What are the best movies like Instant Family?

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If you enjoyed watching Instant Family, chances are, you're also interested to see other movies like Instant Family. Whether it's a mix of comedy and drama, or it's a mix of fantasy and adventure, films similar to Instant Family are definitely considered feel-good movies. But since there are really a lot of films which can actually remind you of the characters or plot of Instant Family, we've prepared a list of some of the best in order to help you decide. Start streaming each of the film below, and feel free to upvote the one you think is closest to Instant Family! 

  1. 1Daddy's Home 2


    One of the best films like Instant Family is definitely Daddy's Home 2. And Yuletide season wouldn’t be complete without a good choice of Christmas film. Daddy’s Home 2 could be a perfect film that would spread that Christmas cheer within your household. It narrates the story of two friends who agreed to co-parent their children.

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  1. 2Life of the Party


    If you're still looking for more films like Instant Family because you've already seen most of the movies on this list, then perhaps it's time for you to give Life of the Party a chance. This recounts the story of Deanna after she gets dumped by her husband. She ends up going back to college, the same school as her daughter's, and there, she enjoys fun, freedom, and the campus life itself.

  2. 3Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children


    Talk about time-traveling infused with fantasy, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children could also be one of the top picks when it comes to movies like Instant Family. This will take you to strange dimensions where everyone remains with their own peculiarity. The story was initially told in a flashback. If you're searching for movies similar to Instant Family, this one is definitely a must-watch.

  1. 4Private Life


    Comedy yet simply poignant in its own ways, Private Life is also considered as one of the best movies like Instant Family. This movie centers on Richard and Rachel, a middle-aged couple who have been tested over time in search of the most possible way to conceive a child. 

  2. 5Parental Guidance


    Parental Guidance is also considered as one of the best movies like Instant Family. From the title itself, Parental Guidance puts a comedic vibe into what most have often described parenting guidance as tedious. The film depicts the efforts of spouses Artie and Diane when they took the liberty to substitute parenting of their three grandchildren.

  3. 6Big Daddy


    Just like any other films like Instant Family, Big Daddy is also a comedy-drama movie starring one of the most popular comedy actors in Hollywood, Adam Sandler. This centers on the story of a lazy law school graduate who decides to adopt a 5-year-old kid after he gets dumped by his girlfriend. In an attempt to impress his ex, he becomes a foster father even if he isn't totally prepared for the whole thing.

  4. 7Matilda


    They say that looks can be deceiving, that’s why we shouldn’t underestimate someone especially if he or she is a kid like Matilda. As the story centers on her life, Matilda is a fantasy-comedy film that narrates the genius adventures of a 6-year old kid as she found her new home from the comforts of Honey.


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