What are the best must-watch movies like Train to Busan?

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You gotta admit, having a film centered around a zombie apocalypse is old news. Yet, isn't it amazing how can these horror-thriller movies still send chills down our spines? And they never fail every single time. And perhaps, Train to Busan is a great epitome to consider. After this award-winning Korean film hit theaters in 2016, it kinda left the audience craving for more flesh-eating walkers. Thanks to its director Yeon Sang-ho and producer Lee Dong-ha, the thirst has just been quenched yet again by Peninsula. Or as others may call it, Train to Busan 2. And so, since we love seeing you indulge in your guilty pleasures, we came up with a list of films to watch if you liked Train to Busan. Ladies and gents here's some movies like Train to Busan!

  1. 1Dawn of the Dead (2004)


    Yet again, a list of zombie apocalypse movies like Train to Busan would be incomplete without mentioning Dawn of the Dead (2004). Aside from the fact that the survivors are from different walks of life, the similarity can be seen through its setting--a confined space. And its ability to conflate humor and horror at the same time! It's a remake of the 1978 film and it's never gonna be forgotten.

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Snowpiercer


    Snowpiercer is a film similar to Train to Busan in terms of being confined in a tight space--the train. Although this isn't necessarily a horror film, this adaptation of the graphic novel of the same time goes beyond the genre. It rather features the last surviving people of the human trace aboard on a high-speed train. Moreover, critics and reviewers consider Snowpiercer as a movie like Train to Busan for it tackles social class and how all classes clash once compelled to coexist with one another.

  2. 3World War Z


    The idea of World War Z being part of the list of movies like Train to Busan is supported by a writer named Clark Collis from Entertainment Weekly. He said that Train to Busan borrowed (or took) some elements from World War Z. And he meant the fast-moving walkers while lowkey infusing class war and people getting mired in an emotional turmoil. So, if you loved Train to Busan and Peninsula, World War Z is a good option!

  1. 4Zombieland


    Another prominent movie filled with walking cadavers is Zombieland. Just like Train to Busan, it highlights how strangers actually try to coexist and work hand-in-hand to survive. Not really your type of post-apocalyptic film with lots of shooting but certainly worth your while.

  2. 5Shaun of the Dead


    Okay, when we said that these films like Train to Busan will send you chills down your spine, we meant it. And in Shaun of the Dead's case, it isn't all about horror. Some like to add spice to their experience! And so this BAFTA-nominated film by Edgar Wright is yet another zombie apocalypse film you should watch if you liked Train to Busan! Did you know that Wright himself openly said that Train to Busan is the best zombie film he has ever seen? Yep, see for yourself!


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