What are the best movies on Shudder?

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When the day that the Netflix of horror films arrive, the fainthearted among us will surely hide. Oh wait! What if we told you that such thing already exists? If you haven't heard of Shudder, then you've probably been looking for thrills the wrong way. The streaming service is a specialized platform that offers a strict selection of horrors, thrillers, and mysteries for all of us fans of the genre. After all, horror heads know what it takes to scare one! So, why not hide your younger siblings and gather your pals for some spooky streaming sessions? If you're ready for some sleepless nights, scroll down and check out our list of the best movies that you'll find on Shudder.

  1. 1Halloween


    Considered one of the most horrifying movie franchises ever, there's no chance that 1978's 'Halloween' won't be considered as part of the streaming service's best. Watch the most iconic slasher of all-time, Mike Myers, as he gives you and your friends a creepy Halloween night to remember. 

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  1. 2The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


    Shudder subscribers are in for a gory ride with 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'. This film is one timeless horror classic which will give viewers from any era a taste of pure terror. That's why it's one of the top horror gems you'll find on the streaming service.

  2. 3The Wailing


    Horror geeks like you would be thankful to find this on the streaming service! 'The Wailing' is a Korean thriller movie that is full of deaths, mystery, and everything you'd want to find in a horror movie. Well, it even received near perfect scores on most film review aggregators. So, why not stream it on Shudder?

  1. 4Black Christmas


    Despite having a reboot last 2019, there's still no substitute to the real thrill. This is why we suggest that you watch the 1974 cult classic 'Black Christmas'. Watch this slasher favorite and we're sure that you'd find yourself browsing for more older flicks on Shudder.

  2. 5Audition


    Yes, you'll find this Japanese horror movie on Shudder, proof that the streaming service knows no cultural bounds and limits. After all, terror is universal and 'Audition' is full of that. Follow the story of a middle-aged widow who will introduce you to the world of torture and pain.

  3. 6Mandy


    We bet you've never seen Nicolas Cage so bloody and scared before! Watch 2018's psychedelic horror film 'Mandy' and you'll see tons of hauntingly poetic visuals and a pretty terrifying story about a couple who is tracked down by a demonic cult. 

  4. 7Hellraiser


    Hellraiser is one old horror movie, but it doesn't lacks the essentials at all. It's got zombies, blood, and a lot of running, making it hard for you to breath. There's plenty of great 80's horror films on Shudder but this one is one of the most terrifying ones out there.

  5. 8Ichi the Killer


    If you're into some of the wilder horror movies, well, Shudder has those types as well! Ichi the Killer is a cross-genre Japanese thriller in the mold of your favorite slasher movies. It's got blood, gore, and pure terror. So, if you're a hardcore horror fan, you'd totally dig this!

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Horror movies will always give us the creeps! But did you know that you can also watch those films that spook out your favorite actors? Well, Shudder makes such experience possible as it houses watch-lists of some famous celebrities. One of those you'll find on the platform is that of horror icon Barbara Crampton, which you surely know if your a big fan of the genre. So, if you're looking for a streaming service that's dedicated to horror films and more, why not check out Shudder?

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  • #1
    February 11, 2020
    "Asian horror movies have a way of getting under your skin like no other film in the west can and The Wailing is currently one of the best movies on Shudder right now that you can watch and will definitely stick with long after you're done watching."
    Refering to:
    The Wailing
  • #2
    February 11, 2020
    "If you haven't watched the Texas Chain Saw Massacre yet, forget the remake and check this classic one instead. It's bizarre, it's brutal, and it's one of the best movies on Shudder right now that will give you a good scare."
    Refering to:
    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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