What are the best normal looking smartwatches?

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    #1Motorola Moto 360 (2nd Gen.)

    Motorola Moto 360 (2nd Gen.)

    The second generation Motorola Moto 360 delivers a powerful and yet elegant smart device at your wrist. Is very useful for tracking activities, answering calls, getting information and all the notifications on your phone. Available in different styles both for men and women.


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    John James
    Written on February 5, 2018
    "The sleek design of the 2nd Generation Motorola Motor 360 was what attracted me to it. It looked like it could go with almost any outfit. It was simple to use and it fits comfortable on my wrist. Definitely a nice watch to wear. "
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    #2Samsung Gear S2

    Samsung Gear S2

    The Samsung Gear S2 is a smartwatch powered with dual-core 1.0GHz processor. This smartwatch allows a user to receive notifications from a smartphone. Customizable with different watch faces, it is compatible with Android and iOS.


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    Larry Lucas
    Written on January 31, 2018
    "I've been wearing a wrist watch everyday for the past three decades. I've gotten into the technology swing and I've been looking at all these new smart watches but I can't get away from the time less design of classic watches. Along comes the Samsung Gear S2, that catches my eye right away. I didn't even realize it was a smart watch at first since it just looks like a beautiful classic wrist watch. I had to buy one and try it out. This is fantastic. I can do most of the smart watch features on this such as receive and send text along with calendar notifications. This is the watch I've been dreaming of having for today's time. It's beautiful and looks like you're just wearing a classy watch but behind it all you have all the technology at your fingertips. I also really love the customizable watch faces. There's also a lot of different styles and colors out there. This is a top notch product and I'm so excited to have one of these."
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    #3Scinex SW20

    Scinex SW20

    The Scinex SW20 is a stylish smartwatch which allows you to send messages, view notifications and manage phone calls, as well as other functions. It has 16GB of memory and is compatible with Android and iOS. Available in different colors.


    Lee Yang
    Written on February 7, 2018
    "Wanted a nice looking smartwatch and picked up the Scinex SW20. I was initially drawn to the great price, but also thought it looked great. Another advantage was the slot for a memory card so I can increase memory to 32GB. I do wish this watch had GPS capabilities, as I like to track my runs and bike rides. I have had a few issues where it will just lose connectivity but other than that, I have had no issues with performance. For the price, it can't be beat. "
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    #4Samsung Gear S3

    Samsung Gear S3
    The Samsung Gear S3 is a smartwatch which lets you text, call, get notifications and even make payments with Samsung Pay almost anywhere. It features a built-in GPS to track your activity and share your location. Compatible with Android and iOS. 

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    Jonathan Pearson
    Written on January 31, 2018
    "Looks like a regular watch but it's a Smartwatch! Comes in two styles, classic or frontier, and also US or International. Good option for those who want to be private about their smartwatch."
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    #5Asus ZenWatch 2

    Asus ZenWatch 2

    The Asus ZenWatch 2 is an elegant smartwatch for everyday users. You can customize its watchface with the style and functionality that most fits you. The device includes a built-in speaker to make and receive calls, set alarms and hear notifications. Available in different colors.


    Kathryn Alvarado
    Written on January 25, 2018
    "It's a nice smart watch, I like it. maybe not for iPhone, don't have much App to support this watch. It's not energy efficient so you'll need to charge it every day but that's no different from an Iphone. "
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    #6Huawei Watch 2

    Huawei Watch 2
    The Huawei Watch 2 Classic is a stylish smartwatch with a long battery life. It features built-in GPS, allows you to get real-time guidance during your workouts and download and listen to music offline. 


