What are the best movies like Extraction?

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It's probably time you believed in Chris Hemsworth being the new savior of the action thriller genre, that is, if you haven't already! Well, the freshly cooked hit film Extraction can further back that claim. Just ask the countless movie fans who were wowed by the film's perfectly choreographed fight scenes, great camera work, countless explosions, and of course, Chris Hemsworth's imposing presence. Well, if you haven't seen the film, why don't you warm up with some high-octane films that feature some of Extraction's great elements. Or, if you've enjoyed the movie and have been itching to hit that play button again, this list would work as well for you. Check out some of the best movies like Extraction that we have compiled here.

  1. 1Safe


    If you're looking for something that would help you relive Extraction's bare-knuckle savior fun and no-holds-barred action scenes, 'Safe' is one safe bet that will do it for you. All you need to do for some adrenaline-inducing movie thrill is to watch a babysitter-like Jason Statham battle it out against the Russian and Chinese Mafia, as well as corrupt cops altogether. 

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  1. 2The Man from Nowhere


    South Korean thrillers have gained critical acclaim and praise mostly for the past decade or so. Well, this 2010 Lee Jeong-beom movie will show you why such happened. The Man from Nowhere is sort of equal parts John Wick and Extraction in terms of on-screen action style, which will surely please your thrill-seeking heart. Here, you'd get to follow a low key pawn shop owner who finds himself protecting a young girl that gets caught up in the horrific South Korean criminal underworld. 

  2. 3Man on Fire


    If there's a guy who knows how to portray a "tough man who rescues or avenges an innocent person in a hail of gunfire" role, that would surely be Denzel Washington. Well, a lot of his movies actually fit that tag but one which could resemble Extraction is Tony Scott's celebrated film, Man on Fire. After all, we bet that Denzel Washington's acts of vengeance against the kidnappers of a young girl dear to him would remind you of Chris Hemsworth's intense protection tactics on Extraction.

  1. 4The Night Comes for Us


    So much for having action stars protecting youngsters, The Night Comes for Us is one critically-acclaimed Indonesian action film which is just too good to pass on. Even though the film doesn't exactly dwell on the military-mindedness of Extraction, it still features the same violent environment and intense action sequences that you'd totally die for. Here, you'd see how an ex-Triad henchman protects a young girl from assassins who would surely give Chris Hemsworth a run for his money. 

  2. 5John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum


    As you'd expect from a film made by ex-stunt makers, the John Wick movies actually would give you a lot of those thrills you received from watching Extraction. However, the last film, John Wick 3, is something that features the same over-exposed desert climate vibe along the way. Plus, the film also showcases the franchises most over-the-top set-pieces yet. Chris Hemsworth and Keanu Reeves are far different assassins of their own kind for sure. However, both Extraction and John Wick would give that intense action movie experience you're looking for! 

  3. 6Wheelman


    Well, what's exactly with Netflix's 2017 thriller Wheelman that would remind you of Extraction? While it doesn't show massive rocket launchers or exploding fruit stands, it has that same one-man-against-the-word-vibe which fans of action films root for. And we promise you, you won't get bored watching this film even though you'll just see Frank Grillo most of the time as he tries to drive his way out of a botched bank robbery sequence. 

  4. 7Blackhat


    If you're really into Chris Hemsworth and his brand of action, well, here's the closest thing to Extraction which you'll get from him. Aside from featuring the new action icon, Blackhat overall shows you the credentials that make Chris Hemsworth a worthy action film leading man. Though the movie can be quite a mix of everything and even draggy at times, we're pretty sure you'd still enjoy seeing the actor portray an imprisoned hacker who basically fights invisible enemies. 

  5. 8Salt


    Angelina Jolie's Salt actually dwells more on the spy craft and some intricate plot twists as compared to Extraction's simple run-and-gun pleasures. However, this action thriller will show you how a falsely-accused CIA agent tries to go against everyone else standing on her way. Also, the film has tons of never-ending fight sequences that will make your heart race for its duration. Well, doesn't that remind you of Extraction? 

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Extraction has got to be one of the most celebrated action films of 2020. Well, aside from it being a Chris Hemsworth movie, a lot of that is because of its much-talked about action scenes and great camera work. Well, did you know that even the film's director, Sam Hargrave, actually tied himself to a car running at a speed of 60 kilometres per-hour to capture a car chase scene from the perfect angle? Well, we guess such is expected from a movie with a professional stuntman as its director. One can say that such directorial precision paid off as Extraction had one of the best Netflix premieres ever with over 90 million households watching it. 

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