What are the best Overwatch players?

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    Bang Seong-hyun

    Bang Seong-hyun (also known as Jjonak) is a South Korean esports player who plays Overwatch competitively for New York Excelsior. Bang is known for his superior Zenyatta play, which combines support and damage.

    • Víctor JuárezWritten on February 12, 2019
      "Jjonak will always be a legend. Got into esports because of this guy. Now i'm a super fan of the game and of course New York Excelsior!"
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    Baek Chan-hyung

    Baek Chan-hyung (also known as Fissure) is a South Korean esports player for Overwatch. He plays for the Los Angeles Gladiators and is an aggressive tank that takes wild chances. He is a good player that disrupts opposing teams. 

    • Zhao HeWritten on February 12, 2019
      "I love the guy's play style a lot! For me he is the best tank player in Overwatch today"
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    Lee Jae-hyeok

    Lee "Carpe" Jae-hyeok is a South Korean esports player and is an Overwatch superstar. He specializes using Widowmaker and Tracer and plays for the Philadelphia Fusion. His strength is his pinpoint accuracy.

    • Ashley FieldsWritten on February 12, 2019
      "This guy is who I been watching since I started playing and streaming. Never seen a player do so much with his movements"
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    Park Joon-yeong

    Park Joon-yeong (also known as Profit) is a South Korean esports player for the London Spitfire. He is recognized as a strong DPS player and is arguably the most flexible, consistent, and highest peaking DPS player in Overwatch for 2018.

    • Ralph BatesWritten on February 12, 2019
      "Proud Spitfire fan here! Last year's Overwatch tournament was the best. Thanks to Profit"
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    Park Jong-ryeol

    Park "Saebyeolbe"Jong-ryeol is a South Korean esports player of NYXL. He is known for switching between Overwatch heroes Tracer and Widowmaker. Saebyeolbe was the master of Tracer duels and effectively created 6v5 or 5v5 situations for his team with ease.

    • Andy WenWritten on February 12, 2019
      "Saebyeolbe should go higher. I mean he is so underrated at what he does"
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    Kim Jun-ho

    Kim "Fury" Jun-ho is a South Korean esports player in the Overwatch League. He is arguably the London Spitfire’s most important player in their championship run. He is known for balanced offensive and defensive plays.

    • Alan GuoWritten on February 12, 2019
      "For me he is the most complete player ever. I try to be like him and imitate his gameplay. Fury is the best!"
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    Koo Pan-seung

    Koo Pan-seung (also known as Fate) is a South Korean esports player in the Overwatch league. He plays for the Los Angeles Valiant and is part of its tank line. Fate has been a steady presence for the team, guiding the hybrid roster which suffered from internal issues.

    • Vishal DuttaWritten on February 12, 2019
      "Too bad his team didn't make it that far. I still love the guy. Carry type"
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    Hong Jae-hee

    Hong "Gesture" Jae-hee is a South Korean esports player for the Overwatch league and plays for the London Spitfire. Gesture is a usually loud player who makes his presence known whether it’s taking down an opposing backline or onstage through his expensive taste in footwear.

    • Liu JiangWritten on February 12, 2019
      "LOve the guy's game! Solid spitfire player!"


Best What are the best Overwatch players
1Bang Seong-hyunPeople 24 Paid
2Baek Chan-hyungPeople 12 Paid
3Lee Jae-hyeokPeople 12 Paid
4Park Joon-yeongPeople 7 Paid
5Park Jong-ryeolPeople 4 Paid
6Kim Jun-hoPeople 3 Paid
7Koo Pan-seungPeople 3 Paid
8Hong Jae-heePeople 2 Paid

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