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    Arthur Knight
    Written on February 1, 2018
    ""Cheap Chinese knockoff" used to be an insult. I always saw it as something that will work, mostly, but not for very long. But Huawei is singlehandedly turning that on its head, managing the affordability of a cheap Chinese knockoff but the functionality of a name brand. The Watch 2 Classic is incredible value for the money - it lets you access some of your phone's most important functions without dragging the device out of your pocket. A real bargain, and it comes in digital-face too."
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    #7Emporio Armani ART3004

    Emporio Armani ART3004
    The Emporio Armani Hybrid Smartwatch mixes the style of Emporio Armani design with the features of wearable technology. The device is compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones and allows you to track your sleep and activity.

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    Jason West
    Written on February 3, 2018
    "This is a beautiful watch, not for a smartwatch but as a watch. I am a big fan of the smartwatch but I hate the ones that look like a small computer on your wrist this is not one of them."
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    #8Michael Kors Access Sofie Smartwatch

    Michael Kors Access Sofie Smartwatch

    Michael Kors Access Sofie Smartwatch is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100. This smartwatch can receive messages and other notifications from your smartphone, as well as access music.


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    Bryan Burke
    Written on April 15, 2018
    "This sleek smartwatch from Michael Kors sits gracefully on my wrist. In form and function this one is at the top and I can keep up with all my messages and access all the music on my phone. I get lots of compliments on this watch while I'm out and I really enjoy how it looks."
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    #9LG LGW270

    LG LGW270
    The LG Electronics LGW270 smartwatch has a sophisticated design which you can customize with different watch faces. It features built-in Google assistant and lets you write a message with its Smart Reply and Handwriting Recognition features. 

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    Dorothy Duncan
    Written on January 31, 2018
    "Pretty smartwatch and does look quite normal. Battery works about a day. Nice choice of colors. "
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    #10Michael Kors MKT4004

    Michael Kors  MKT4004
    The Michael Kors Access Slim Runway MKT4004 is a hybrid smartwatch which allows you to receive smartphone notifications, track your activity and sleep, set alarms and control your music, among other functions. Compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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    Christopher Lane
    Written on February 2, 2018
    "The Michael Kors Access Slim Runway is a smart watch that can connect to your Android or iOS devices. It looks like a traditional watch and is very sleek and stylish. Best of all, it's rather affordable for the features that it packs. This is a great watch to look into."
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    #11Nokia Steel

    Nokia Steel
    Nokia Steel is an activity and sleep tracking watch that wants you to feel, move and rest better. It automatically tracks everything and syncs to the Nokia Health Mate app to give you useful metrics and personal coaching. 

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    Rajesh Patel
    Written on February 3, 2018
    "The Nokia Steel is an amazing looking, simple, clean design watch. It has a 8 month battery life and automatic sync with the Nokia Health Mate app for data tracking. Its an amazing looking watch at a good price. All around good watch you should check it out."
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    #12Fossil Q

    Fossil Q

    The Fossil Q is a hybrid watch that combines smartwatch features with traditional timepiece styling. It delivers built-in tracking activities, filtered notifications, and it allows you to control your phone and music and get phone calls.


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    Keith Wilson
    Written on January 30, 2018
    "I love this product. It looks like a regular watch but it is in fact a smartwatch! I never leave the house without it. "
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    #13Kate Spade Metro

    Kate Spade Metro
    The Kate Spade Metro hybrid smartwatch is an elegant device which allows you to track your activity, set and reach personal goals, count down to any celebration and get smartphone notifications. Compatible with Android and iOS. Available in different colors.

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    Lawrence Austin
    Written on February 7, 2018
    "I changed my rating from 4 to 5 star because I was originally having trouble with the watch notifying me when my selected people sent a text or called. I sent an email to their support and they responded the next day and solved my problem. It was user error of course and everything is working smoothly."
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    #14Vector Watch Luna

    Vector Watch Luna
    The Vector Watch Luna smartwatch allows you to track your activity and sleeping habits. It has integration with Google Fit and Apple Health and includes GPS functionality. The device lets you read incoming texts, email and phone notifications at a glance. 

