What are the best Movies and TV Shows streaming services?

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    RabitCut is a website that offers free streaming of the latest and trending movies and TV series. It has a wide collection of films that are available in quality copies. Users won't have to create an account to watch the shows.



    Akram Dz Gaming
    Written on September 28, 2018
    "Watch free movies and TV shows online in HD on any device. RabitCut offers streaming movies in genres like Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Crime and Comedy. Watch now."
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    Free Trial



    Netflix is a video-on-demand platform where you can watch movies and TV shows and start streaming from your Windows or Mac computer, smart devices such as smartphones and tablets as well as on your home gaming consoles.

    Streaming Services

    Varies by Plan

    Ajay Bhatnagar
    Written on September 30, 2017
    "Netflix is my favorite streaming platform for watching movies and TV shows. Every month, they update their library and bring new titles to the platform, keeping my subscription to the service well worth it. It also works on a large variety of platforms, so there are many ways and places you can enjoy Netflix."
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    Free Trial

    #3Amazon Prime Video

    Amazon Prime Video

    Amazon Prime Video is an internet video-on-demand service where users can watch exclusive Amazon Originals as well as popular movies and TV shows anytime, anywhere. The service contents are either for rent or purchase.

    Streaming Services

    Check price

    William Peters
    Written on September 22, 2017
    "I tried a trial version of Amazon Prime Video for streaming movies and TV shows recently. I enjoyed it very much even compared to other similar services like Netflix. It has a wonderful array of options a customer can pick from to customize their viewing experience. I’m kind of set on Netflix currently, so I’m not quite ready to change to another provider, but I would choose Amazon Prime Video easily as one of the best options out there. If you may be looking into a service provider for the first time or are looking to switch to a different one than you currently have, I’d certainly say to give Amazon a good priority as one of the top services out there among those like Netflix, HULU, etc."
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    Free Trial

    #4HBO GO

    HBO GO

    HBO GO is the companion app of the popular premium cable channel, HBO. It offers a streaming service for watching all of HBO content from your TV Provider with your HBO Subscription. Original series, new movies every week, docs & more.


    $14.99- Varies by plan

    Verónica Orozco
    Written on September 22, 2017
    "HBO NOW is incredibly useful. It allows you to stream HBO on all of your devices! You can watch any movie or series that HBO offers on your phone, tablet or TV. You only have to make sure that you are subscribed to HBO"
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    Hulu is a video-on-demand service offering a huge catalog of exclusive programs, Hulu originals, and many more. It launched its live television streaming service in 2017, but currently, it is only available in the United States and Japan.


    $5.99- Varies by plan

    Russell Scott
    Written on September 22, 2017
    "Hulu is absolutely the best streaming service to watch Tv. There are so many shows you can't possibly get to them all. It's a great value and the convenience of watching whenever you want is what I love. Plus no ads to sit through on the premium version. "
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    FilmStruck is a movie streaming service launched in 2016 which has a library of rare, classic, foreign, arthouse, and independent cinema. It has the exclusive rights of the Criterion Collection and classics from TCM Select. 


    Varies by plan

    Carl Harvey
    Written on September 22, 2017
    "A great collection of critically acclaimed films. I now no longer have to feel guilty, for never watching all of those films everyone says I have to watch before I die. Seriously, this is a nice streaming service filled with important works of art for your viewing pleasure. "
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    Free Trial



    SHOWTIME is a movie and TV series streaming site. It features Homeland, Billions, Shameless, Ray Donovan, and other popular Original Series. Schedule, episode guides, videos and more. 


    $10.99- /month

    Stephen Burke
    Written on September 22, 2017
    "Showtime is absolutely the best cable channel to watch Tv. There are so many shows that you can only watch on Showtime. Ray Donovan is my favorite show on TV right now, the only bad thing is they make so few episodes of each series."
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    #8Google Play Movies & TV

    Google Play Movies & TV

    Google Play Movies & TV is an on-demand video service operated by Google. It allows you to rent or purchase movies and series directly on your device for watching them offline. It has a large library and offers both SD and HD quality.


