What are the best movies that became unexpected blockbusters?

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Nowadays, it's almost possible to predict a movie's box-office success even before it hits cinemas. Well, you can attribute that to the noise it makes on social media and a lot of other things. But back then, producers might not even be able to gauge how much money to spend for a movie and whatnot. And well, less hype, less expectations, right? However, the world of cinema has its magic. And through the course of time, we've seen movies that became blockbusters out of nowhere. Though these titles may seem pretty familiar to most of us, they weren't even supposed to reach iconic status when they were first released. Here are some of the best movies that weren't even expected to make it big, but actually did!  

  1. 1The Matrix


    Well, it's quite understandable why a lot of studios didn't want to risk it all with a trippy sci-fi flick. As you know by now, these kinds of movies are often hit or miss. However, Warner Brothers gave the go signal to create the film accompanied by a steady $127 million budget. And well, the rest is history as The Matrix has been one of the most bankable franchises that the science fiction genre has seen. Would you even believe that the film grossed $465 million worldwide, making it one the most-watched R-rated films ever?

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Keep Binging

  1. 2The Terminator


    Back in 1984, no one might have thought that a futuristic movie from a B-rated director and a not-so-famous actor would turn out to be a blockbuster! Well, James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger both made good use of The Terminator's slim $6.4 million budget to make a film worth remembering. In return, the movie grossed a surprising $78 million worldwide and has launched the billion dollar Terminator franchise! Can you just imagine what would have become of Cameron and Schwarzenegger's careers if this film didn't pan out?

  2. 3Jaws


    Can't we all agree that Steven Spielberg has the Midas' touch? Everything the man works on seems to blow out of proportion and that's exactly what went down for 1975's shark thriller 'Jaws'. To begin with, Universal Pictures gave the young director a very modest $3.5 million budget, which ultimately rose to $12 million due to troubles during filming. But if a movie is meant to be a hit, it most likely will be! Jaws ended up grossing a gigantic $470 million worldwide and became the iconic film that helped launch Spielberg's legendary career.

  1. 4Home Alone


    When you're going up against names like Kevin Costner, Bruce Willis, or Tom Cruise, why would you even expect a ten-year old Macaulay Culkin to steal the spotlight? Well, that's just what transpired upon the release of 1990 family comedy 'Home Alone'. The movie became the biggest hit of the year and went on to gross $476 million worldwide, out of a reasonable $18 million budget. Even iconic filmmaker John Hughes (the movie's writer) passed on the film's directorial duties to prioritize another project. Well, we guess the movie's brand of comedy simply fit the template for 90's Hollywood success, don't you think?

  2. 5Pretty Woman


    A lot of movie producers knew that Julia Roberts was going to be special someday. And that someday came in 1990 through the iconic 'Pretty Woman' film. But for starters, no one even thought that the romantic comedy formula would work for her and co-star Richard Gere, who hadn't had a hit film for ten long years. Still, Pretty Woman made $432 million worldwide from a pretty modest $14 million budget. And to this day, we bet that almost every rom-com flick that you have seen must have drawn inspiration from this film's success.

  3. 6Rocky


    Well, Rocky is a movie that surprised everyone behind it. At the time when Stallone was writing its script, he had just got off from a series of underwhelming roles and box-office bombs. Well, we can all thank him for insisting to be the movie's lead star despite objections from its producers. In the end, one of the most iconic sports movies was filmed with a featherweight sum of a million dollars in just 28 days. However, Rocky still earned a total of $117 million in the box-office and became one of the most hard-hitting films ever! Who would have thought, right?


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