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    Matthew Morris
    Written on January 27, 2018
    "If someone wants a nice mix between an analog and a smartwatch the vector watch luna is a great place to look. It has the looks of a quality analog watch but the features of a high tech smart watch."
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    #15Apple Watch Series 1

    Apple Watch Series 1
    With this amazing smartwatch, you will never miss a phone call again! It is an extraordinary device that lets you reach your health goals easily. Available in different colours, including blue and pink.

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    Charvi Subramanium
    Written on March 28, 2018
    "I think it probably matters for most people enough that you might want to save a little bit more and just get the latest Apple watch. For me, I really just want some notifications because all the time I mean all of the time I am missing calls and notifications that I need because my phone is trapped in my giant purse somewhere or it's in a different room. I think if you don't need or feel that you have to have the latest thing that this is plenty! Save your money and buy refurbished!"
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    #16Michael Kors MKT5004

    Michael Kors MKT5004
    The Michael Kors Access Bradshaw MKT5004 is a rose gold-tone smartwatch with touchscreen functionality and wireless syncing. It displays notifications for texts, calls and emails and tracks your activity which is compatible with Android and iPhone.

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    Crystal Perkins
    Written on January 29, 2018
    "The look of the watch would make you think this is just an ordinary watch. The face is customization to suit your look, digital or analog yet has all the features one would expect for a smartwatch. But it is shown that the battery life is a bit short, needing daily charging."
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    #17Nixon Mission Action Smartwatch

    Nixon Mission Action Smartwatch

    The Nixon Mission Action is a phenomenal smartwatch by Nixon compatible with iPhone and Android devices. This is also designed for working out featuring real-time internet surfing and snow alerts, GPS, thermometer, altimeter and more. 


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    Carl Kim
    Written on March 20, 2018
    "Nixon Mission Action Sports Smartwatch is available from Amazon for $379.99. This is the first smartwatch to give real time surfing and snow alerts. The watch looks awesome but really the alerts are about as useless as useless can be for me. The look and style of the watch makes up for it though. It fits the topic just on looks alone."
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    #18Suunto Ambit3

    Suunto Ambit3

    Suunto Ambit3 is a smartwatch designed with GPS technology and wireless syncing to smartphone devices. This smartwatch also features built-in barometer, compass, altimeter and it comes equipped with a reliable 200-hour battery.


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    Mark Lee
    Written on March 17, 2018
    "I like new technology but wanted to look like a non techy. I did not want a Apple Watch. I saw a Suunto Ambit3 and could not believe it was a smart watch. It looked very normal and plain to me and that is exactly what I wanted. It syns easily with my phone and had great features."
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    #19Fossil Q Marshal Leather

    Fossil Q Marshal Leather

    This Fossil Q Marshal is a 3rd generation smartwatch with a leather strap. It is an Android activity tracker and has a replaceable band. It can sync to other devices for monitoring and notification. 


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    Dan Xu
    Written on April 16, 2018
    "This is a fantastic smartwatch for the price. The battery life isn't great but the watch can be used without wifi and I'll still have half by the end of my day. It also has a very stylish look I love."
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    #20Casio WSD-F10

    Casio WSD-F10
    The Casio WSD-F10 smart outdoor watch with military standard durability, it resists 50 meters underwater and features Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities. It allows you to track your activity and set time reminders. 

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    Doris Fisher
    Written on March 14, 2018
    "I have bought several of Casio WSD-F10 watches for peeps or love ones. I appreciate Casio WSD-F10 because of its smart features and economical pricing. I see why Casio WSD-F10 is the best normal looking smartwatch."
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    #21Alpina AL-282LNN4V6

    Alpina AL-282LNN4V6

    The Alpina AL-282LNN4V6 is a horological smartwatch which tracks your activity and sleeping routines. The device sends you notifications with calls and messages received in your smartphone which is compatible with Android and iOS. 


