What are the best movies that deserve a sequel?

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As a movie fan, don't you find it amazing how certain films are able to recreate and reinvent themselves? Well, of course, that comes with the risk of not being able to duplicate its previous success. But for what it's worth, isn't it cool that a lot of movies have been able to produce sequels that they deserve? And we know that at the back of your head, you're thinking of some titles that still don't have part twos, despite them being worthy of it. There are actually a lot of them but we've sorted some of those which really need to have continuations one way or another. Check out our list of some of the best movies that actually deserve a sequel and, well, be the judge yourself!

  1. 1Salt


    Despite all its super thrilling action sequences and unpredictable character movements, this underrated Angelina Jolie film still hasn't had that one sequel to wow us even more! After all, Salt is one of those action films that could potentially create an iconic franchise just like what The Bourne movies have accomplished. And of course, who isn't itching to find out what was actually inside Evelyn Salt's mind that caused her to jump off that helicopter during the movie's ending sequence? Well, it looks like only a sequel could answer that!

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  1. 2Gladiator


    Apparently, there were actual plans and scripts written for a Gladiator sequel. The bad news is that nothing has actually materialized as of the moment, leaving fans bummed out. But, considering that the movie was set in a specific historical timeline and that we actually witnessed Maximus' death, what exactly could we expect in a potential part two? Well, according to the leaked script, we can actually see our warrior hero resurrected by Roman gods to fight in different eras and historical battles. Now, that is one interesting continuation to have!

  2. 3Matilda


    Well, as satisfying and heartwarming it was to watch Matilda from way back '96, there actually are more angles to its story that can be explored by a movie sequel. Just imagine a flick that would show Matilda's teenage years and how it actually went for her. Also, who isn't interested in finding out what happened to her biological parents? Well, as iconic as this film is, having a sequel to entertain us more wouldn't hurt, agree?

  1. 4Dredd


    With over 40 years of source material and a lot of actual fan support, Dredd is one of the films on this list most likely to receive a sequel! The only question is, when will it actually happen? Come to think of it, this dystopian action film has got science fiction geeks drooling over its amazing fight scenes and costume designs. Plus, the movie's premise is actually something that can create other angles for future movies to dwell on.

  2. 5Girls Trip


    Girls Trip has the potential to really make it big as a franchise. The film can actually somehow be a female counterpart of The Hangover movies that gave us some much-needed adult entertainment. Its amazing cast of four friends actually showed great on-screen chemistry, making viewers crave for more. Plus, there are probably a hundred other festivals in the US where the girls can continue their adventures. So, who says no to part two?

  3. 6Almost Famous


    Constantly being ranked as one of the best movies ever, Almost Famous is a comedy drama movie that is just too good to be limited to one big screen appearance, don't you think?. Well, whether it be a continuation of child prodigy William Miller's life story or a detailed documentary-like feature of upcoming band Stillwater, we're pretty sure fans are dying to see a sequel. 


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