such a long time. And oh, before we forgot, Lucifer is also accompanied by some other amazing characters which are either divine or mortal. In order to find out who are the strongest characters on Lucifer, it's better to meet them all and see for yourself!

  8. 11Outlander

    Outlander is a fantasy romance TV show that premiered in 2014 and stars Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, and Duncan Lacroix. An English combat nurse from 1945 is mysteriously swept back in time and finds herself in 1743.
  9. 12Code 8


    Code 8 is a science-fiction film written and directed by Jeff Chan that was released in 2019. Featuring Kari Matchett and Robbie Amell, it follows the story of a super-powered construction worker that's gets mixed in with some criminals to raise money for his sick mother. 

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