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    Samantha Brown
    Written on January 31, 2018
    "I really like this smartwatch. It has a good look, like a normal watch. The functions are good too."
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    #22Garmin Fenix 3 HR

    Garmin Fenix 3 HR

    Garmin Fenix 3 HR is a smartwatch designed with heart rate monitor for activity tracking accuracy. This smartwatch offers a 1.2" high-resolution display and it can automatically sync to your data via Wi-Fi technology.


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    Liu Yang
    Written on March 20, 2018
    "For a "normal" (read:non-Apple) looking smartwatch, the Garmin Fenix 3 HR isn't what I had in mind. It doesn't look as normal as the LG Watch R, with a slightly larger display, and the matte finish threw me off a bit. This would be great for runners."
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    #23Misfit Phase

    Misfit Phase

    Misfit Phase is a hybrid smartwatch designed for step, distance, calorie, and sleep tracking. This smartwatch is made with a smart-button that enables music playing, picture taking, and controlling other smart-home devices. 


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    Virginia Bates
    Written on March 30, 2018
    "i love this type of watch it contain all features i love this are music playing, picture taking, and controlling other smart-home devices. "
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    #24Huawei Watch Stainless Steel

    Huawei Watch Stainless Steel
    The Huawei Watch Stainless Steel is a high-quality smartwatch that features 1.4" AMOLED display and full compatibility with iOs and Android smartphones. Also, it gets notification, information directly on your wrist. 

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    Marie Carlson
    Written on February 13, 2018
    "The best normal looking smartwatches was what i wanted. I found the Huawei Watch Stainless Steel, and it has been great. Great looks and great features to go along with it."
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    #25Movado 3660001

    Movado 3660001
    The Movado 3660001 smartwatch lets you receive notification for calls and texts and daily fitness. The device is water resistant up to 50 meters, so you can use it during your workouts. Compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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    Brittany Wade
    Written on February 6, 2018
    "A very crisp and clean version of a smart watch. This is the most beautiful smart watch I have bought yet."
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    #26Asus ZenWatch 3

    Asus ZenWatch 3
    The Asus ZenWatch 3 is a stylish Android-based smartwatch which allows you to get real-time notifications, messages and weather updates at a glance. You can customize its watch face to fit your style and needs.

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    Albert Coleman
    Written on February 4, 2018
    "I was looking for a smartwatch that didn't have that big, electronic, clunky feel of most smart watches. This watch looks like a high end watch but has all the functions of a top of the line smart watch. The face is customizeable and the leather band screams style. I was disappointed with the 1 meter water resistance so don't plan on getting it wet. All in all, a nice watch for the price."
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    #27Fossil Q Marshall Smartwatch

    Fossil Q Marshall Smartwatch

    This Fossil Q Marshal Gen 2 Limited Edition is smartwatch powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100. Compatible with iOs and Android phones, messages and other notifications can be received in this smartwatch.


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    Elizabeth Herrera
    Written on April 15, 2018
    "I love this smartwatch! I can not stand the look of the apple watch, or any of the other smartwatches, yet I always longed to have the functionality of a smartwatch. Fossil did not disappoint with this addition to their line. Unless I am interacting with the watch, it looks exactly like one of their classic designs. My biggest complaint is that the battery does not stay charged long. Hopefully that will be fixed in the next version, that I will be sure to purchase!"


Best What are the best normal looking smartwatches
1Motorola Moto 360 (2nd Gen.)Electronics 34 Paid
2Samsung Gear S2Electronics 31 Paid
3Scinex SW20Electronics 29 Paid
4Samsung Gear S3Electronics 26 Paid
5Asus ZenWatch 2Electronics 23 Paid
6Huawei Watch 2Electronics 16 Paid
7Emporio Armani ART3004Electronics 14 Paid
8Michael Kors Access Sofie SmartwatchElectronics 10 Paid
9LG LGW270Electronics 8 Paid
10Michael Kors MKT4004Electronics 6 Paid

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