What are the best novels with political themes?

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    #1Animal Farm

    Animal Farm
    Animal Farm is a short novel by George Orwell that tells the story of a farm that's taken over by its overworked, mistreated animals. They set out to create a paradise of progress, justice, and equality, but a revolution starts to show. 

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    Grace Morrison
    Written on April 26, 2018
    "This is a great book if you like reading about political themes like me. I'm definitely planning to read this one again. It has given me a lot to think about."
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    #2Fahrenheit 451

    Fahrenheit 451

    Fahrenheit 451 is a dystopian novel wherein a totalitarian regime has ordered the burning of books in order to suppress the spread of subversive ideas. It preaches about the power and role of knowledge to see beyond the surface.


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    Magdalena Arias
    Written on May 13, 2018
    "Dystopian novels and stories are amazing to read and this book is one of the best ones. It has good reviews and on Amazon and I really recommend it for the topic."
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    #3The Handmaid's Tale

    The Handmaid's Tale

    The Handmaid's Tale is a dystopian novel by Margaret Atwood. Set in a totalitarian theocracy that has overthrown the United States government, the novel explores themes of women in such as individualism and independence.


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    Randy Wagner
    Written on April 25, 2018
    "Let me start by saying I love dystopian novels, and this is one of the best. Margaret Atwood knows how to tell a story and putting the book down has proven to be a real challenge. Will read it again."
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    #4A Clockwork Orange

    A Clockwork Orange

    A Clockwork Orange is a standalone 1963 classic science fiction book written by Anthony Burgess which centers on 15-year-old Alex McDowell who spread violence, but then he came back in the reality and was rejected by his parents. 


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    Carmen Méndez
    Written on May 8, 2018
    "After watching the movie, I just had to read the source material. Both are amazing - with the book discussing more controversial topics than the movie had time for. You will be asking yourself what you would have done in this situation."
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    #5Brave New World

    Brave New World

    Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is a utopian and dystopian fiction novel published in 1932. This book follows Bernard Marx living a perfect life in a scientifically engineered society until he visited one of the remaining old reservoirs.


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    Virginia Bates
    Written on April 19, 2018
    "Brave New World could almost have been written recently with all the eerie similarities with Artificial Intelligence and Genetically Modified Organisms in a book written almost a century ago. In Brave New World, everything down to who can have children is controlled and monitored. This makes for a real eye opener with regards to where we could end up if we travel down the road of genetic engineering. Just be careful not to get the Kindle version, it is very different form the regular print version."
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    #6Atlas Shrugged

    Atlas Shrugged
    Atlas Shrugged is a philosophical novel by Russian author, Ayn Rand. It tells the story of Dagny Taggart and John Galt, the "Destroyer." The Destroyer has encouraged important people to go on a strike and make a new society of their own.

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    Jack Schneider
    Written on April 24, 2018
    "Atlas Shrugged is a brilliant political commentary spun into an action novel that is a thrill to read. It's deep and even more deeply original, another great social commentary by Ayn Rand. Provoking and philosophical, this book is a great read for thinkers and book enthusiasts alike."
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    #7Gone with the Wind

    Gone with the Wind
    Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell is a bestselling novel of all time and won the Pulitzer Prize. Widely considered The Great American Novel, it explores the depth of human passion with an intensity as bold as its setting.

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    #8The Grapes of Wrath

    The Grapes of Wrath

    The Grapes of Wrath is a Pulitzer Prize-winning book by John Steinbeck. It tells the story of the Joad family as they travel west to California in search of greener pastures during the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression.


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    Diane Payne
    Written on May 9, 2018
    "I saw the movie version when I was 12 and to this day(59yrs old) Grapes of Wrath continues to be one of the most impactful works in my life? Admittedly movie versions and the book are different but there is no value lost. For times sake I am utilizing Audible and doing some reading. The main narrator sounds similar to Henry Fonda! The story is gritty,at times sad, maybe depressing to some. But I find hope,honesty and resiliency and the strength of family as the main themes. The Depression and the dust bowl era affected that part of the country , for many their lives were changed forever but for many there was a rebirth and relocation that showed the strong spirit that carried them to the next chapter of their lives. A must read, if any have ever come from a background of poverty and having to fight and scrape for anything, you will feel the connection here."
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    #9Spider's House

    Spider's House

    Spider's House is a political drama with themes of culture clash written by Paul Bowles. It was published in October 2006. It is set in Fez, Morocco during the heat of the 1954 nationalist uprising.


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    Raymond Weaver
    Written on April 23, 2018
    "This novel gives great insight into the changed world of Moroccan life caused by the French occupancy in the fifties. The main characters being American and Muslim helped me to understand the immense differences in these two cultures, and why we can never fully understand each other."
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    #10A Tale of Two Cities

    A Tale of Two Cities

    Charles Dickens's A Tale of Two Cities is set in the late 18th century during the French Revolution. While political events drive the story, Dickens takes a decidedly antipolitical tone, lambasting both aristocratic tyranny and revolutionary excess.


