What are the best movies to keep kids entertained at home?

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For grown-ups like us, there is no other place like home. But for some children who love playing outside, it is not easy to convince them to stay at home, unless absolutely necessary. So in times like this when stay-at-home is becoming a new norm, what activities would you mostly resort to? Definitely, one of the best choices is getting them to watch movies. However, when you really want your kids to get entertained by a certain movie, you don’t just play a good film with a positive message and expect them to finish it. Remember, not every kid has the same humor and taste. So on this page, we've listed down the best movies that will teach your kids some valuable lessons and keep them entertained at home at the same time. From animated musical movies to live-action films that feature animals as man's best friend, here are the best movies to keep your children's eyes on screen till the end credits roll. Don't forget to grab some snacks before clicking the play button!

  1. 1Inside Out


    If your kids are bored at home, one of the best kids movies to watch is Disney Pixar's Inside Out. After all, this film wouldn't be one of the highest-grossing movies of 2015 if it isn't really a good one. So check out this film and let your kids find out how Riley deals with her emotions.

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2The Lion King (1994)


    This classic Disney movie will not only teach your children about the importance of friendship and family but it will also keep them entertained throughout the entire film. The Lion King's main characters aside from lions are a meerkat and a warthog. It also has original songs that your kids would surely love!

  2. 3Toy Story 4


    Definitely, kids love playing toys. But how about watching a movie featuring toys as the main characters? This idea sounds perfect for keeping your children entertained not only because toys are alive here, but because the movie itself is great for very young viewers.

  1. 4Finding Nemo


    How can a movie featuring a clownfish as the protagonist gets to be considered the best-selling DVD title of all time? You're probably curious how this film has got to entertain a lot of kids in the past. So it's time for your child to be entertained as well by streaming Finding Nemo today.

  2. 5The Incredibles


    Another entertaining movie for your kids to watch is the action-adventure movie, The Incredibles. If your children love stories in which superheroes are saving the world from one villain at a time, then this film is what they are probably looking for.

  3. 6Air Bud


    Does your kid love dogs? If so, or not yet, then Air Bud is a must-watch. This film features a golden retriever as the main protagonist and as a man's best friend. If your child has asked you to adopt a dog after watching this movie, then that is the clear sign that this movie has served its purpose, which is to keep kids entertained at home.

  4. 7Matilda


    If your kids are already tired of watching animated movies (which rarely happens), then perhaps watching a live-action movie like Matilda can be entertaining for them. Matilda's magic in this movie is so captivating to keep your child's eyes glued to the screen.

  5. 8Monsters, Inc.


    Telling monsters stories can be the best way to grab your child's attention. But watching movies featuring monsters is even better since they can get to see how monsters are portrayed in a child-friendly way. Disney Pixar's Monsters, Inc. is one of the most successful movies ever released in 2001 so make sure your kids don't miss this film!


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This list is about What are the best movies to keep kids entertained at home
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