    Web, Android, iOS


    Philip Butler
    Written on September 30, 2017
    "Google Play Movies & TV is one of the premier on-demand video streaming apps available for Android (and Chrome as well). Purchase or rent your favorite movies with several clicks to watch with online or even offline. Frequent discounts also making it quite enticing. Definitely recommend."
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    YouTube is an online video sharing and streaming website that enables content creators to share their work across the platform's large user base and network. It's also available as an app for Android and iOS mobile devices. 



    Ethan Smith
    Written on October 8, 2017
    "Looking for movies and TV shows to watch I came across this website. It's mostly user uploaded videos. They do have some official movies and shows but they cost A LOT of money. Overall I was disappointed with what I found. I feel there are much much better websites for this."
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    Movistar is a Spanish TV network and one of the biggest IPTV services in Spain. It offers a huge catalog of content such as international English-language channels, latest sports championships, channels exclusively for TV shows, movies, etc.


    Varies by plan

    Timothy Moore
    Written on November 8, 2017
    "Catch all our popular shows in our language! It has english ones too for your english friends don't worry. Ever wanna watch shows from back home? They got em, from soaps to futbol your sure to find something for everyone here in America or abroad!"
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    iTunes by Apple Inc. is a media player and a library, as well as an internet radio broadcaster, file manager, and a store where users can browse and buy different types of apps and entertainment products like movies and songs.



    Howard Tran
    Written on September 22, 2017
    "iTunes is great for purchasing and storing music on either your PC or mobile device. It has a very thorough display that can be sorted and optimized to the users liking. It helps me very much in my music choices and I can use it to play music anywhere from my phone! It also provides Movies and TV shows on the platform as well, all of which work amazingly with no issues."
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    Free Trial



    CuriosityStream is a website where you will find a huge catalog of documentaries for an extremely low price. This streaming service allows you to watch your favorite documentaries without commercial interruptions at any time you want. 


    $2.99- Varies by plan

    Written on December 18, 2017
    "Science, history, tech & nature documentaries on streaming!"
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    MovieGO is a website that allows users to watch movies and TV shows online for free. It is designed with a filter display so users can search for videos based on ratings, trending, and so on. They have over 19 genres in their collection.



    Abdul Hadi
    Written on October 23, 2018
    "best site to watch movies and tv shows online free hd quality without registration"
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    #14Sky Cinema (UK)

    Sky Cinema (UK)

    Sky Cinema is a group of premium subscription television film channel, It is issued in the United Kingdom and Ireland and has over 5 million subscribers. A good source to watch and discover new premieres, events, and films. 


    $17.73- Varies by plan

    Paul Harrison
    Written on January 28, 2018
    "I love turning on Sky! The other day, there was a documentary on creating adult toys from scratch, that was riveting, and today, I actually caught Black Mirror on! Quite lovely programming, Sky."
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    Free Trial



    FuboTV is an American over-the-top internet TV service with the best streams of world soccer, American sports, motorsports & more without long-term contracts. It offers a 7-day free trial and also has a platform for Android and iOS devices.


    $54.99- Varies by plan

    Lori Castillo
    Written on October 23, 2017
    "If you are looking for a tv and movie streaming service, fuboTV is definitely at the top of the one's you can chose from. I have tried many different ones and fubo is one of the few that can stream without interruptions."
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    #16FOX TV UK


    Fox is the American Broadcast network and the UK home for The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, The Gifted, American Dad! and much more. Find us on Sky, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, NOW TV.


    Varies by plan

    Antonio Camacho
    Written on December 15, 2017
    "A decent choice for streaming Fox content, but not my first choice, overall. There are better solutions and bundled deals available, which makes this kind of lackluster. Still, streaming is smooth and everything works well enough. "
  14. 0

    #17Contus VPlay

    Contus VPlay

    Contus VPlay is a video streaming solutions which allows you to deliver, engage and monetize your videos. Suitable for all industries, it is a secure platform that lets you share your content across multiple social media channels.


    price upon request

    Alexander S
    Written on March 13, 2018
    "Contus Vplay is a readymade video on demand and live streaming solution that help online broadcasters, media houses, and others to build their own live video streaming app that helps to broadcast their live event effortlessly over web and mobile.Vplay live streaming solution is fully armed with amazing features that turn your video content into profitable business."
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    MUBI is a curated online cinema where you can discover the world’s greatest films. Every day in-house film experts hand-pick a beautiful cult, classic or award-winning film and you have a month to watch it.


