What are the best movies like The Purge?

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Well, the truth is, not all horror thriller films can make us scream our lungs out and feel the on-screen danger! However, the movies from The Purge franchise are some of those flicks that made it big by squeezing the life out of us, moment after moment. Who would have thought that an annual 12-hour murder fest in dystopian America would make such a good premise for thrill-seeking moviegoers? If you're one of those who revere The Purge franchise for all its violence, blood, gore, and overall twisted nature, why not scroll down and find some other similar titles? But, you might want to watch with a friend since all the films you'll find here would surely creep you out one way or another. 

  1. 1Battle Royale


    Just like The Purge movies, Japanese cult classic Battle Royale will show you a lot of violence and killings. Well, what else would you expect from a film whose premise revolves around the government forcing ninth-grade students to kill each other? Well, as twisted as the film's plot can be, you can't hide all the thrill and excitement you'll feel upon watching its action scenes.

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  1. 2The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


    Just like the films from The Purge franchise, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre isn't for the faint of heart! And as gruesome as Leatherface and his chosen killing method is, you need to watch this film if you love all the bloodshed and slashing allowed to be shown in a movie. However, unlike The Purge's dystopian premise, this thriller movie will take you to the quiet outskirts of rural Texas, which just might be the perfect place for a disturbing movie of this degree!

  2. 3Scream


    If The Purge movies kept you guessing who's next, you should definitely watch Scream as it will do the same thing for you. Also, both The Purge films and Scream uses the element of murder in middle-class suburbia to engage viewers. You'll surely be on the edge of your seat every time the movie's fright-masked knife maniac starts hunting for his high-school victims.

  1. 4Hide and Seek


    If you loved The Purge for its pretty messed-up plot and unpredictability, then top-grossing Korean thriller Hide and Seek will surely amuse you. Honestly, this film won't leave you with any room to breathe as it is stacked with a mind-boggling story and a plot twist to die for. Well, this movie doesn't need masked killers to creep the hell out of any viewer but it surely gives off the same uneasy vibe that The Purge films have!

  2. 5Saw


    Saw is a horror flick that has been iconic for its excessive and unapologetic use of blood and gore. Well, you might find the killing sprees from The Purge movies very disturbing. However, you just might be surprised to see how Saw's disturbing scenes can create a mess out of your head. Well, same as with The Purge movies, you might as well expect a sleepless night or two after watching this flick.

  3. 6Snowpiercer


    If you're looking for a bloody and violent film which somehow speaks about class inequality and the rich and poor divide, you'd surely love Snowpiercer. If you've been terrified by the amount of home murders from The Purge movies, well, this movie will show you something very similar. The only difference? Well, the killings in this film are mainly done as protests and not as some once a year guilty pleasure kind of thing. 

  4. 7Don't Breathe


    Don't Breathe is another thriller movie in the mold of The Purge movies' violent nature. When a trio of young thieves break into a blind man's home, they find themselves in the middle of an unexpected life-and-death situation. Well, if you're all for the kind of thrill and bloodshed you've seen in The Purge, Don't Breath has all that and more!

  5. 8Land of the Dead


    Land of The Dead is that one film in this list that really deals with the same themes as The Purge franchise. Well, it shows a dangerous world that maintains class divide all while being infested by dangerous zombies. Just like The Purge movies, this George A. Romero classic will show you everything about social class and economic disparity, all through the use of killings and violence.

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The Purge franchise has produced some of the best thriller movies in recent memory. But did you know that director/writer James DeMonaco thought of writing the movie's script after being involved in a road-rage incident? Well, after he and his wife was cut off on the freeway by a drunk driver, the latter was so enraged that she mentioned about how great it might be to have one free murder every year. Well, the rest is history as The Purge has already produced four bloody, gory and super violent movies, all thanks to that single incident. What a way to inspire a movie, right?

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