What are the best movies that are not adult movies but that should be?

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Nudity is one of the most sensitive themes that a filmmaker can incorporate into his/ her work, and sex even more so. For one to make a movie with such explicit scenes, he/she must have the courage to defy the norms of filmmaking. There's also the risk of their film being block in certain territories due to its local film censorship laws. And ultimately, not all people and cultures are ready to accept movies featuring the said theme. With those challenges that they can encounter, the team behind it might not be happy with how their film did at the box-office, that's for sure. Who wouldn't be?

However, there were a few brave people in the cinema industry who dared to explore the taboo and dared to test the limits of censorship. And that is what we'll be talking about here. In the list below, you can see some of the best flicks that should be adult movies but are not. Most of what we included in our selection have an NC-17 rating, meaning it isn't suitable for audiences below 17 years of age. Some even have a Not Rated (NR movie) versions. The film leading our list was from the Danish movie director, Lars von Trier. He is a film director that never shied away from any challenges. Proving it is some of his works that have become a magnet of controversy like the 2009 thriller Antichrist. But now, he topped the list with his two-part erotic movie Nymphomaniac. For most critics, it is one intercourse away from becoming one of the movies that are basically porn. If you wanna know why, go ahead and click the links below to watch it, along with other movies on the list! Vote now for what you think is the best and let us know what you think through the comment section.

  1. 1Nymphomanic Volume I and Volume II


    One of Lars Von Trier's most daring masterpieces, Nymphomaniac is a five-and-a-half-hour movie divided into two volumes. It's so explicit that it should've been an adult movie.

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Blue Valentine


    Blue Valentine is considered one of the steamiest movies of Ryan Gosling to date, along with his on-screen partner Michelle Williams. The 2010 film was directed by Derek Cianfrance.

  2. 3Blue Is the Warmest Color


    A receiver of the coveted Palme d'Or award, Blue Is the Warmest Color is a 2013 French drama that most critics and fans think should be among lesbian movies that are basically porn.

  1. 4The Piano Teacher


    The Piano Teacher is an award-winning French-language erotic film that follows an unmarried sexually repressed piano teacher who enters a sadomasochistic relationship with her student.

  2. 5Eyes Wide Shut


    Stanley Kubrick's final film is this erotic mystery psychological drama movie which starred Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in one of their most daring roles in a film.

  3. 6Caligula


    This erotic historical movie had unsimulated sex scenes, which ultimately led to controversies. It was banned in some countries due to its violent and sexually explicit content. 

  4. 7Crash


    A Cannes Special Jury Prize and Canadian Screen Award for Best Screenplay awardee, this film follows a TV personality who discovers a weird way to spice things up in bed.

  5. 8The Dreamers


    The Dreamers is a romantic drama movie based on Gilbert Adair's novel The Holy Innocents. The Bernardo Bertolucci directed film is one of those that feature threesome.


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This list is about What are the best movies that are not adult movies but that should be
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2Blue ValentineMovies 12 Paid
3Blue Is the Warmest ColorMovies 7 Paid
4The Piano TeacherMovies 3 Paid
5Eyes Wide ShutMovies 2 Paid
6CaligulaMovies 2 Paid
7CrashMovies 1 Paid
8The DreamersMovies 0 Paid

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