    Web, Android, iOS

    Free- Free trial available

    Kevin Martinez
    Written on November 5, 2017
    "If you like watching movies then this is for you! Everyday a new film is added. For just 5.99 a month you can watch all the films as much as you want!"
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    Fandor is a social movie and entertainment company that produces original content designed for sharing. Movie lovers finally have a true community to watch and share everything around movies.


    Free- Varies by plan

    Randy Hanson
    Written on November 7, 2017
    "For me Fandor was a bit overrated. I prefer Hulu or Netflix since the selection is much better. It's true the community is good, but the selection needs work."
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    Free Trial



    Starz is a premium cable network and video streaming platform owned by Lionsgate. Their service offers a variety of original series, latest movies, and other fan favorites. Users can stream wherever, be it in a computer, smartphone, or tablet. 


    $8.99- 1 month

    Mildred Diaz
    Written on November 13, 2017
    "STARZ is a really good movie channel. It has a good mix of current and past entertainment."
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    Saturday Night Live, Hannibal, The Office, and Friends are just some of the shows that NBC has brought to the users over many decades. Users can also watch these and other NBC shows through the app for Android and iOS devices.


    Varies by plan

    Henry Ray
    Written on November 4, 2017
    "There are tons of streaming apps. I think the best one I have used so far is the NBC app. It has all my favorite shows. I use it to catch up on what I have missed. I really like that it has so many episodes. "
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    Vudu is an American company that offers video-on-demand services. It is available to both Android and iOS devices, along with Windows and Mac computers. It has a library that contains both the latest releases and timeless classics. It's only accessible from the US and signing up is free.



    Ralph Oliver
    Written on December 13, 2017
    "Vudu is great for accessing and storing your media. I have all my movies laid out on this. "
  20. 0

    #23Hallmark Movies Now

    Hallmark Movies Now

    Hallmark Movies Now is a streaming website which allows users to watch a wide variety of movies and TV shows even without cable. The service adds new movies every month to its database along with a few originals.


    $5.99- Free trial available

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    #24MAX GO

    MAX GO

    MAX GO is a streaming platform offered on the Cinemax subscription. You can watch more than 400 Hollywood blockbusters, Indie movies and popular TV shows anytime, anywhere.


    Varies by plan

    Mark Wagner
    Written on April 12, 2018
    "Being able to watch so many different movies online is awesome. I can watch them anytime and anywhere. What a great convenience."
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    Kanopy is an Australian free video-on-demand streaming platform created for students around the world to find and watch more than 30.000 films, documentaries and more educational content.



    Abel Velasco
    Written on April 8, 2018
    "This is a pretty neat service; a streaming network of movies and such, funded by your local library. I love the idea, even though it's not supported in my city, though our local University is."
  23. -1



    Iflix is an online service for watching TV shows, movies, and exclusives as well as a dedicated kids section. The service is currently available in countries across Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. You can even download and watch offline.


    Web, Android, iOS

    Free- Varies by plan

    Brenda Davis
    Written on April 4, 2018
    "If you're in Malaysia, Iflix is the perfect option for streaming! Iflix cultivates the best of Asian and Hollywood content, to bring you new and undiscovered shows and movies! The best feature? You can actually download content and watch offline! You can stream on two screens at once and connect up to five devices, so even if you begin a show in one room, you can finish it in another!"
  24. -1



    Shudder is a video-on-demand platform where you can find and watch the best titles in horror, thriller, suspense and supernatural movies and television series and originals. A free trial of the streaming service is also available.


    Varies by plan

    Johnny Hayes
    Written on April 4, 2018
    "Thanks but no thanks. I like my sleep just the way it is thank you. I wonder if a decade from the #metoo awakening, horror movies and the streaming channels that feature them that put women in danger all the time will lose some of its appeal. I certainly hope so. "


Best What are the best Movies and TV Shows streaming services
1RabitCutWebsites 32 Free
2NetflixStreaming Services 14 Paid
3Amazon Prime VideoStreaming Services 13 Free
4HBO GOWebsites 13 Paid
5HuluWebsites 11 Paid
6FilmStruckWebsites 9 Paid
7SHOWTIMEWebsites 7 Paid
8Google Play Movies & TVApps 6 Paid
9YouTubeWebsites 4 Free
10MovistarWebsites 3 Paid

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