What are the best movies like John Wick?

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If you're a fan of the super-assassin John Wick, chances are, you love blistering action movies as well! And while John Wick franchise may have set the bar high when it comes to how action films should be like, there are still a lot of movies like John Wick out there. And speaking of John Wick-like movies, we've listed down some of the best well-choreographed action films you can watch today! So, forget about Keanu Reeves or John Wick for now because these exciting films will surely be your next favorites!

  1. 1The Old Guard

    In case you're one of those movie enthusiasts asking about what are some other movies like John Wick on Netflix, well, you can never go wrong with The Old Guard. Aside from being the most recent one on this list, this best action movie also features mind-bending twists. Besides, it features Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron. And what makes it similar to John Wick films? Just like John Wick, Andy is also obsessed with accomplishing her tasks even if her life is at stake.

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Keep Binging

  1. 2The Equalizer

    Meet McCall, a former Defense Intelligence Agency officer who decides to put his dark past behind in order to live a peaceful life. But when he meets a teenage girl who is under the control of members of the Russian mafia, he decides to come out of his quiet life in order to help her from the hands of the violent gangsters. Since he was once a DIA officer, he has surprising skills that make him capable of helping the helpless. Stream this now because The Equalizer is considered by many as one of the best action movies like John Wick.
  2. 3The Man from Nowhere

    If you're up for movies like John Wick but you want to see something that is not so mainstream, you may want to watch this South Korean action movie, The Man from Nowhere. In this action-packed thriller, you'll meet a former special agent named Taesik who is determined to help a little girl after being taken by a gang. But that's just not it, Taesik's mysterious past will also be uncovered.
  1. 4The Night Comes for Us


    Just like John Wick movies, The Night Comes for Us also features some skillful close combats between a former Triad enforcer and gangsters. And just like some other films mentioned on this list, this also centers on how Ito attempts to save a young girl from the brutal and murderous gangsters. This Indonesian thriller also features well-executed fight scenes that will give you the same John Wick films vibe.

  2. 5Drive


    In case you're not really in the mood for some violent movies but you want to satisfy your itch for some other John Wick-like movies, then you may want to stream Drive, instead. After all, Ryan Gosling is portraying Driver's character who is a stuntman and a getaway driver in the film. This movie is based on James Sallis's 2005 novel.


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