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    Alan Holland
    Written on April 24, 2018
    "I truly enjoyed the political themes employed in A Tale of Two Cities. Charles Dickens uses themes of oppression and violence to highlight events in the 18th century French Revolution. I would definitely recommend this book to readers who enjoy history and politics."
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    #11The Bonfire of the Vanities

    The Bonfire of the Vanities

    Sherman McCoy is a young banker with a huge apartment in Manhattan when he is involved in a strange accident in the Bronx. Now everyone is behind him. This is the most important novel by Tom Wolfe and also a panoramic story about the 1980's New York City. 


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    Brenda Armstrong
    Written on April 27, 2018
    "This is one of the best written books on early space history one can read. The writer uses wit, sarcasm, and the truth to present a pretty factual tale of the people who have “the right stuff”. However it’s important to read the book with a little Skepticism. Mr Wolfe was not beyond bending a yawn just a bit for literary purposes. This is easily illustrated by his handling of the Gus Ghrism Mercury flight and the exploading door controversy. And, to be fair, I don’t think a strick account was the writer’s purpose. A careful reader should have little trouble looking through the opening provided by Mr. Wolfe at the obvious hypocrisy of that time, and then at the only real sympathetic person in the book, Chuck Yeager. For, it is Mr Yeager who had, and always possessed the “right stuff”; true character and courage in the face of adversity. Indeed according to Wolfe, Yeager took part in the “flying and drinking and driving and drinking” philosophy of the test pilots, but the reader gets the sense that with Yeager there was a bit of restraint. The real issue is that he, Yeager, would be overlooked for the astronaut training program because he did not have the “stuff” according to NASA. This occurred despite the fact that everyone in any area of military flying knew Yeager was the best. He had more than enough of the. “right stuff”"
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    #12Off the Record (Record)

    Off the Record (Record)

    Off the Record is the first book in the romance series Record written by K.A. Linde which follows the love story of journalist Liz Dougherty and aspiring politician Brady Maxwell. 


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    Óscar Venegas
    Written on May 9, 2018
    "Very unique take on the Political theme but it does fit the category. A great book with a lot of reviews and many say it's one of the best so I can't disagree."
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    #13Biografi: A Traveler's Tale

    Biografi: A Traveler's Tale
    Biografi: A Traveler's Tale is a nonfiction political-themed book written by Lloyd Jones and was published on November 14,1994 by Mariner Books. It is a book set in 1991 in Eastern Europe and follows the journey of Jones.

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    Joseph Burton
    Written on May 11, 2018
    "The word "best" is such a tricky word, and it's hard to call this one of the "best" politically-themed book when up against greats like 1984 and even Primary Colors. Nonetheless, I liked reading about the collapse of the Soviet Empire because it reminded me of when I was in college. To think that all this was going on half a world away while I was sitting around listening to grunge music. If you grew up in the 90s at all, this is worth a read."
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    #14American Queen (New Camelot)

    American Queen (New Camelot)

    American Queen is the first book in the adult erotica fiction trilogy New Camelot written by Sierra Simone which follows the love story between Maxen Ashley Colchester and Embry Moore with Greer Galloway who is the woman they share. 


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    Aaron Kelly
    Written on May 4, 2018
    "The A–Z of Queen, Volume 1 is a compilation album by the English rock band Queen, released in 2007. The album is a 2-disc set available only from Wal-Mart ."
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    #15The Successor

    The Successor
    The Successor authored by Ismail Kadare is  political-themed fiction book published on October 5, 2005 by Arcade Publishing. It follows the sudden and mysterious death of the successor of Enver Hoxha.

    A powerful political novel based on the sudden, mysterious death of the man who had been handpicked to succeed the hated Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha.Did he commit suicide or was he murdered? That is the burning question. The man who died by his own hand, or another+s, was Mehmet Shehu, the presumed heir to the ailing dictator, Enver Hoxha. So sure was the world that he was next in line, he was known as The Successor. And then, shortly before he was to assume power, he was found dead.THE SUCCESSOR is simultaneously a mystery novel, an historical novel-based on actual events and buttressed by the author+s private conversations with the son of the real-life Mehmet Shehu-and a psychological novel (How do you live when nothing is sure?). Vintage Kadare, THE SUCCESSOR seamlessly blends dream and reality, legendary past, and contemporary history.


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    Rodolfo Nieto
    Written on May 12, 2018


Best What are the best novels with political themes
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2Fahrenheit 451Books 30 Paid
3The Handmaid's TaleBooks 28 Paid
4A Clockwork OrangeBooks 27 Paid
5Brave New WorldBooks 25 Paid
6Atlas ShruggedBooks 24 Paid
7Gone with the Wind Books 22 Paid
8The Grapes of WrathBooks 20 Paid
9Spider's HouseBooks 20 Paid
10A Tale of Two CitiesBooks 18 Paid

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