Who are the best Persona 5 characters?

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    The Protagonist

    The Protagonist is the avatar of the player in the game. He attends to high school as a transfer student at Shunjin Academy. His personality is based on the decisions and the actions that he takes during the game. One of his Personas is Arsene, based in Arsene Lupin, he can also be Satanael.

    • Eric RichardsonWritten on March 6, 2017
      "The best Persona 5 Characters are only up to you! The website gives a nice rundown and summary but ultimately no one but yourself can tell you who the best character is. Is best based on story, looks, quantifiable elements in the game? It doesn't matter!"
    • Virginia PetersonWritten on January 27, 2017
      "This character is probably my second favorite. The story appeals to your average young person and the character's personality is wonderful."
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    Futaba Sakura

    Futaba Sakura is one of the main characters of Persona 5. She doesn't attend school and stays most of the time at her house due to her agoraphobia and social anxiety and only communicates with the rest of the world through internet. She starts to change when she gets in touch with the Phantom Thieves and the Protagonist, and begins to be more open and confident around them. Her Persona is Necronomicon. 

    • Bobby PerezWritten on September 29, 2017
      "Futaba Sakura is most certainly not the best character in Persona 5. In fact, I would not even put her in the top five characters in the game. This is mainly because I found her story to be boring and rote. It did not have the dynamism and deep character growth that the stories for the other characters in the game had."
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    Makoto Niijima

    Makoto Niijima is one of the playable characters on Persona 5. She is Johanna as Persona an identity based on the Pope Joan, a medieval woman that became Pope of the Catholic Church. She is really a perfectionist and has a strong sense of responsibility. She has the mission to find the Phantom Thieves given by the principal of the Shunjin Academy.

    • Keith AlvaradoWritten on September 29, 2017
      "I was not a fan of this playable character. Her gameplay did not match my normal style."
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    Ann Takamaki

    Ann Takamaki is one of the playable characters in Persona 5 and the fourth member of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. She is a classmate of the Protagonist. She has foreign blood and has lived abroad so she doesn't have many friends. She first meets the Protagonist when both are waiting to rain to stop. One of her personas is Carmen the character from Prosper Merimée. 

    • Lauren FordWritten on September 29, 2017
      "I think that Ann Takamaki is the best Persona 5 Character. She is a member of the Phantom Theives of Hearts. She feels lost and does not have a lot of friends, which makes her relatable to many."
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    Yusuke Kitagawa

    Yusuke is an artist, disciple of the reputed Ichiryusai Madarame. He becomes a member of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts when he approaches Ann with the request to paint her. His persona in the game is Goemon and historical Japanese outlaw. He is mainly interested in art and aesthetics, being sometimes absent of the group.

    • Eugene BellWritten on July 8, 2017
      "I don't think this is a very accurate list of reasons why Yusuke Kitagawa is the best character. It is merely just a list of attributes he has and some story driven elements of his character. In order to really decide who are the "best" characters, a much more thought out reasoning is needed. All that being said, it's still an opinion."
    • Han WanWritten on February 16, 2017
      "This was really fascinating! I loved the art and story behind the character. Definitely a top fave!"
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    Tae Takemi

    Tae Takemi is the owner of Takemi Medical Clinic in Yongen-Jaya. She believes in her own theory of pharmaceutics and sells barely legal prescriptions to her patients secretly.  

    • Crystal OlsonWritten on September 29, 2017
      "Tae Takemi is truly one of the best Persona 5 characters. She has an interesting vibe to her that the other characters don't have. If she's not your favorite though, the wiki page has plenty more to choose from and learn about!"
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    Sadayo Kawakami

    Sadayo is a teacher of the Shinjun Academy. She's a supporting character but her charm has made her one of the favourite characters of the players and fans. She is also Becky when she works as a maid where she sometimes behaves as a cat.

