What are the best Park So-dam movies and TV shows?

Among the cast of the Oscar-winning Korean film Parasite, actress Park So-dam probably caught your attention the most. The 28-year-old excellently portrayed the complexities of her character, Ki Jung. Her wit and guile were fully put on display when she took on the persona of Jessica. By marveling at the sight of her character, you simply can't get enough of her captivating performance. It's one of the highlights of "Parasite" that earned her a nomination for the coveted Blue Dragon Award for Best Supporting Actress. Ever since receiving world-renowned fame and recognition, stories about Park So-dam latest news have begun to surface. Even the actress's previous projects have peaked the interests of many. To feed your curiosity, we've come up with a list of Park So-dam movies and TV shows. Take a peek at this list and check them out!

  1. 1Parasite


    You're probably on this list because you were hooked by Park So-dam's role as Ki Jung in Parasite. I mean who can forget Jessica, only child. from Illinois Chicago? This has to be one of her most revered roles mainly because Parasite is an Oscar-winning movie that received critical acclaim.

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  1. 2The Silenced


    In this horror film, you will witness Park So-dam's award-winning portrayal of Yeon-deok. Her character in The Silenced is a student in an intriguing all-girls boarding school. Her role in The Silenced garnered her a win as Best New Actress in the 16th Busan Film Critics Awards.

  2. 3The Priests


    The Priests is a film where you will see So-dam's character possessed by an evil spirit. If you're up for watching her getting saved by, yes you guessed it, two priests, then check this movie out!

  1. 4Cinderella and the Four Knights


    Let's set aside So-dam's thriller roles for a hot second and appreciate her sweet role in the K-drama Cinderella and the Four Knights! Don't be fooled with the role she portrayed because even then she was nominated Best New Actress in the 5th APAN Star Awards for this K-drama!

  2. 5Beautiful Mind


    In this medical K-drama, you will watch a heartless doctor fall in love with a woman. That woman is no other than Park So-dam! Despite being an underrated drama and being cut short, So-dam was nominated as Best New Actress in the KBS Drama Awards for her portrayal.

  3. 6Fukuoka


    In Fukuoka, you will be in for another unexpected role from the actress. She convinces a middle-aged man to travel from Seoul to Fukuoka. But get this, you will wonder whether her character is real or not!

  4. 7Veteran


    Although she doesn't have a lot of screentime in Veteran, So-dam's role is still one that leaves a lasting impact. If you want to see her as a budding actress in this 5th all-time highest-grossing film in Korean cinema history, watch this!

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Two years into her film career, Park So-dam won awards for her portrayal of Yeon-Duk in the film The Silenced. She won three awards to be exact, one of which is the Best New Actress award from the Busan Film Critics Association. After that, So-dam has been gaining more roles in both dramas and movies. You may know her as the leading lady in Cinderella and the Four Knights if you're a fan of Korean dramas! Since then, the actress has gained acclaim for her portrayal of Ki-Jung in the award-winning film Parasite.

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    February 11, 2020
    "This movie is an absolute masterpiece! I am so happy for the Korean entertainment industry! I feel like foreign films are finally getting the recognition that they deserve. Props to director Bong Joon Ho and the rest of the cast. this was such a great film! ❤️️"
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    February 11, 2020
    "The movie itself is a pretty thrilling experience. I started watching more of her films after Parasite and there's no question, she's a great actress!"
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    The Priests
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    February 11, 2020
    "Wow! I didn't even know that she was a part of this cast. She looks great as ever! 😊"
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    The Silenced
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