    • Joan WeberWritten on September 29, 2017
      "If you wanted to find out who the best Persona 5 character is, head on to the Megami Tensei wiki site, which has a treasure trove of information on every game in the Megami Tensei franchise, as well as character bios. Persona 5 has it's own section, and with it, listings of the characters that make their appearance in the game. The article on Sadayo Kawakami is descriptive, provides her backstory and plenty of images and character art, which can help you judge whether or not she is one of the best P5 characters."
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    Yuuki Mishima

    Mishima is a second-year student of Shinjun Academy. He goes to the same class as The Protagonist and Ann Takamaki. He is the creator of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts "Phan-club" where people asks for heists that the player can take.  

    • Roi ItzkovichWritten on August 19, 2018
      "Many of P5's characters are being treated in a way that makes you feel happy when they overcome their problems in their arcana sub-stories. Unfortunately the same can not be said about their personal character development because all of them, with the exception of few people like Futaba, Makoto, Akechi, Sojiro and Sae, are mainly sticking to their own personalities throughout the entire story rather than becoming something different or bigger in the process. In a way Atlus knew that and brought people with completely different personalities from one another and combined all those 2 dimentional characters to a 3 dimentional world. However it also made the characters in the game being less exciting to meet compared to P4. Yuuki Mishima is the sole exception for me. Though you do learn a thing or two about the characters if you're hanging with them when you're improving their arcana, they don't really change or become something better, and the few 3 dimentional characters I mentioned earlier are growing to be a different person only throughout the story and not in their personal stories, those are still interesting but not enough to turther develop them. Mishima is a guy many people, especially some gamers who suffer from social issues and bullying, will find similarities with, especially when you'll see how he actually dares to do the things he didn't even consider to do at the beginning of the game. Atlus built his story arc even better than all the Phantom Thieves. He has been there ever since the first day. Few days after he was involved in Kamoshida's case as a witness for you and Ryuji. Than suddenly he's standing alondside you and Ryuji against Kamoshida, putting you on an expellation danger. Seeing how brave you were against him and how you were so involved in confronting him, Mishima reliezes you are the Phantom Thieves and plays alongside you by creating a site people can sare their problems to stop evil people to continue their endeavors, because he went through a lot of terrible stuff because of that horrible teacher and wants to prevent others to witness what he had. In time the PT became popular and so Mishima, seeing he was somewhat involved in the whole stuff, which showed a solution to his social issues because people started to like him more (except for that ass Akiyama). Now I didn't have any issues with him becoming popular thanks of the Phan-Site because I thought he deserved some love for his work, not to mention it didn't hurt the PT at all so what the hell is wrong here? But when he had a change of heart by himself and he saved Akiyama, who always bullied him, or when he encourages everyone at the final boss to believe in you if you reached level 10 with his moon arcana, you can clearly see the character development for him. While Makoto was praised for overcoming the society rules and not being manipulated by adults and futaba was praised for overcoming her fear of people (NPCs for her) interaction, Mishima accomplished both achievements across both the main story and his arcana story, something no one else quite accomplished in the game. Of course he doesn't do too much in the grand scheme of things, when he do he really picks up the slack. All of this made me come to the reliesation that he is the most important side character in the game and for me the best one of them all. Please make him a Phantom Thieve in the remake "P5 (something)""
    • Joe GrahamWritten on September 29, 2017
      "Who is the best Persona 5 Character? It is Yuuki Mishima according to Fandom website."
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    Morgana is a shapeshifting cat that joins the Protagonist after being rescued from Kamoshida's Palace. Morgana is not a kitty kat but a manly cat that sees himself manlier that he really is. In the real world, he is a normal cat and normal people only see a cat meowing a lot, but in the Metaverse everyone can understand him. As he is a cat he has erratic and uncontrollable behaviour, but Morgana is maybe one of the most beloved characters of Persona 5

    • Shirley CookWritten on September 29, 2017
      "Morgana's wiki page is where you're going to find every tiny, nit-picked detail about the popular character. There are links and references to many points here, making it the best resource for more info on him."
    • Paul LucasWritten on September 29, 2017
      "This site is good because it explains and has all the information about this character "
    • Paul YoungWritten on August 6, 2017
      "In this game you will have to control a cat you will rescue from Kamoshida's Palace. The game is funny but very repetitive, I lost interest after playing it for a few days, maybe it wasn't my genre.."

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